Decorating a room is always exciting, and TV is the most meaningful item to put in a bedroom. It can keep us busy with lots of entertainment and transform our boring nights into full of leisure.

Smart TVs are a valuable add-on to life for all the exciting elements it brings along. However, smart TVs come in various categories, vary with the price range. To make ideas easy for you, I will review some of the best smart TVs for bedrooms under $400 that you can analyze and make your final decision according to your requirements.

Getting familiar with the product and matching it with your needs and wants can help you make a sound decision. Also, the Smart TVs come in different sizes, distinct designs, and exciting elements that also have the potential to change your bedroom vibes.

You can explore all the best brands for the best smart TV for the bedroom under $400 and their models, along with their key features right below.

What Are Best Smart TV Under $400 in 2023?

Lets discuss reviews  in details

1. INSIGNIA NS-55DF710NA21 Smart TV

INSIGNIA NS-55DF710NA21 Smart TV under 400 usd

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Insignia
  • Screen size         55 Inch
  • Resolution         4K Ultra HD
  • Display Tech      LED
  • Color                    Black

Insignia 55-inch Smart TV is the best affordable TV with a high-quality display image. The overall design of the TV is simple and suits well if you are a fan of sophisticated décor in your bedroom. The screen has a wrap of the thin bezel, and the feet responsible for making it stand are also simple. Apart from the logo at the front, there is a power button at the bottom. In contrast, all the connectivity ports are at the back.

The best smart TV for the bedroom under $400 offers three HDMI, USB-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an Ethernet cable port, video inputs, optical audio inputs, and one Antenna connector input. The ports are available in rich amounts. Similarly, the user interface is also familiar. You must know about Amazon Fire TV. Yes, log in to the account with your Amazon account credentials and enjoy unlimited apps, online streaming platforms, and many more features.

Amazon Fire TV also allows you to mirror your phones/tabs or any compatible device to your Smart TV and watch your phone content on a massive 55-inch screen. It also comes with a smart remote control that provides access to the voice control. It will help you control and manage your smart TV, providing information, browsing stuff on TV with your voice.

Moreover, Insignia is the best smart TV for bedrooms under $400 because of the outstanding display performance. Surprisingly, it is HDR 10 compatible so that you can stream all your favorite digital content in HD. The brightness and black level stats are also appealing, with a contrast ratio of 3394:1. Besides, the color accuracy is impressive as it features high pixel density to make the image clear, and DCI-P3 ensures standard, vivid colors. Hence, it is overall a valuable TV at this price.


  • HDR10 compatibility.
  • Amazon FIRE TV UI.
  • Lots of wired connections.
  • DTS TruSurround
• Smart Remote control.
• Voice control.
• Satisfactory display colors.
• Peak brightness.
• Lack of gaming features.

2. Hisense H2 Series Smart TV

Hisense H2 Series Smart TV under 400

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Hisense
  • Screen size         40-Inch
  • Resolution          1080p
  • Display Tech      LED
  • Color                    Black

All the smart features in 40 Inch screen size at an affordable price, right in your bedroom. The combination of Hisense and Roku has been terrific because Roku is the market leader for delivering user-friendly features. the setup is quick and easy, and managing the platform or smart TV does not require rocket science.

The overall appearance is attractive, with thick bezels and matte finishing. It can add style to your bedroom décor while mounting on the wall. It integrates three HDMI ports that are enough to connect several devices, including gaming consoles. However, you would not use any external streaming device because of the built-in Roku platform, so three HDMI are more than enough. It also offers a USB for charging, Wi-Fi for accessing the internet, and a headphone jack.

Moreover, the display is appealing with bright colors, making every object looks natural. The display performance varies with different digital modes, but peak brightness remains the same, provides excellent illumination. Though it does not offer picture calibration settings, the solid contrast ratio is pleasing, improving image quality.

The built-in Roku platform brings lots of online streaming services to your bedroom. Now, you can stream your favorite content on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney, etc., in no time. It also offers live TV channels to stay up to date with sports and news. For your convenience, the Roku TV platform puts all the channels on the main screen, so you do not face hassle accessing them.


  • Roku TV platform.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Voice control.
  • Color accuracy.
• Peak brightness level.
• Pleasing contrast ratio.
• Android and iOS compatible app.
• Poor audio quality.

3. TCL 3-Series Smart TV

TCL 3-Series Smart TV under 400

Product Overview

  • Brand                  TCL
  • Screen size         32-Inch
  • Resolution         720p
  • Display Tech     LED
  • Color                   Black

TCL has been striving hard to secure a place in your bedroom, and this standard 32-inch smart TV is perfect for regular use. It is a standard size for small bedrooms, with incredible high definition brightness.

It is an affordable 40 Inch smart TV with Roku TV integration. It offers hundreds of streaming platforms to have entertainment weekends from the comfort of your room. Roku mobile app is iOS and Android compatible, making managing your Roku account more efficient. Smart TV also has built-in voice control; accessing the TV and controlling its features becomes easier.

Furthermore, the smart TV  has a VA Panel that ensures a pleasing contrast ratio and excellent deep black, which promise to perform well in dark rooms. The colors are also satisfactory at this price range. Also, the response time is decent, but the gaming features are poor, as the smart TV focuses on delivering satisfactory performance for regular streaming.

We should not expect much from the best Smart TV for bedroom under 400, yet it still offers three HDMI 2.0, one USB, RF compatible output, and optical audio out. Besides, there is a Wi-Fi connection available, so you might not be using HDMIs.


  • Powerful Mobile app.
  • Roku TV platform.
  • Built-in voice control.
  • Wired and wireless connections.
  • High definition resolution.
• Simple appearance.
• 32-Inch standard size.
• It weighs only 8.20 lbs.
• Easy setup.
• Hundreds of streaming services
• VESA compatible.
• Poor viewing angles.

4. VIZIO D-Series Smart TV

VIZIO D-Series Smart TV under 400 USD

Product Overview

  • Brand                  VIZIO
  • Screen size         32-Inch
  • Resolution         1080p
  • Display Tech    LED
  • Color                Black

With a modern design, VIZIO D-Series has many other things to offer, including incredible picture quality. The 32-inch smart TV for a bedroom brings brilliance in color accuracy because of high pixel density. There are more than two million pixels on the screen; it stays busy polishing the image for delicate and precise details.

In contrast to the insufficient brightness, its Full-Array LED ensures light illuminating from behind the screen that enhances the overall picture performance. Also, the colors are vivid, rich, and available in massive amounts. Thus the TV produces 16.7 million colors on the screen, taking the image near to reality.

Pushing on to the design, it has a classy yet straightforward appearance, comes with two wide feet. The screen has thick bezels around it, and all the connectivity inputs locate at the back. It comes with two HDMI ports, one USB, one Ethernet cable, and a headphone jack. Since it is a Smart TV, it has a Wi-Fi connection to get quick access to your favorite TV series.

Besides, to stream the latest TV series episodes, the best smart TV for a bedroom under 400 has a built-in Chromecast platform. It gives you access to hundreds of episodes, movies, live channels with a single click. Moreover, the built-in voice control with Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa support makes the TV control user-friendly.


  • Apple AirPlay and Chromecast support
  • Voice control support by Alexa, Bixby, etc.
  • Full-Array LED Backlight.
  • Mirror content with your phone/tabs.
  • SmartCast mobile app support.
• Simple design.
• Decent motion handling.
• Pleasing color production.
• Low input lag.
• Exceptional light uniformity.
• Poor brightness.

5. Hisense H55 Series Smart TV

Hisense H55 Series Smart TV under 400

Product Overview

  • Brand                Hisense
  • Screen size       40-Inch
  • Resolution        1080p
  • Display Tech    LCD
  • Color                Black

Hisense H5 series is the affordable range of Smart TVs with all the latest features you can expect. It will bring life to your entertainment activities by giving you access to thousands of apps, streaming services from Android TV.

With 1920 by 1080 resolution, it produces sharp details to the images, making the picture quality stunning on 40-inch Smart TV. The clarity is promising, and the colors are beyond expectations. Similarly, the connectivity ports are also inspiring and enough for a Smart TV. Though it has a Wi-Fi connection for quick access, it also offers two HDMI ports, USB, an Ethernet cable, and a headphone jack.

It integrates the modern times’ demand, which is a sleep timer. Now, when you are away or asleep while streaming any TV channel, it will turn off, saving the power energy. It also has two built-in 7W speakers that produce satisfactory audio.

Moreover, the Android TV interface is familiar to many because of the best-selling Android phones. You can use your existing Android account and download all your favorite apps on your Smart TV. It is the best smart TV under 400 for obvious reasons. It allows you to stream hundreds of movies from built-in apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, etc. Likewise, the built-in voice control will make your Smart TV experience worthy.


  • Android TV interface.
  • 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Sleep timer.
  • LED Backlight.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.
• Presence of TV Tuner.
• It weighs only 12.81 lbs without a stand.
• Decent reflection handling.
• High brightness.
• Vivid colors with sharp details.
• Built-in Voice control support.
• Wall mounting.
• Lack of ergonomics.

6. VIZIO V-Series Smart TV

VIZIO V-Series Smart TV under 400

Product Overview

  • Brand               VIZIO
  • Screen size      40-Inch
  • Resolution       4K
  • Display Tech   LED
  • Color               Black
  • Model             V405-H69

The V series of VIZIO is another affordable Smart TV with adequate performance. It supports Dolby Vision HDR that enhances the image quality, providing cinematic vibes in your bedroom. Dolby Visio also improves the contrast, brightness, and color production on display. The smart TV also supports HDR10+ and HLF formats for better display performance.

The V-Series of VIZIO is surprisingly the best one with all the stunning models. This 40-Inch smart TV comes with a VA panel that may narrow the viewing angles but produce peak brightness on display. Moreover, the overall design is simple, but the plastic exterior gives you a stylish look. This model from the V-Series utilizes the full array lightning and HDMI 2.1 support.

Speaking of ports, this best smart TV under 400 offers one USB Type-A 3.0 port, a digital output port, three HDMI inputs, and an analog audio outport. The compatible remote is not the smart one; it is instead a traditional remote with buttons. However, the Smart TV has a voice control support that allows you to use your voice to manage your TV and get a completely wireless experience.

Comparably all the other VIZIO models, the V-Series model also has a SmartCast platform that ensures you have easy access to the thousand online content available. The platform offers various streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, etc. The platform also provides excess to free-range not to restrict your fun moments.


  • SmartCast platform.
  • Local dimming.
  • HDR10+ Compatibility.
  • Dolby Vision HDR.
  • Full-Array backlighting.
  • Apple AirPlay 2 support.
• Proper upscaling.
• VA panel.
• Built-in Voice control support.
• Lots of connectivity inputs.
• VESA compatible.
• Poor viewing angles.

7. Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA Smart TV

Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA Smart TV under 400

Product Overview

  • Brand                 Samsung
  • Screen size        32-inch
  • Resolution        4K
  • Display Tech    QLED
  • Color                Black

Many people prefer 32-Inch Screen size for bedroom TVs because it suits well in the small rooms. Samsung takes care of the needs of everyone and produces models that meet all our requirements. Among the massive product line, this particular model from Samsung is one of the best smart TV for bedrooms under 400. Besides, it is a 4K TV and delivers a reasonable brightness level according to your watching content.

It showcases a Quantum dot technology that ensures the display image is accurate and crispy, sending natural and realistic content delivery. The technology also promises 100% color volume, making it shine bright on the screen. The Smart TV also integrates an online guide to make the TV easily accessible by everyone. It will help you find your favorite streaming platform, adjust display settings, changing channels, browsing, and a lot more.

Furthermore, the Samsung smart TV has a sleek and straightforward design that will add points to your room décor. You can set the 32-Inch smart TV on a table, but I recommend wall mounting. Since the front is simple, you can access many ports at the back of the TV for quick connection with other devices. You will get three HDMI and two USB ports. However, the Wi-Fi connection may eliminate the need for ports as it will connect automatically to your home network and start running.

The gaming features are also pleasing, with low input lag and fast response time. Though we can not expect more under this budget, it delivers satisfactory performance in fast-moving actions. Moreover, it has a built-in Apple Airplay 2 feature that permits to share content from the Apple devices. Now, you can stream your phone/tabs content on the big screen and share it with your friends. The smart TV platform of Samsung is also user-friendly, allows streaming multiple contents without much hassle.


  • Built-in Airplay 2 support.
  • Seamless connections.
  • Voice control support for smart devices.
  • Fast response time.
  • Quantum dot technology.
  • 100% color volume.
• Excellent black uniformity.
• Simple design.
• Low input lag.
• 4K UHD display.
• High brightness with VA panel.
• Narrow viewing angles.

8. Sony 32-Inch Smart TV

Sony 32-Inch Smart TV under 400

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Sony
  • Screen size         32-Inch
  • Resolution         720p
  • Display Tech    LED
  • Color                Black

If you consider a budget Smart TV for your bedroom, then believe in this 32-Inch TV with excellent image quality, decent contrast, peak brightness, and stunning overall performance. It is one of the best smart TVs for bedrooms under 400 because of the standard size and lots of exciting features.

Sony maintains to produce high-quality products despite the price range it offers. Though it has a Wi-Fi connection to online stream content, it also offers two HDMI, one USB, a digital audio output, a coaxial connector port, and an audio jack. All the ports are easily accessible and placed correctly with tags on them to understand quickly.

Similarly, it runs at a 60Hz panel technology to produce a decent picture with deep black and proper contrast. If I talk about the display colors, then Sony retains color accuracy in all its models.  The small screen size does not make you feel about the brightness level or dark color saturation, but the X-Reality Pro feature still enhances the stunning display’s image quality.

Moreover, you can use the Smart TV for gaming as it integrates basic features. the motion clarity feature is pleasing with low input lag. Also, the built-in speakers produce smooth audio that would be enough for a bedroom. The UI is also easy to use, allowing you to access hundreds of content over a single accountant.


  • Slim and attractive design.
  • X-Reality Pro.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Motionflow XR 240.
• Color accuracy with fine details.
• Decent audio quality.
• Many connectivity ports.
• Screen mirroring.
• Narrow viewing angles.


Smart TV can make a notable difference in your bedrooms. It will become a part of your daily lives, so it has to be the best from all angles.

You can consider these smart TVs written above as they deliver an appealing performance while staying within a budget. These Smart TVs are designed for regular use and can be a valuable source for all your entertainment needs. I hope the article proves to be in your favor.

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