4K Smart TV Buying Guide

Televisions have become one of the top essentials as home appliances without which our lives seem incomplete! Nowadays, numerous well-known brands are launching a variety of their advanced TVs that selecting one look so challenging. Making this toughest decision will make your home look even more beautiful, so what do you think should be looked for before buying a new TV? We have extracted this detailed guide after considering multiple reviews, technicians’ opinions, personal research, etc.

You might also be aware of the new technologies and latest features being installed in smart TVs, such as High Dynamic Range, 4K Quality, Quantum Dot Technology, LEDs, OLEDs, etc. Not just these, but even the 8K screens have also taken over the market. We will discuss these properties one by one in detail so you can readily get your hands on the TV of your choice by the end of this article. Shall we start?

Things to Know Before Buying a New TV

Below is a list of almost all important factors that should be considered before purchasing a new TV. Whether you admire getting a TV for your office conference room, bright room, Dark Room, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Frame TV Alternative or Retro gaming, this list will surely help you out! Give it a brief look before moving further.


One of the most vital factors to notice in a new TV is the type of screen installed. There are a lot of screen options these days that stand one over the other, outstanding! Among them is the LED screen, QLED screen, OLED screen, etc. Users may get confused about which one to pick, so it’s better to search for the qualities of each and decide accordingly.

Nowadays, QLEDs are mostly preferred over LEDs and OLEDs due to their ability to deliver the highest brightness, improved contrast, and good black levels. Moreover, QLEDs are budget-friendly as well compared to OLEDs with the minimum energy consumption. So, this one is a good choice.

TV Screen Size

After discussing the type of screen with your family, it’s the right time to choose an appropriate screen size according to your room. Despite the reason of you buying a new TV, fancying a suitable screen size is very important. Count your family members or office staff, or whoever you are purchasing the device for, and analyze how big the TV should be! No need to stress over probabilities as there are multiple options.

Different companies sell their basic and even high-performance TVs in variable sizes, including 32 Inch, 43-Inch, 45-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch, etc. Make sure to check the room dimensions first before placing an order for a new TV as obviously, you wouldn’t want an extremely large TV (75-inch screen) for a medium-sized room or vice versa.

You can sit at a distance triple the screen size of the new TV in your room to examine if the HD quality is appropriately being displayed or not. It is one of the tricks to check the high-definition or 4K quality of the new TV as well.

HD, 4K, or 8K Screen Resolution

All those pixels appearing on the TV screen together makes up its resolution. So, another point of concern before buying a new TV is the exceptional screen resolution. Several brands have High-Definition, 4K, and even 8K picture quality installed in their TVs these days. If you’re looking to purchase a TV for a bright room or retro gaming, we suggest you pick the best resolution TV, as the more the pixels, the better image it will display.

The Ultra HD or 4K quality is widely accepted by the viewers due to its fantastic results and cost-effectivity. These screens display almost four times better resolution than the standard TVs. Now, if you wish to spend a handsome amount on a new TV to fit in high luxuries, go for 8K! It is the most advanced, although not so common, but is available on famous brands like Samsung.

Quantum Dot Technology

It is the latest technology called the QLED technology, consuming distinct quantum dots to display good colored lights. You’re spending a grand budget on a new TV, so it’s your ultimate right to check every feature before paying for it. Having this unique feature in a TV means enjoying an improved brightness and loads of color shades forever!

The companies involving these Quantum Dot Layers are observed to have more satisfied customers than those with standard LCDs. You might find its price a bit higher, but if you’ve got a good budget to spend on electrical appliances, choose a TV that contains this technology.

HDMI and Other Connectivity Options

Do not forget to check the connectivity portals in the rush and excitement of purchasing a new big TV! Having a couple of connectivity inputs is as valuable as any other feature in the television. It is particularly essential for those grabbing the device to connect it to their gaming consoles, retro gaming, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, etc.

If you have already decided to go for a 4K Ultra HD TV, we recommend you buy a TV with having HDMI 2.0 connectivity port. Similarly, other inputs, such as Ethernet connectivity, or soundbar should also be present.

Good Sound Quality

Choosing a TV with a good sound system installed is of great importance that is mostly neglected. Get your hands on a TV with a high wattage supply as “more the power, louder the sound.” If you haven’t had a television with good sound quality, it will present unfavorable after effects, especially if you live in a roomy house.

Whenever you visit a shop to get a new TV, it is recommended to play any video on the desired TV and turn its volume to maximum to see if the sound goes smooth or brings harshness. It will help you fetch an idea regarding volume levels, sound bass, and overall audio quality.

We hope you find the following reviews and suggestions helpful as we extracted the best out of all companies with their excellent TVs. It gets even more exciting to shop for a new TV if you have a list of top brands that you’ve to choose from. So we thought to appear with five leading options that will make it convenient for you!

Insignia TV

Insignia TVs are one of the most attractive options with variable sizes, ranging from 32 inches to even 70 inches screen. Previously, this company was coming up with a limited picture resolution (up to 720p), but now the advancements touched their ways. Insignia is now known to provide the best 4K quality besides having pre-installed Roku TV or Amazon Fire TV. Last but not least, this company stands among the first ones to launch the concept of smart TVs.

Samsung TV

Samsung is a versatile company with numerous digital appliances, including primary and smart TVs. If you wish to buy a TV that is itself a masterpiece in delivering the best picture quality, providing quantum dot technology, presenting several screen sizes, etc., Samsung TV is for you. Moreover, the company ensures to display outclass of its designs, varying with sizes, and features. Overall, it’s a good choice.


TCL is another huge name in the market that offers all attractive TV features at a comparatively lower price than above. It is known to display its curated content in a high dynamic range (4K picture quality) and good brightness to contrast ratio. Furthermore, these TVs are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to make it convenient for users to enjoy the Android system.


VIZIO comes in different series that outperform in their unique features. The VIZIO’s V series offers the entry-level 4K TV display, whereas the D series is identified to provide a 1080p and 720p display. Adding to these, the company now has a variety of other advanced series as well, including M series Quantum, P series, and the latest P series Quantum X. All of its TV models are pretty affordable; hence, choose any according to your choice.

Sceptre TV

Sceptre TV falls among the brands that are pretty cost-effective besides delivering all essential features to watch TV. If you’ve to take an initiative through a nicely-priced small TV, Sceptre TV is a good choice. Although you might find some lacking, for example, it’s unable to present a genuine contrast ratio; it is still a regular pick for people wanting to get a TV for their small rooms.

When you’re looking to buy a smart TV, it can be for various purposes. Be it purchasing under an affordable range, buying it for retro gaming, or wanting to add a big screen size to your room, this recommendation will lead you.

Best Smart TV for Retro Gaming

If you are looking to buy a TV that perfectly matches your retro gaming consoles, step no further than the above-mentioned options. People fond of retro games demand a TV that is excellent in displaying the best picture resolution and video quality, so make sure to find something that meets these requirements.

Best Budget Smart TVs

There are multiple options when moving towards the buying guide for Under $400, smart TVs under $700, Under $600 and Under $800. Most users have a limited budget but want to grab the best for their homes or offices. For this purpose, go through the guidelines mentioned above and analyze what features you want in your new TV. After deciding, finalize a brand and check for its most affordable smart TV, fulfilling your needs.

Best 55 Inch Smart TV

Among the versatility in screen sizes comes this 55 inches smart TV option. After you have chosen the appropriate TV size according to your room’s dimension, now is the time to pick the best brand for it. Why not thoroughly flip through the features of the list of TVs when you’re already paying a handsome amount? You can check different models of the five brands we have enlisted above.

Best Smart TV Under 500 Dollars

Affordability is one of the essential features that shouldn’t be neglected. Besides the necessary factors like 4K quality, quantum dot technology, Alexa compatibility, HDMI connectivity, etc., the TV’s price should also hold significant importance. Numerous options stand as the smart TVs under 500, so you can check them out.

Best 65 Inch Smart TV

Just like the 55-inch TV screen, the 65 inch display in smart TVs is pretty common. Most people prefer setting up TVs with larger interfaces so they can enjoy watching movies, playing video games, or tuning in fine music on big screens. If you’re finding one such TV, the digital market has a lot of best options for you!

Best 50 Inch Smart TV

When it comes to the recommendation, we can suggest several screen sizes so you can pick the ones that match your room requirements. Just like 55-inch and 65-inch displays, many smart televisions are coming in 50-inch screen sizes. This TV size mostly fits in the medium-sized room with details seen even through the room corners. So, always make sure to examine your room dimensions first and select the TV accordingly. You can check out the 50 Inch smart TVs on different shopping websites as well.

Now comes the turn for TVs recommended for daily use! We cannot specify one company or a single TV for constant use as different people have variable preferences. So to beat the confusion, below is the list of multiple televisions suggested for unique functioning.

TV for Apple TV 4K

The digital market has several options that you can go through to buy the TV for Apple TV 4K. But, the foremost requirement to use an Apple TV demands a high-definition image quality. In other words, buy a TV that has an advanced 4K quality feature with HDMI connectivity if you’re looking to buy a TV for Apple TV 4K for daily use.

TV for Office Conference Room

Finding a TV for the office conference room is a bit challenging task, as the user has to adjust the screen in his office for professional use. Look for a TV that has the perfect sound system installed beside a large screen size. Moreover, you can also consider buying a TV with a sleek design or an attractive interface to impress your clients. These days, Samsung is leading the role in offering the TVs for the office conference room.

TV for Bedroom

Although it’s not recommended to set a TV in your bedroom, still, if you’ve decided to purchase a new TV for your bedroom, go for options like TCL, Samsung, VIZIO, etc. One noteworthy point while keeping a TV in your bedroom is to check its brightness and contrast ratio features. Find a brand best at adjusting these properties that you do not affect your eyes much by staying late at night.

TV for Bright Room

Nowadays, different companies are competing with one another on modern features, such as 4K picture quality. If you are looking to buy a TV for a bright room, make sure to choose the one that can overcome glare issues in the brightest of rooms. We would suggest you get your hands on a brand that’s excellent at reflection handling and adjusting the brightness-contrast ratio.

Smart TV for Nintendo Switch

Before choosing a smart TV for the Nintendo Switch, make sure that the new TV easily connects to your Nintendo device. TCL is one of the best companies providing its TVs compatible with Nintendo switch. Besides, this company is among the top brands introducing smart TVs and HDMI connectivity. You can even look for other options if you are not fully satisfied.

55 Inch TV Under 500

What could be a better duo than purchasing your most-liked TV screen size in an affordable range? If you continue searching, there is an extensive list of different companies with several models offering the 55-inch screen Under $500. On our recommendation, check out the TVs displayed by TCL and Hisense.

75 Inch TV Under 2000 Dollars

Two thousand dollars is a substantial amount that can cover up all essential as well as extra TV features, so if you have a definite budget, choose wisely! When looking for the 75-inch TV under 2000, 75-inch TV Under $1500, the first thing clicking your mind should be advanced features. We would suggest you pick the TV that offers mini-LED backlighting and QLED technology to outperform in its significant way. Again, Samsung is an excellent option for this category.

TV for Sports Under 1000 Dollars

If you intend to get the best TV for watching sports, the first thing clicking your mind should be its improved picture quality. 1000 dollars is a justified budget to purchase a TV for sports, so concentrate on the features that can help you enjoy your favorite streaming afterward. We recommend you look for LED screens than QLED or OLED as these TVs have more positive reviews for watching sports.

85 Inch TV

The price for smart TVs increases with the increase in screen size. It means an 85-inch TV screen would have far more and better features than the standard 65 or 75-inch screen. When deciding to buy the Best Budget 85-inch TV for your home, make sure to check all features like extended refresh rate, HDR quality, multiple shade colors, etc., and then pay for the selected item. Although a bit expensive, the traits coming along are worth every penny!

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Bottom Line

It has always been a hassle to grab the best TV irrespective of its purpose of buying. Getting the latest technology with added advanced features requires sufficient time and effort for understanding. Besides, the enormous amount spent is another deal! So why not choose wisely and after complete research rather than regretting later?

It was the reason we did different surveys and extracted this buying guide to let you know various factors before purchasing a new TV. All the essential points enlisted above should always be kept in mind while selecting the right TV for your home. We hope to have helped you in all possible cases if you’re here in search of selecting the best TV for your home. However, if you think we missed mentioning a point, openly drop a comment or discuss it with us!