Being a business owner or a chief manager in any company, what are your thoughts on bringing teamwork and creativity together at a place? We think the best way is to design a majestic conference room for all your business-related dealings, no? The next question arises, what should be placed in the room to make it look more professional with complete convenience? After extensive research on different items, we came up with an idea to fit the top-notch smart TV in the room, helping you impress your clients with a perfect olio of quality and crisp!

The big-screen TV not only makes the presentation look attractive and interactive but adds brilliance to the company. In these days of high competition, it’s pretty challenging to purchase a suitable device that can process smoothly. So, we gathered a list of the top best smart TVs, and below are the detailed reviews with their possible pros & cons for your ease. So, let’s get started!

Our Top 3 Pick

TCL 65

  • Smart functionality offers access to thousands of streaming channels featuring 
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast color
  • Product Size (WxHxD) with Stand: 56.9″ x 35.2″ x 11.4″, 44.0 lbs. Product Size (WxHxD) without stand: 56.9″ x 33.1″ x 3.1″, 43.6 lbs
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC)
  • Auto game mode automatically enhances performance by offering the smoothest action
  • Easy Voice Control
Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA Flat 65-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV

  • Product Dimensions
  • 4K UHD Processor
  • Enhanced Detail with HDR
  • Purcolor Reveals Spectrums of Color
  • Smart TV Features
  • Sleek, Slim Design
SAMSUNG UN65RU7300FXZA Curved 65-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model)

  • power source type
  • connectivity technology:
  • included components

List of the Best TVs for Office Conference Room are as under.

  • Samsung UN65RU7300FXZA TV
  • Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch TV
  • Samsung RU8000 TV
  • LG 65SM8600PUA Series 8 TV
  • Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA TV
  • TCL 43S525 Series TV

Best TV for Office Conference Room Comparison Table 2023

1. Samsung UN65RU7300FXZA – Best For Office Meetings

SAMSUNG UN65RU7300FXZA Curved 65-Inch for office room
Brand NameSamsung
Screen Size65 inches
Resolution & Upscaling4K UHD & Upscaling
Display TechnologyLED
ColorCharcoal Black
Connectivity TypeWireless, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI

Who is not aware of the well-known brand Samsung? This company has always proved to be the best in its multiple electronic gadgets, smart devices, and similar technologies. The absolutely stunning RU7300 series 7 smart Samsung TV is one such marvelous invention that matches an office’s needs. It appears with an elegantly curved 65 inches screen that displays a game-changing 4K picture clarity. Moreover, the quick guide added to the screen helps the new users easily install the device even if he’s a non-tech person.

Getting your hands on this Ultra HD TV means you’re taking your business meetings to another new level of excitement and achievement. The robust UHD 4K processor is specially designed to smoothly optimize your video content and upscale every detail of the presentation that you have added.

Another great feature is its HDR capability to let the viewers unveil the beautiful screen shades with improved transparency. Besides, experts designing the smart gadget made sure the customers enjoy millions of shades whenever they’re watching the desired content on-screen. The TV comes with an a-one remote, also compatible with your smart devices, speakers, Google Assistant, and Alexa for easy usage. This one would be an ideal choice if you want to stream your meetings online through a digital platform, as it has a 120 Motion Rate for smooth and seamless processing.

  • Sleek curved screen
  • 120 motion rate
  • Fast processing
  • Enhanced 4K quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy installation
  • Limited refresh rate

2. Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch – Overall Best Rated by Professionals

Sony XBR75X900F 75-Inch TV for Office Room
Brand NameSamsung
Model NameXBR-65X900F
Screen Size65 inches
Resolution Type4K
Display TechnologyLED
Refresh Rate120 Hz

Among many smart TVs that the company, Sony, displayed, this X900F falls in the top category. The XBR-65X900F is an android TV with loads of advanced features to perfectly fit a conference room. Although being a bit expensive, customers kept on purchasing this model right when it was launched.

If we generally observe different features installed, it has the modern 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, improved picture clarity with X-Motion, triluminos feature, and what not! It’s pretty important to look for TVs running smoothly, without any lagging issues, especially when you’re purchasing them for official use. Therefore, the brand considered all necessities before presenting this model in 2018 and came up with a beautifully designed 65 inches screen. It has an extreme X1 processor installed that responsibly demonstrates the best colors with transparency.

Moreover, the Dolby vision is combined with the top-notch HDR feature to stream the video content in millions of tones. Thanks to the Android operating system, as this smart TV comes equipped with this exceptional technology, so not only this device is used for meetings, but users can also watch Amazon Video, Vudu, Netflix, or other apps of their choice. Besides, it has good compatibility with the 20W stereo speakers to present a fantastic sound, but this feature should have been improved. Overall, if you have a healthy budget to buy a masterpiece, this smart Sony LED TV is a good option.

  • Beautiful, bright panel
  • Eye-appealing design
  • Enhanced color performance
  • Triluminos display
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Pretty expensive

3. Samsung RU8000 65-Inch- 4K TV For Conference Rooms

SAMSUNG Flat 65-Inch TV for Office room
Brand NameSamsung
Model NumberRU8000
Screen Size65 inches
Resolution Type4K
Display TechnologyLED
Refresh Rate120 Hz

RU8000 is another wondrous invention by Samsung that has been on the threshold of purchase by most customers. If you were looking for a decent 4K TV that brings beauty to your conference room along with providing a good picture quality and best performance ratio, this device is meant for you!

The company placed the best features in this 65 inches smart screen so the users can enjoy a comparatively brighter screen than others with moderate reflection handling. Although the TV is particularly set to entertain in the darker rooms, it has a good blend of blacks for everyone to enjoy a native contrast ratio. Moreover, it has an unusual High Dynamic Range to deliver improved content in vibrant colors.

Unfortunately, the company lacks at presenting the local dimming, so if you’re purchasing the TV for your office meetings, remember it will not display advanced black levels! Another drawback seen till now is the narrow viewing angle, which will make it difficult for the staff members to stay focused on the screen in a meeting of several hours.

 However, on the upside, Samsung pre-installed an impressive response time for quick content streaming that also reduces blurry vision issues. Furthermore, this TV comes equipped with a FreeSync VRR feature to eliminate screen tearing, further improving its worth.

  • Excellent response time
  • Sleek interface
  • Best contrast ratio
  • Improved picture quality
  • Minimum input lag
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Lacks local dimming

4. LG 65SM8600PUA Series 8- Most Economical Option for Small Business

LG 65SM8600PUA Alexa TV for office room
Brand NameLG
Model Name65SM8600PUA
Screen Size65 inches
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, HDMI

If you were looking for the best smart TV under $2000 that can flawlessly match your office conference room, this 65SM8600PUA is a great deal! It comes implemented with exceptional nano cell technology to make your viewing experience even brighter than before.

Similar to other Alexa-compatible devices like Samsung, this one also has the best voice recognition feature so the user can hear a quality sound from anywhere in the room. Furthermore, its unique WISA speaker compatibility helps customers engage in high-fidelity wireless audio without any glitches, thus, standing elite for conference rooms.

Besides, the a7 Generation 2 smart processor in the LG TV is another great property to bring images, colors, and action to a single lifelike point. LG stands among the first companies to introduce premium ThinQ AI technology to process the Google Assistant and Alexa features. T

his smart TV is our top pick for employers wanting to add a device to their meeting halls due to the spectacular AirPlay 2 option. With this great technology, one can effortlessly display any presentation or relatable content from his laptop or Apple iPhone on the TV. Seeing all these characteristics in a single TV, you’ll definitely be impressed to buy the device at once.

  • Excellent minimum input lag
  • Broad viewing angle
  • Nano color technology installed
  • Large display screen
  • Easily mounted on walls
  • HDR needs improvements

5. Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA – Best Quality for Game Lovers

Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA Flat 65-Inch
Brand NameSamsung
Model NameRU7100
Screen Size65 inches
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Resolution & Upscaling4K UHD & Upscaling

Another astonishing model by Samsung is this RU7100 65 inches smart TV with overall conventional picture quality and better performance ratio. A big thanks to the local contrast ratio introduced by the company, allowing the users to enjoy deep blacks and good lighting display even in the duskiness. However, unfortunately, the designers failed at adding the local dimming technology.

 In addition to the attractive interface, this seventh-generation television appears with an enhanced gray uniformity and multiple color ranges. If you want to impress your clients with different shades of brightness and beautiful colors while presenting your contract, Samsung would be the absolute choice.

Besides being the best for conference rooms, this smart TV also satisfies game lovers wanting an extremely low input lag and quick response. A visible con seen with this TV is its limited or poor viewing angle which makes the user sit in front of the TV to watch the displayed content. Only this feature gets irritating sometimes, otherwise, the entire TV features in this price range are perfect to acquire!

  • Performs well
  • Little input lag
  • Standard backlighting
  • Good response time
  • Improved color depth
  • Lacks VRR
  • Average connectivity

6. TCL 43S525 Series- Most Durable For Office Use

TCL 65 inch TV for office room
Brand NameTCL
Model Name43S525
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Supported Internet ServiceRoku TV
Mounting TypeTable Mount

If you have just started your business and want the best-featured TV on an affordable budget for your office conference room, we suggest you buy TCL .43S525. This fifth-generation smart Roku TV is a classic combination of improved 4K quality, active response time, excellent input lag, and a wide color gamut.

Out of all the fabulous properties, what makes this TV super attractive is its amazing black uniformity mixed with a glorious contrast ratio to perform well in the dark. Moreover, the company installed subtle HDR content on the screen, so it gets easy for users to view the video content whether they are focusing on the presentation or playing a game.

In addition, the model comes adorned with comfortable voice control by being compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Roku Search. In this time of modern technology, it isn’t difficult for users to engage in their smart TVs due to the mobile compatibility, and so is the case with this TCL S525 smart television. If you’re low on budget, this device would ideally fit your requirements, falling under dollar 500.

  • Uniformity in blacks
  • Excellent low input lag
  • Vibrant color display
  • Convenient voice control
  • Extended refresh rate
  • Limited viewing angle

7. LG 55NANO85UNA- Most Economical Durable TV

LG 49NANO85UNA TV for Office Conference Room
Brand NameLG
Model NameNANO85UNA
Screen Size55 inches
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Processora7 Gen3 Processor 4K
Mounting TypeWall Mount

It is the second-best smart TV by LG that we are stating in this review article today. As we already discussed the company, worked hard to display its one after the other exclusive smart devices where one such is the NANO85UNA with advanced nano cell technology.

This 55 inches smart gadget is a decent 4K LED TV with overall excellent video performance. What makes this model super attractive is its out-of-box color accuracy, presenting bright colors even in the dark. If you wish to buy a large TV screen under an affordable $1000 budget for your office, we recommend this device. It is a fantastic option to be used as a PC monitor or a screen for presentations.

The advanced low input lag, along with fast response time, and wide viewing angle, makes it convenient for viewers to stay focused on the attractive screen. Moreover, all the experts designing the TV ensured to eliminate any burn-in risks so the display will never go static, and you can continue watching your favorite shows even if you’ve mounted it in your home. Its a7 Gen3 processor, Dolby Vision, Fluid Motion Handling, Local Dimming, and all other modern features convince a user to purchase it without a second thought.

  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Best reflection handling
  • Outclass performance
  • Falls in affordability
  • Lacks the local dimming feature
  • HDR demands improvements

Our Personal Recommendation

If you are looking for a TV for a big conference room, then you can consider Sony X800H 85 Inch Tv. This is considered as all-in-one TV for your meetings and gaming as well. It is best for dark room and works well in a bright room.

The glare free binge watch technology makes it best as it omits the reflection of different things that can blur out the display. It is considered as the best computer monitor as the screen is big and wide and the resolution is perfect as well. So even a little detail can se been seen without any problem. The different viewing angles makes it easier for everyone to watch TV in a big conference room. Finally AI support is also an additional factor which makes it a best match for you.

What to Look for Before Buying a Smart TV for Office Conference Room?

Anyone willing to buy a new TV for his conference room should first have a proper direction of what he’s about to purchase. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to pick up any smart TV without even thinking about its prominent features and regret later. Below are a few necessities that everyone should consider before searching for the best TV for their office areas.

Conference Room Size

Your TV screen should always compliment the size of your conference room. If you own a huge space, having a spacious meeting room in it, make sure to purchase a bigger screen for it, probably 65 inches. It will help you attract your potential dealers who might get amazed by your sense of design. Besides, it gets convenient for every employee to focus on what’s being presented. Generally, different companies offer several screen ranges, starting from 43 inches and extending to 65 inches display.

Resolution & Visibility

The next most important factor to consider is screen resolution. It’s a misconception that every large-sized smart TV will have a high resolution. So, before you buy any product, make sure that it fulfills the 4K picture quality or 1080p resolution to get an augmented viewing experience.

Number of Ports & Its Connectivity

You would want to get multiple connectivity options when you’re already paying a handsome amount to purchase a smart TV, right? So, it’s equally essential to look for a device that has several connectivity ports. Even if the TV you’re purchasing displays the wireless connectivity option, you should still choose the one with additional HDMI ports, USB ports, and Ethernet cable option.

Quality Speakers & Enhanced Sound

A reliable smart TV is the one that reveals the best sound quality through excellent speakers. As you are about to purchase a device for your office conference room, finding the one with quality speakers and enhanced sound is crucial. Make sure the sound is audible and doesn’t harm the people sitting in your area and listening to your presentation.


There could be multiple other options for you to attract and engage the clients in a conference room, but installing an eye-appealing and excellent smart TV would prove to be the best idea! It’s an era of a digital world where everything is connected via smartphones and the Internet, so why not pick the best out of the above TVs and utilize it to finalize business deals?

An excellent, smart TV would not only help you create a healthy working environment but will also add to the beauty of your conference room. All the above-mentioned smart devices are properly endowed with the latest technologies and fast-acting features so you can purchase anyone at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of TV do I need for a conference room?

Check on different factors to finalize what kind of TV would suit your conference room. Overall, it’s the size and dimensions of your conference hall, so make sure to check the farthest distance from a viewer.

If it’s 15 to 16 feet away, the ideal TV for a conference room should be a 65 inches screen. Several brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc., offer the best TVs with variable screen sizes.

Which TV is best for video conferencing?

Video conferencing is getting trendy these days. That’s why the need to acquire the best TV is crucial. We suggest you look for the best quality image and outclass performance while buying a TV for video conferencing. Some of the good options are Samsung, LG, and Sony TV.

How high should a TV be mounted in a conference room?

A good way to check the suitable height is that mount your new TV at least 1/3rd the distance from the TV screen to the last corner of your room. If you observe a distance of 12 feet from the corner, the best height to mount a TV would be 4 feet.

How do I make my conference room look professional?

You can make several changes to your conference room/hall to make it look more professional. Some of the ideas include:

• Go for equipment that is easy to install and operate
• Do not place extra stuff in the room
• Try to find out an Internet connection that provides 24/7 stability
• Opt for wireless presentations & much more!

How can I use a TV for video conferencing?

If you’re using a TV having Internet access, connect your TV and mobile phone with the same network. Now all you’ve to do is choose a video call app, for example, Zoom or Skype, and install it. Once done, you can easily access the video screen, so use your TV for conferencing now!

Can you Zoom on your TV?

Covid-19 has shown us the worth of using the Zoom application that manages to hold and display meetings professionally. Yes, you can use this app on your TV, personal monitors, laptops, or even projectors.

Is there a Zoom app for smart TV?

There is no Zoom app currently available for smart TVs. So, the only method of accessing Zoom on big screens is to either connect an HDMI cable to the TV or choose screen mirroring technology.

Can you use WebEx on a smart TV?

Again, it depends on your TV if it supports an android version or not. The WebEx app is primarily compatible with blackberry, android, and Apple devices. Soon as you bring a smart TV into your home, you can definitely use WebEx on it.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

Check your room space and see if the TV can fit in the range or not! The most obvious benefit of wall mounting a TV is that it’ll save the area, making it more spacious. Go for choosing this mounting option if your conference room is small.

How high should a 65-inch TV be mounted?

Obviously, every user would want to enjoy the best eye-level scenes from its TV, and for this purpose, it’s necessary to measure your TV’s screen size. Set your 65-inch TV at least 25 inches from above the base floor to experience a good display. Make sure to measure your TV’s screen from corner to corner.

What is the conference room display?

A conference room display is basically any device (most probably a large smart TV) that you can set up in your meeting room to perform your everyday digital meetings. Nowadays, companies mostly use Apple TV for their conference room display, understanding its compatibility and convenience. All you have to do is provide it with a stable Internet connection.

How do you make meeting rooms more inviting?

Different ways can be extracted to make a meeting room more inviting, such as:

• Place eye-appealing pieces of furniture
• Choose customized wall arts
• Make the room interactive through different labels and informative signs
• Always organize your office clutter
• Adjust amicable lightings, etc.

How big should a conference room be?

A conference room shouldn’t be too large or too small to bother people sitting inside. If you haven’t decided on a conference room yet in your office, pick the medium-sized one, adjusting a moderate number of people (roundabout 20). Normally, such a room size would be of 10 x 25 square feet dimensions.

What is another name for a conference room?

A conference room is primarily a meeting room, mostly in offices. So, it can have numerous other names, such as lounge, meeting hall, discussion room, guide hall, boardroom, etc.

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