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  • How to Get Apple TV App On Samsung TV

    How to Get Apple TV App On Samsung TV

    Apple TV app is a streaming service that the brand launched in 2019, and the best thing about this streaming service is that it is not just compatible with the Apple televisions. Still, you can also use it with other devices such as Smart TV, Firestick, Roku TVs, and more.  Apple TV application is also […]

  • Is Vizio Tv Good

    Is Vizio Tv Good

    Vizio is a good brand that makes all sizes of television. They are using the latest technologies and introducing many models catering to different needs and requirements of buyers. The prices are reasonable and competitive in the market. We have listed down the most important features that Vizio tv offers in common. Vizio Smart Features Like other […]

  • How to Connect iPad to TV

    How to Connect iPad to TV

    We all love to enjoy videos on our iPads, as it has a perfectly sized display to watch photos and videos. But how about watching those movies, videos, and photos on an even bigger screen? Yes, we are talking about the TV. Everything looks better on a bigger screen, as the screen size of modern-day […]

  • How To Connect Phone to TV Using Bluetooth

    How To Connect Phone to TV Using Bluetooth

    Smart TVs are making our lives smarter with all the exciting built-in features. Now, streaming our favorite TV shows and documentaries are not limited to our mobile screens; smart TVs enable us to connect our digital devices and watch our favorite content having an excellent viewing experience. Who does not want to watch movies and […]

  • How to Connect Phone to TV without WiFi

    How to Connect Phone to TV without WiFi

    Having an Internet connection on your smart TV becomes necessary because no one wants to stream movies and TV shows on their mini mobile screens. Almost all the modern Smart TV comes with a reliable Internet connection, whether wired or wireless, and pairing the phone to TV is no more a dream. How to connect […]

  • How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV without HDMI

    How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV without HDMI

    Longing for a relaxing large screen gaming time in your TV lounge? Have you got a Nintendo Switch? Have you got your grandma’s remnant TV without HDMI? Don’t know how to connect your best-liked two-on-one Nintendo switch to your TV without HDMI? If Yes for all! That’s appropriate!  Don’t sweat it! For the moment,  we […]

  • Android TV vs WebOS

    Android TV vs WebOS

    When it comes to smart TVs, there are many prominent choices in the market. Among the most popular ones, Android TV and WebOS are trending these days. While both the operating systems are unique in their own way and even share many functions with each other, there are certain differences that need to be observed. […]

  • How to Measure a TV Screen

    How to Measure a TV Screen

    If you’re about to buy a new TV, but don’t know how much space you should consider to set up your new TV. Without knowing the actual screen size, it would not be possible for you to fit your screen. That’s why little knowledge on this plot will give you the direction so you can […]

  • Can You Use Windex on Tv

    Can You Use Windex on Tv

    After some time on your TV, there collects gems, dust, marks that do not give a pleasant look. You will want to clean up all those stains. Do you only have Windex to use as a cleaner? Here is how to do this. Well, Cleaners like Windex seem to work more efficiently than any other […]

  • Plex on Samsung Smart TV

    Plex on Samsung Smart TV

    Smart TVs have allowed us to stream our favorite shows on a large screen. Plenty of streaming devices are available in the market, such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku streaming device, and more, but you will have to spend more money to buy those streaming devices.  Who doesn’t want to have free access to their […]