Even though different reasons might be creating this issue, the solutions are straightforward and can be done hassle-free. 

Below in this guide, we will share the possible reasons why Amazon Prime is stuttering on your smart TV and what you can do to solve this issue. 

Reasons  For Amazon Prime Stuttering On Smart Tv

Nobody likes interruption when binge-watching their favorite shows, and since Amazon Prime is the most popular streaming platform, it is used widely. 

If your Amazon Prime is buffering or starting on your Smart TV, then a few reasons might be behind this problem. 

Internet Connection

Internet connection is a significant aspect when you watch something online, and if the internet connection is not proper, you are bound to see interference on the application. 

There is a particular internet connection requirement that is required to stream shows and movies on Amazon Prime. Every movie or show that we watch on Amazon Prime is available in different video qualities. 

If you want to watch the content in HD quality, you will require 5 Mbps internet speed. For the SD quality and Ultra HD, 4K quality, the internet speed of 3 MBPS and 25 Mbps respectively is required. If the internet connection is not proper, the video will stutter. 

Updated Application 

Another reason why Amazon Prime started on your Android TV is the outdated application or the software. If you are using an old version of this application on your Smart TV, you will see some glitches that will only be resolved once you update the application. 

Amazon Functioning

Another possible reason for the starting of Amazon Prime is the problem with Amazon itself. In that case, you cannot do anything but wait and see when the issue will get resolved on its own. 

Solutions to Fix Amazon Prime Stuttering on Smart TV

Solutions to Fix Amazon Prime Stuttering on Smart TV

Changing Internet Connection 

The first thing you can do is change your internet connection or improve the internet speed you are using to stream Amazon prime on your Smart TV. 

If you are not willing to change the internet connection altogether, you can restart the router and then see if the internet speed is improved or not. 

While using Amazon Prime, make sure that your router is not sending a connection to any other intensive application. When the internet speed is slow and divided into different devices, the stuttering problem can happen. 

You can directly connect your router to your smart TV with the ethernet cable instead of using the wireless internet connection for a better internet connection. 

Use Lower Streaming Quality

To avoid the stuttering part on Amazon Prime, you can reduce the video quality. To reduce the video quality, go to the menu of Amazon Prime video and then the settings. 

Go to the Stream and download. From there, select the streaming quality and adjust the resolution to the lower configuration, and you will see that the stuttering problem has stopped. 

Understandably, the internet connection is slow. You are trying to watch the content on Amazon Prime at ultra HD 4K video quality; the content will stutter and buffer because it is not getting the proper internet connection required for that video quality. 

Download the Content 

If you don’t want to go through so much hassle of changing the internet connection or changing the video resolution, then the easiest thing you can do is download the show of the movie you want to watch. 

Choose your desired video quality, and then put the content on the download. Since the internet connection is slow, you might have to wait for a while to get the video title downloaded, but once you have done that, the stuttering problem will not happen when you watch it. 


If the problem is still happening, the best you can do is troubleshoot the Amazon Prime video on your Smart TV. You can also try reinstalling the application.

Sum Up 

These were the possible reasons and solutions to try to fix the Amazon Prime stuttering issue on your Smart TV. The solutions are pretty simple, but if they still do not work, then there might be a possibility that the problem is on your Smart TV, and to fix that, you can troubleshoot the setup. 

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