Top 5 Best 4k TVs Under $800 (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

Modern-day TVs come in different sizes, shapes, screen resolutions, and pricing options, thus making it super-hard to choose the right model.

This process can get even harder if you are under a tight budget.Thus, after deep research, and testing, we have put together this list of the best 4k TVs under 800 USD.

So, you can instantly choose the right TV for your needs.Without any further ado, let’s check out the details.

Best 4k TVs Under $800 Comparison Table 2023

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Our Personal Recommendations

SAMSUNG 55-inch Curved Class UHD TU-8300 Series Smart TV. Samsung is no doubt a leading brand that sells smart TVs and is liked by a lot of customers. Being the famous brand, Samsung smart TVs are a bit expensive than other options available in the market. So, if you are looking for an alternative to Samsung 55-inch Curved Class UHD TU-8300 Series then I would recommend you have a look at Hisense Class R6 Series 4K UHD Roku Smart TV.

You can get the uninterrupted streaming and full voice controls to enjoy your favorite program at your comfort. An additional benefit is that if you like gaming then you will experience the usage of this television to another level. It has fast gaming technology, and you can connect your gaming consoles through HDMI ports. Finally, the price is reasonable, and you can get it for under $1000.


Sony X80J TV BRAVIA XR OLED TV under 800 usd

The SONY X80J smart TV with its amazing quality display, a wide range of smart tech features, and highly durable construction is the best 4k TV under 800 USD available in the market right now.

Top of all, the 4K HDR screen of the SONY  X80J is outstanding, it has a very dynamic color range with perfect color saturation, and very close to reality display.

All thanks to the TRILUMINOS display technology, that produces close to real colors.

Also, there is the X1 Processor embedded in this Smart TV, which produces excellent color contrast, and adjusts the color saturation according to the nature of the scene.

Most importantly, this TV comes with the Dolby Vision HDR technology for providing immersive color-rich content.

If you love sports, and hate high-motion blurs, there is great news for you.

This TV comes with the MOTIONFLOW XR technology, which is specifically developed for minimizing the high-motion blur.

So, you can focus more on the game, and less on the blurring.

This high refresh rate also provides you a competitive edge in online gaming, where every single second is important.

Enough talking about the screen resolution, and the picture quality.

There is much more to expect from this TV, than an amazing display, as it has plenty of smart tech features.

The SONY X80J comes with built-in Miracast, and Airplay 2 technology, that allows you to cast your mobile or computer display wirelessly onto the big screen.

In addition, it has Alexa and Google Voice Assistant support. Thus, you can control the TV wirelessly without requiring a remote.

You can ask Alexa to change TV channels, increase volume, and so on.

Plus, it also has the Google TV integration, allowing you to watch hundreds of thousands of content pieces online.

Also, there is Netflix, Youtube, HULU, and Amazon Prime support. Thus, providing you with plenty of entertainment options.

Lastly, the SONY X80J smart TV comes with a wall-mounting facility, which means you can mount the TV on the wall, as well as put it on the table according to your preference.

• 4K Display
• TRIMILINOUS Technology
• Motionflow XR Technology
• Alexa & Airplay Integration
• Netflix, Youtube & Google TV Support
• Wall Mounting Support
• No Source Selection Option on Startup

The SONY X80J has an amazing-quality display, superior build quality, and a bunch of advanced features, that make it the best TV under 800.

2. SAMSUNG 55-inch Curved Class UHD TU-8300 Series Smart TV

SAMSUNG 55-inch Curved Class TV under 800

Samsung makes one of the best TVs out there, and this particular TV model is the perfect demonstration of it.

The Samsung TU-8300 series smart TV comes with an impressive 4K display panel, which has perfect color saturation, and amazing contrast.

And, with the addition of the DOLBY HDR, the colors on the screen look crisp and vivid.

The 4K ultra-fast processor ensures that the picture on the screen is stable and smooth. Moreover, it also has a dedicated sports mode, which makes this TV perfect for watching football and other competitive sports.

There is also a dedicated gaming mode that makes this TV perfect for gaming.

Above all, this Smart TV has a curved display, which makes it aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly increases the viewing angles. Since it’s a curved TV, you can easily fit the contours of your house without any issue.

The design of the TV is also very minimalist with minimum bezels and perfect cable management. You can easily hide the cables behind the TV as there are minimal cables.

The Tizen OS of the TU-8300 series smart TV is also fantastic. All your content is perfectly structured, which allows you to easily access your favorite content.

Controlling the TV with the One Remote System is also super-easy and convenient. In fact, you can control all your supported devices with a single remote, which is absolutely amazing.

In addition to the remote controlling system, you can also control this smart TV using Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.

That means, you do not have to touch the remote control once, and you can change the TV channels, shift the source, increase or decrease the volume, all with your voice only.

The content streaming options on this TV are also limitless. You can use the standard cable TV, HDMI input through the Blu-ray player, USB connectivity, Netflix, Youtube to stream your favorite content.

Also, you can mirror your screen from your Android device, laptop, or Apple devices, as it has both the Miracast and the Airplay 2 built-in.

• Super-fast Processor
• Curved Screen
• Perfect Contrast
• One Remote Control
• Plenty of Streaming Options
• Alexa & Google Voice Assistant Support
• Curved Screen is Not for Everyone

The Samsung 55-inch UN55TU8300FXZA smart TV is a perfect choice for people seeking a quality curved smart TV under a tight budget.

3. Hisense 55-Inch H8 Quantum Series Smart TV

Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV under 800

The Hisense H8 Quantum Series Smart TV is an amazing quality TV with the prestigious “Amazon Choice” tag.

There are a number of advanced technologies integrated into this smart TV that make it one of the best TVs under 800 available in the market.

The colors on this smart TV look very close to reality, as it has Quantum Dot Technology. This technology produces billion+ of colors, which makes the scenes look real as if you were present in the scene.

The Dolby Atmos HDR technology even enhances the color accuracy and crispness.

Also, there is the Full Ray Local Dimming Technology, which makes contrast fantastic. The Local Dimming Technology comes very handily when you are watching dark-themed indoor scenes.

The peak brightness on this TV is 900-nits, which means you won’t have any problem placing this TV in a bright room.

Under the hood, there is the Hisense’s Hi-View Engine, this chipset handles the 4K display, so there is no lag, and the picture is perfectly catered according to the nature of the scene.

It’s worthy to mention, this TV has the Motion Rate 240 Technology, this technology minimizes the lagging during super-high-speed matches. So that, you can have a crystal clear sight of your favorite sports.

There is also a dedicated gaming mode on this device, that optimizes the display for gaming.

The  Hisense H8 Quantum Series Smart TV is smart in every sense. It has an Android OS.

Android OS allows you to customize the TV as you want it to be. More importantly, you can download apps directly from the play store to enhance the functionality of the TV.

It also has Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, and Youtube integration. The traditional connectivity options are also present in this like USB connectivity, HDMI connectivity, etc.

Last not least, this TV also has Alexa & Google Voice Assistant integrations for hands-free operation.

• Hi-View Engine
• Motion Rate 240 Technology
• 900 Nits Brightness
• Dedicated Gaming Mode
• Android OS
• Alexa & Google Voice Assistant Integration
• Not Perfect for Gaming

The Hisense H8 TV is one of the best Android TVs under 800 USD available in the market. So, if you are seeking the best Android TV under a tight budget, you cannot go wrong with this model.

4. LG 55UN7000PUB Smart TV

LG 55UN7000PUB under 800 USD

LG is the pioneer of innovation in TV technology, and this TV perfectly represents LG’s advances in TV technology.

To begin with, this smart TV comes with LG’s very own 4K-IPS panel, which has perfect color accuracy, and produces amazing color saturation on the screen.

There is also the LG’s 4K processor integrated into this TV that optimizes the display according to the genre of the scenes.

In addition, it also has the DOLBY ATMOS HDR for an even better display with deep blacks and better whites.

Moreover, there is the FILMMAKER mode integrated into this TV that aids in getting better scenes. It automatically adjusts the colors according to the nature of the genres.

The Low-Input Lag makes this TV perfect for competitive gaming. With the ultra-high refresh rate, you cannot go wrong with this LG Smart TV.

Another cool thing about this TV is its LG Web OS. The LG Web OS puts all the streaming apps grouped together.

The LG Web OS allows you to stream Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, HULU, and a number of other streaming channels.

In addition to all these latest streaming options, this TV also has HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. In this way, you can get entertainment from all the different options.

The LG signature remote shipped with this TV makes controlling the TV easy.

If you do not like to mess around with physical remotes, this TV also supports the Alexa voice assistant. So, you also use Alexa assistance in addition to the remote to control it.

The Apple Airplay 2, and the Apple Homekit are built-in. If you own any of the Apple devices, you can conveniently stream it to the TV.

• 4K IPS Panel
• LG Web OS
• Filmmaker Mode
• LG Signature TV
• Alexa & Airplay 2 Integration
• Not the Perfect Alexa Integration

5. TCL 50″ TV & Alto 6 Sound Bar

TCL 50 inch tv under 800 usd

Last not least on our list is the TCL 50-inches smart TV. The TCL Smart TV with the Alto-6 Soundbar is an amazing quality TV with superior display quality and plenty of smart features.

The superior ultra-high-definition 4K display panel used in this TV is fantastic. The usage of Quantum Dot Technology produces over a billion colors to accurately match the colors according to the type of the genre.

The integration of the Dolby HDR makes the color accuracy on this TV even better.

The auto-gaming mode on this TV automatically adjusts the refresh rate, and the color accuracy according to the type of the game.

In addition, there is the Easy Voice Control System, that you can use to control your TV without even using the remote control.

Also, there is the ROKU TV integration that you can use to browse your favorite content without requiring cable TV.

Apart from the conventional cable TV integration, and the ROKU TV, this TV also supports HDMI, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.

So, you can also hook up your mobile or laptop directly to the TV.

There are four HDMI ports on this TV for easy connectivity. The cable management system on this TV is also impressive, you won’t have a hard time hiding your cables.

Almost all modern TV has merely audible sound, but not this one. It comes with a dedicated soundbar that offers booming sound.

The Alto 6 Soundbar shipped with this TV has an earth-shaking sound with the perfect bass, and terrible.

In addition, the dialogue clarity on it is also top-notch.

All in all, it provides you cinema-quality sound at home.

• 4K Display
• Flicker Free Technology
• Auto-Gaming Mode
• Dedicate Soundbar
• No Alexa Connectivity
• No Screen Mirroring

If you are not into a smart TV, and looking for a reliable 4K TV the TCL 4K TV with the soundbar integration is perfect for you.


Getting the right TV under a tight budget can be a daunting task, as you have to deal with plenty of metrics and real-life experience.

Therefore, we have compiled this detailed guide in which we have put together the list of best TVs under 800.

If you are still confused about getting the right TV under 800, we highly recommend getting the Sony X80J Smart TV.

The Sony X80J is an amazing quality smart TV with superior quality display, and outstanding features.

Which Smart TV are you planning to get? Tell us in the comments section below

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