Top 7 Best TVs for Dark Room (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

Different people have different preferences when it comes to buying a new TV. Some want a large TV that perfectly matches their living area, while many look for TVs best for gaming. Others are interested in purchasing a new TV for office use.

Be it, in any case, a good TV should always work best for dark rooms, and that is what enhances its worth. When discussing the best TVs for dark rooms, many sets might click your mind, including the OLEDs, LEDs, and QLEDs. Nowadays, each of them is pretty significant, and people enjoy using them.

We are here today with a list of the top seven TVs for dark rooms that, besides having the best display, also deliver 4K resolution. We made sure to introduce you to several television types in different sizes so you can pick the one idealizing your demands. Continue reading to know more about the specs, features, pros, and cons of all cited products.

List of 7 Best TVs for Dark Room

We have briefed a list of top seven TVs for dark room mentioned below:

  1. SunBriteTV 65-inch Veranda 4K UHD HDR LED Outdoor TV
  2. LG 55-inch 4K Smart UHD NanoCell TV
  3. Spectre 32-inch LED HDTV
  4. Sony A80J 77-inch Ultra HD Smart Google TV
  5. VIZIO P-Series 65-inch 4K QLED HDR Smart TV
  6. LG OLED G1 Series 55-inch 4K Smart OLED EVO TV
  7. Samsung Class AU8000 Series 43-inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

Best TVs for Dark Room Comparison Table 2023

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Our Personal Recommendation

If you are looking for an ideal TV for dark room then look no further and read the review of Sony X950H 85 Inch TV. This is an amazing all round TV for gaming, sports and watching movies. It has breathtaking HRD experience that helps to maintain the contrast ratio.

The other feature is the ultimate black uniformity, that’s makes it an outstanding option to watch TV in the dark environment. 85-inch screen is a huge screen that will be ideal for a big room only. So if you want it for a small room then I wont suggest this one, but if you have a big space the this TV will fit in properly.

It has AI applications like Netflix, amazon prime and you tube extra. So just must connect your accounts and start watching your favourite channels and movies.

SunBriteTV 65-inch Veranda 4K UHD HDR – Best LED TV for Dark Room

SunBrite Veranda 2 TV for dark room


  • Brand– SunBriteTV
  • Color: Black
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Mounting Type: Table Mount, Wall Mounts


Get to Know its 4K HDR Quality

You will be pleased to know that SunBriteTV presents the best 4K picture quality in its 65-inch new TV. This Veranda series has a beautiful High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature to offer the best colors and contrasts with sharp details.

The Outdoor TV Fits in Your Space

It is specially designed to fit in outdoor areas like sunrooms, patios, or porches. The company ensured to present a weatherproof new TV with a direct LED backlight to avoid dust, snow, rain, or humidity.

A Great LED TV

Other than that, SunBriteTV Veranda is a great LED screen of 65 inches to cover up issues relating to brightness and contrast. You can now enjoy watching your favorite programs on the big screen even if it’s placed in darker rooms. The system will automatically upgrade the brightness and contrast ratio.

Easily Handles Different Weathers

Not only just the TV built for indoor activities, but you can also display it on your porches or patios to enjoy watching your favorite movies on a rainy day! It has climate-controlled interiors that save the gadget from extreme temperature changes or other weather alterations.

Pros & Cons


This Veranda Series is an absolute favorite of customers due to its weatherproof quality. All the colors represent true shades in high resolution. Moreover, it is pretty convenient to mount it on the wall.


A bit overpriced even if it is not a smart TV.

LG 55-inch 4K Smart UHD NanoCell TV – Best 4K TV for Dark Room

LG 55 inch tv for dark room


  • Brand: LG
  • Model Name: NANO85UNA
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | USB | Ethernet | HDMI
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mounts


A Sleek NanoCell LED TV

The new 55-inch LG TV is a specially designed NanoCell TV, all set to display 4K movies, video games, and sports. The technology provides life-like colors, true brightness, and best contrasts whether you are streaming the content in daylight or dark rooms. In other words, the new LED TV works best in dull lights too.

Arrives with a Fast Processor

Besides being the best in quality, LG also arrives with a fast processor to boost up your watching experience. Now enjoy watching a better, smooth, and clear screen with the advanced AI technology, all ready to upscale your content.

Enjoy the Sight & Sound through Dolby Vision

Who wouldn’t enjoy a cinematic view through their big screens? The new LG TV has a unique Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos feature to automatically adjust lighting conditions and enhance sound quality. Both these features together let you enjoy the flow.

Keep Going with Fast Gaming

Besides, it also is best for gaming purposes with many gaming features installed. The minimum input lag, variable refresh rate, quick response, and HDR technology are everything to enjoy video games, and LG has it all.

Pros & Cons


It is among the most affordable NanoCell TVs with the best sound and picture quality. People love playing video games with a fast refresh rate. Moreover, it has a marvelous setup for brightness and contrast.


The local dimming feature needs improvements.

Spectre 32-inch LED HDTV – Best TV for Dark Theater Room

Sceptre 32 inch tv for dark room


  • Brand: Spectre
  • Color: Machine Black
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Tuner Technology: QAM | ATSC
  • Mounting Type: Table Mount


Enjoy the LED TV in Light & Darks

The Spectre new 32-inch is an LED TV that functions to provide the best brightness and contrast. It has an array of rich colors to ensure the users are getting sharper images and a crisp-like display that pleases your eyes!

Get Entertained with the Smooth Flow

Spectre allows a unique feature to function called MEMC 120 (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation). You’d be glad to acquire it at an affordable price as it works to display different channels smoothly and without buffering.

Get the MHL Connectivity

Like any other connectivity technology, MHL is the one meaning Mobile High-Definition Link. It is an exceptionally great feature installed by Spectre that allows your smartphones and tablets to easily connect with the TV so you can play the desired content on a large screen.

Unclutter the Place with Spectre

The TV has minimum wire or cable connections to keep your place clear. It has HDMI connectivity that not only works best to display audio and videos, but also utilizes only one cable to connect TVs. This way, you can prevent the room from being messy.

Pros & Cons


It is a great value deal in terms of price. Besides, the picture quality is good. People like playing games on moderate-sized screens.


The sound could have been better.

Sony A80J 77-inch Ultra HD Smart Google TV – Best Budget TV for Dark Room

Sony A80J 77 Inch TV for dark room


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model Name: XR77A80J
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Viewing Angle: OLED Wide Angle


Get Access to OLED Contrast with XR

Sony has a well-known name in the market for providing quality products. It is a specially designed OLED screen, displaying a unique contrast technology to examine and enhance the picture quality even in dark rooms. You will end up enjoying a crisp & clear screen through improved brightness.

Enjoy Watching the TV through an Active XR Processor

The Sony A80J, in all of its screen sizes, is actively working through the intellectual processor XR. It quickly understands the nature of working TV and adjusts the speed accordingly. You will also enjoy watching your favorite content through vivid and natural colors – all thanks to this technology!

Sound System Through Acoustic Surface Audio+

Another beautiful feature is its top-class audio settings through Acoustic Surface Audio+. You no longer need to connect extra speakers or buffers when buying a new 77-inch XR77A80J. The pre-installed subwoofers are enough to produce clear dialogues.

A True Connection with Google TV

In just an amount of 1500 bucks, you can now enjoy watching the best of programs and movies on Sony TV. This Google TV is a platform for more than 700,000 movies, and thousands of live channels, alongside multiple apps.

Pros & Cons


The quick 120 Hz refresh rate is best for streaming programs and movies on the screen. Moreover, the 4K picture quality upscales the content. It is genuinely known to function in dark rooms.


The remote has a rough texture that is difficult to handle.

The connectivity is limited to HDMI only.

VIZIO P-Series 65-inch 4K QLED HDR Smart TV – Best TV for Dark Room Gaming

VIZIO 65-Inch tv for dark room


  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Model Name: P65Q9-J01
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Connectivity: HDMI | USB
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount


Enjoy the Stunning Brightness & Contrast

VIZIO P-series has a reputable name in providing the best TVs to work in bright and dim lights. This 65-inch P65Q9-J01 arrives with a full array of backlights to deliver a detailed screen through stunning brightness and contrast.

Get Entertained through Sharp Details

Now enjoy watching your favorite programs and most-liked movies on Vizio through its dazzling brilliance. It comes with enhanced highlights with brightness at up to 1200 nits. More precisely, the company ensures to deliver sharp details on the big screen.

A Good 4K Screen with Auto-Optimized Gaming

Above all, the new TV has an absolutely fantastic 4K picture quality with HDR technology to highlight the screen colors. Moreover, the high resolution connects to the gaming mode to optimize and provide the best gaming experience.

Get the Endless Entertainment through Alexa

Last but not least, get endless entertainment through this 55-inch Vizio TV that works with almost everything. You can watch your favorite content from channels or play movies on different apps on the TV. All thanks to Alexa compatibility for easily letting the users access several features and get a hold of them.

Pros & Cons


As far as the price and picture quality is concerned, VIZIO is wonderful. It has the best brightness, contrast, and color details to amuse users. Moreover, the setup process is easy and simple.


The connectivity is limited to HDMI & USB only.

LG OLED G1 Series – Best 55 Inch TV for Dark Room

LG OLED G1 Series for dark room


  • Brand: LG
  • Model Name: OLED55G1PUA
  • Special Feature: Flat
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth


A Considerable OLED Screen

Beauty with brains is what everyone prefers, and know that the LG OLED G1 series is like that. This 55-inch TV is a complete OLED system that works at its best even in darker rooms. Millions of sharp pixels and 4K quality resolution present the best OLED display on a sleek interface.

An Outclass a9 GEN 4 AI Processor

Most companies do not indulge their TVs in AI-based technology, but Sony did that! This affordable new TV processes through a9 GEN 4 features to meet your needs. The TV rapidly detects and solves any issues appearing on the big screen.

Get Entertained with OLED Gaming

Sony A80J is everything you need for gaming and playing videos. Right after you have installed this new device and started playing games, there is no going back. The quick response time i.e., 120 Hz is enough to provide a smooth and fast gaming experience.

It Arrives with a Magic Remote

Another interesting quality is the addition of the magic remote with the OLED G1 series. The magic tap lets you access shortcuts and takes you to different TV sections. Just pick up the lightweight remote and enjoy fast searching!

Pros & Cons


This remarkable TV arrives with an easy interface. The 4K picture quality with the best gaming services through a sleek interface is a big win! Moreover, the company is providing a 5-year panel warranty.


It is a bit expensive for most users.

Samsung Class AU8000 Series 43-inch – Best Samsung TV for Dark Room

SAMSUNG 43-Inch tv for dark room


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model Name: LED UHD 8 Series
  • Color: Dynamic Crystal Color
  • Gaming: 4K @ 120
  • Mounting Type: Mini Wall Mount | VESA Wall Mount


Enjoy a Smooth Experience with 4K Quality

The exclusive company, Samsung, is a favorite of everyone! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy watching their preferred content on a big screen under 4K quality? Samsung made it possible to boost your watching experience by enhancing the resolution.

Best for Dark Rooms

The Dynamic Color Crystal technology, along with brightness & contrasts added, displays the most pleasing shades on the screen. You will feel yourself in a new world of entertainment with the AU8000 series as it displays at its best even in the dark.

Get Entertained on a Large, Slim Screen

Another attractive quality letting the users immediately buy this cost-effective TV is the ultra-slim profile. You can easily install the new device and mount it on your home wall, and enjoy minimalism. You can glance at any TV side, and it will mesmerize you!

Clear the Cutter with Samsung

The interface is designed such that no extra cables are hanging out of the TV. You can keep your environment clear with the new Samsung TV. It lets you keep your connected cables concealed for a tidy look.

Pros & Cons


It is a fantastic TV for the price and quality! People also love playing games at a 120 Hz refresh rate on it. All in all, it’s an incredible TV in amazing colors.


The remote is compatible with other Samsung TVs, so it’s annoying to use different Samsung TVs in a single room.


Many people puzzle themselves while purchasing a new TV, and most of the time, end up getting the wrong one. It could be due to a lack of information, insufficient research, or a shortage of money.

It is why we prioritize providing the right and unbiased information relating to TVs. We have delivered our duty and presented the top-ranked TVs best for dark rooms. Now, it’s your turn to learn and understand your requirements, and getting a new screen, is worth the mo

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