Anime is not an unpopular genre these days. Even before the advent of Anime shows, Anime magazines and Manga were highly famous in Japan and worldwide. Nowadays, there are plenty of Anime applications available where you can stream anime shows for free. 

Most of the Anime applications are available for free for Android and IOS devices, but not every application is compatible with every Smart TV. If you have a Samsung Smart TV and want to know the Anime apps that you can install on the television and stream anime shows, read the article ahead. 

List of Anime Apps for Samsung Smart TV 


Kissanime is one of the most popular anime apps available for Android devices so that you can use it on your Samsung Smart TV. This application is available on Google Play Store so that you can download it on your television directly. 

The video quality of this application is outstanding, and you can find thousands of Anime shows of various categories on this platform and enjoy hours of streaming of your favorite web shows. 


AnimeLab is another anime application that is available for Samsung Smart TV free of cost. You can browse through more than 300 web shows, and if you want to browse more, you can purchase the premium account. 

The interface of this application is straightforward, and you can navigate through the catalogs that contain anime shows and movies in different categories to make the search process more manageable. 


Talking about anime applications and streaming services and not mentioning Crunchyroll would be a huge mistake. Crunchyroll is an anime streaming platform that is available for both Android and iOS. It gives you 14 days of trial, and the further price is exceptionally reasonable. 

Crunchyroll is not compatible with every smart TV, but there are ways through which you can get this application on your Samsung Smart TV and enjoy your favorite anime shows. You can also listen to the latest information and announcements of the Anime world. 


VRV is another online anime application for Samsung Smart TV with plenty of Anime shows that you can watch for free. It also contains shows from Crunchyroll and other anime websites.

 You can extend your subscription with other channels that allow you to stream a variety of content on a single platform. 

Retro Crush: Classic Anime 

The last anime application that you can install on Samsung Smart TV is Retro Crush, one of the great Anime streaming platforms available free of cost.

 You can see the content on various platforms at the same time. Some advertisements come in between, but they are not too much that can affect you or distract you from the streaming experience.

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Summing it Up 

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite anime shows on a large screen? Availability of Anime apps compatible with Samsung Smart TV has now become possible for Anime lovers to enjoy their favorite shows with better visuals and details. 

The applications that have been mentioned above in this article are the best ones that we can find, and they contain a variety of Anime shows under one roof. 

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