Gone are the days, when the 4K TVs used to be super-expensive, well away from the reach of the gamers.

Nowadays, the 4K TVs are more common than ever before, and thus people are replacing their old 1080p TVs with the newer 4K TVs.

So, if you are looking to replace your old TV with a 4K TV under a tight budget, we have compiled a list of the best budget 4K TVs for gaming.

Without further ado, let’s check out the details.

List of Best Budget 4K TVs for Gaming in 2022- Comparison Guide

TCL 55' Class 6-Series 4K UHD QLED...
3,064 Reviews
TCL 55" Class 6-Series 4K UHD QLED...
  • Led color technology delivers better brightness and wide color volume to provide exceptionally vivid and lifelike picture performance
  • Smart functionality offers access to thousands of streaming channels featuring more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes via Roku TV. Viewable display size - 54.6 inches
Sony X90J 55 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR...
  • COGNITIVE PROCESSOR XR – Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and hear to deliver intense contrast with pure blacks, high peak brightness, and natural colors. Backlight type- Direct(Full Array LED)
  • XR TRILUMINOS PRO - Rediscover everything you watch with billions of accurate colors and see impressive picture quality that is natural and beautiful to the human eye.
LG OLED C1 Series 55" Alexa...
  • OLED DISPLAY: Watch your content come to life in over 8 million pixels. Each pixel turns on and off independently so you'll see your content with perfect black, over a billion rich colors and infinite contrast for a viewing experience like no other.
  • α9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Picture and sound adjustment happen automatically with our best processor. The a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K uses deep-learning algorithms to detect scenes and genres to make your content look its best no matter what or when you're watching.

1. TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD Smart TV

TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD Smart TV for gaming
  • The TCL 6-Series Smart TV has Mini-LED Technology.
  • It also has Quantum Dot Technology.
  • The Variable Refresh Rate on this TV is amazing.
  • THX Certified Mode makes it a Proper Gaming TV.
  • The 240-Spot Localized Dimming is perfect for contrast.

The TCL 6-series TV with its attractive pricing, variable refresh rate, and the crispy display is the best budget 4K gaming TV that you can get right now.

This TV has an amazing display, the crunch 4K display combined with the HDR produces outstanding color contrast with deep blacks and pure whites.

The best thing about this TV is the customizable contrast control zones, which allows you to change the contrast in specific portions of the LCD for better distinction in specific portions of the LCD.

The Mini-LED Technology used in this TV is perfect for providing superior performance in any given environment.

TCL has put an immensely powerful processor in this TV that provides a combination of power and efficiency. Also, it uses Quantum Dot Technology, which produces over a billion color shades.

The feature that puts this TV on top of our list of the best budget gaming TVs is its amazing Variable Refresh Rate feature and the THX Certified Game Mode.

The Variable Refresh Rate provides you excellent latency and response time for a competitive edge over your rivals.

You can get up to 120-frames per second on this TV on 1440p, while on the 4K settings, you can get up to 60Hz refresh rate.

The THX Certified Gaming Mode ensures you do not get any screen-lag or delay intensely competitive matches.

Apart from exceptional gaming performance, this TV has several other technically advanced features, including two different voice assistants (Alexa & Google Home Assistant).

You can use these voice assistants to change the source modes, alter the sound, and much more, without even lifting your finger.

In addition, the remote on this is also non-conventional. There are less than half buttons on this remote as compared to the traditional TV remote for quick navigation purposes.

This 4K Smart TV supports Bluetooth, WIFI, Ethernet connectivity. In addition, there are four 2.1 HDMI ports on this TV for seamless wired connectivity.

Additionally, this gaming TV has the Netflix, Youtube, and the HULU TV configuration for enjoying live content without needing cable TV or an external source.

The OS on this TCL TV is designed for straightforward usage and easy navigation. You can easily stream your favorite content with very few clicks on this TV.

You can use the VESA-supported mounts to easily hang the TV on the wall. Additionally, you can also use the table stand if mounting the TV is not your thing.

• Super-Affordable
• Mini-LED Technology
• Quantum Dot technology
• THX Certified Game Mode
• Variable Refresh Rate
• Alexa & Google Home Assistant Connectivity
• Easy to Use Remote Control
• Nothing to Complain About

2. SONY X90J Smart TV

SONY X90J Smart TV for gaming
  • The Sony X90J comes with an intelligent cognitive processor.
  • It uses XR TRILUMINOS PRO to show billions of color shades.
  • This TV comes with a whopping 120Hz display.
  • It supports local dimming for greater magical contrast.
  • The variable refresh rate on this TV makes it perfect for gaming.

If you can stretch your budget a little higher than the TCL 6-series, then you can also consider the SONY X90J in your bucket list.

There are several reasons for putting this TV on this list. Firstly, it has a powerful COGNITIVE PROCESSOR, which provides superior processing power.

In addition, this processor automatically senses the nature of the scenes, and then ultimately delivers the right content type.

In fact, it’s the very first TV that offers the COGNITIVE PROCESSOR, which is based on AI and develops the image, and sound accordingly.

XR TRILUMINOS PRO delivers billions of different color shades to better match the real-life scenario.

Moreover, it also has the FULL ARRAY LED & the iconic Contrast Booster. Both the technologies work hand-in-hand to create an immersive video-watching experience.

More importantly, this technology can work independently on specific sections of the screen to enhance the experience.

Hence, you can see the colors on the screen with deep blacks, and pure whites on specific sections, taking the gaming experience to the next level.

It also features the XR Motion technology, which minimizes the lag, and jerks in the screen, especially when watching high-speed sports.

Above all, the feature that makes this TV deal maker for many people is the amazing refresh rate of this TV.

Sony claims that it has made this TV for the future gaming not the present world of gaming.

Thus, unlike the TCL 6-series, which produces 60Hz at 4K, this TV produces twice the frame rates of the TCL TV, at 120Hz/4K.

Hence, your games are faster and better than ever with minimum lag, and amazing performance.

The Ambient Optimisation Technology automatically adjusts the ambiance on the screen according to the surrounding, just like the True Tone on the Macbooks.

There are four HDMI ports on this TV, out of which two ports support HDMI 2.1, and the other two ports are HDMI 2.0.

Also, it supports USB input and the ethernet connection. Since it’s a smart TV, you can connect to the internet to enjoy Netflix and Youtube. Plus, it has the Google TV integration that widens your choice of entertainment.

You can easily control the TV using the one-remote system that allows easy TV control. You can also control the TV hands-free by using intelligent voice assistants like Alexa, and Google Home Assistant.

Lastly, it also has the Miracast, and the Airplay 2 technology built-in for easy mirroring of your Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS devices.

• Cognitive Processor
• 120Hz at 4K
• Full-Array LEDs
• Motion XR
• Google TV Integration
• Ambient Optimisation Technology
• No OLED Display

3. LG C1 55-Inches TV

LG C1 55-Inches TV for gaming
  • The LG C1 has an amazing quality OLED display.
  • It has ultra-thin bezels for superior control and performance.
  • The LG C1 boasts α9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR.
  • It also has a dedicated gaming mode for a competitive edge.
  • Lastly, it has Alexa, Airplay 2, Google Home Assistant, and Miracast support.

LG has been manufacturing amazing quality OLED TVs for a while now, and the 2021 model, LG C1 OLED TV is the true representative of LG’s leadership in the TV industry.

Although the LG C1 is the most expensive budget gaming TV on our list, still it’s not as expensive as some of the other TVs available in the market. Some features justify this price tag and make this TV the perfect bang for your bucks.

To begin with, the LG TV has an amazing quality display with minimum bezels. Not only are the bezels ultra-slim, but also the whole profile of the TV is super-slim.

There are over 8-million pixels on the screen, and each of the 8 million pixels on the screen can turn on and off on their own.

Since all of the pixels operate independently, the contrast on this TV is on another level with pure blacks.

If you are upgrading from the LED TV, you will love this display like never before. It’s truly out of this world.

The α9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR 4K elevates your TV watching experience. With this powerful processor that ultimately adjusts the brightness and the color shades according to the scenes, there is very little to worry about.

This processor seeks help from its AI system that adjusts the colors according to the type of scenes.

The feature that makes this TV a lucrative pick for the gamers is its amazing refresh rate, latency rate, and the Game Optimizer Mode.

With this TV, you can blow your competitors out of the water. The ultra-low latency rate gives you an edge over your competitor.

In addition, it has a 100Hz refresh rate at 4K video quality for an amazing gaming experience.

The LG C1 boasts all sorts of connectivity options including HDMI, LAN, Bluetooth, and WIFI connectivity.

And with the Alexa, and Google Home Assistant built-in, you can stream your favorite music, enjoy the weather updates, and watch your favorite content, handsfree.

If you don’t like to play with Alexa & Google Voice Assistant, the magical LG remote offers exceptional all-around controls.

Additionally, it has the Airplay 2 and Miracast integration for easy casting of your screen.

• 100Hz Display
• OLED Panel
• Game Optimizer Mode
• Alexa & Google Home Assistant Integration
• Not the Highest Refresh Rate
• A Little Pricey


If you step into the market for the best budget 4K gaming TV, things can get complicated, as there are tens of brands popping out hundreds of TV models into the market.

Thus we have compiled this detailed guide, in which we compare the best budget gaming TVs available in the market.

So, you can easily choose the right product for your requirements. If you have not yet made your mind about getting the best budget gaming TV, we recommend getting the TCL 6-series TV, as it provides the best bang for your bucks.

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