Can Smart TV Download Apps

Smart TV is the talk of smart towns. For the last few years. It is an excellent innovation for those who are entertainment sucker. Smart TV is like your all-other regular TVs, except you can connect it to the internet. It offers several options to connect your TV with the internet, including an Ethernet cable and wireless. The Smart TV provides a captivating watching experience on different display sizes.

Can Smart TV download Apps?

Of course, it can!. Smart TV can download any app you want to use on your TV. Be it from the online streaming content apps, gaming apps, apps for office work, etc. Besides, it can provide easy searching for free and ready-to-purchase apps. The interface is almost similar to the phones/tabs interface.

Likewise, Brands have their specific Operating Systems like Android TV, Tizen ( It is only available in Samsung Smart TVs), Roku TV Platform, WebOS (LG TV), and several built-in streaming apps interface for easy access. As soon you open your Smart TV supporting the following OS, you will find Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and many other apps on the home screen. You can keep those apps and customize your home screen according to your mood or delete unnecessary ones. However, if you want to download any other app, you can go to the Play Store, sign in with your respective account, search your app and install it.

Moreover, you can sign in with the same account you are using on your other smart devices. It will save you from purchasing different apps that you might have bought on your phone. Whereas if you plan to purchase more apps, then you can add your credentials.

Download Apps on Different Smart TVs

Yet, the downloading process may vary from brand to brand. Samsung TV that supports Tizen operating system requires a simple procedure. It would ask you to go to the menu bar, here you’ll find Apps icons, it will take you to My Apps screen, here you get to see different categories of apps and a browsing option, add the name of an app you are willing to download. When you are done browsing and select the app, you need to click on the install button following the add-to-home option.

Similarly, the Android TV interface wouldn’t give you a hard time downloading your favorite app. I assume you are familiar with Google Play Store and browse different apps using the get more apps button. After selecting the desired app, go to the install button and launch directly from the home screen.

Another most popular operating system is Roku. Brands that support Roku are Hisense, TCL, Insignia, Philips, and Hitachi. You can open the Home screen using the remote. When you see the home screen, you want to select the channel store’s streaming channel button, choose your favorite category, and then add a channel following the channel option you get. When you add a channel, it will automatically start installing and ready to stream.

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