Connect Non Smart TV to WIFI

Gone are the days when we used to watch regular TV channels on TV. Now, Netflix and Youtube are the talks of the town.

Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu TV, and similar streaming networks provide access to your favorite content faster, and cheaper.

Here is the kicker:

If you are stuck with an old generation non-smart TV, you might not be able to connect to the WIFI directly.

The good news is:

There are still a number of ways to connect your non-smart TV to the WIFI by using a few little tweaks, that we will show you in this blog post.

Enough talking, let’s check out how to connect your old TV to the internet easily.

Different Ways to Connect Your Non-Smart TV to WIFI

Although there are a bunch of different methods that you can use to connect your non-smart TV to the WIFI, here we will be discussing the top three methods that you can use to browse the internet through your non-smart TV.

  • Using a Streaming Device
  • Using Your Laptop
  • Using Blu-ray Player

Using a Streaming Device

A streaming device is a tiny device that lets you connect to different streaming networks by using the built-in WIFI connection.

In addition, it also allows you to have different streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube on your TV.

You can easily connect the streaming stick to your non-smart TV by following these simple steps.

  • Firstly, you need to determine your usage, and then you can choose a streaming device that works best for your needs (we have mentioned all the popular streaming devices, right below).
  • After you have got your streaming device, plug in it into one of the HDMI ports of your TV.
  • Some streaming devices will also require power from a socket directly.
  • Now, tune your input to the HDMI.
  • You will see a setup notification now. Connect to your WIFI network (some streaming devices also support ethernet connectivity).
  • Congrats! You are connected to the internet through the WIFI on your non-smart TV.

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Different Streaming Devices

There are a number of different streaming devices available in the market. We will briefly describe the top products you can get.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku is perhaps the best of all the streaming devices you can get for your TV. It has access to over 3000 streaming channels that allows you to stream your favorite content.

Besides, the Roku streaming stick is super easy to set up and offers a very user-friendly interface.

Amazon Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is Amazon’s answer to all the other streaming devices. It comes with a host of useful applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, etc.

In addition, it also has massive Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional content. So, you never get bored.

Also, the WIFI connectivity on this device is top-standard, which allows you to stream movies, and shows at the fastest possible speeds.

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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is another amazing quality streaming device that you can use to connect your non-smart TV to the WIFI.

It also comes with the integration of Netflix, Youtube, etc. Also, there is the Google Play Store, which you can use to install different Android Apps.

Using Your Laptop

You can also use your laptop to get connected to the WIFI on your non-smart TV. If you have a laptop with built-in WIFI, you can connect it to the internet and enjoy the live streaming on the big screen.

  • Firstly, you need to turn off both the devices.
  • Now, you have to plug in an HDMI cable on both of your devices.
  • After you have connected your laptop with the TV, tune to the HDMI input.
  • Now, you have successfully connected your laptop with the TV and it is browsing the internet.

By Using Blu-Ray Player or Gaming Console

The good news is if you have a Blu-ray or gaming console with WIFI connectivity. You can use it to connect to the WIFI.

Here is the super-simple method, that you can follow to connect blu ray or gaming console to your TV.

  • Firstly, you will need to connect your Blu-ray player or gaming console to the TV using the HDMI cable.
  • Tune the TV to the HDMI input option.
  • Now, you can browse the internet using the Blu-ray remote, or the gaming console.

Although you can browse the internet using the Blu-ray player, still it does not offer you a versatile experience like a dedicated streaming stick or an android TV box.


Smart TV is the new norm, and most of us already have smart TVs with built-in WIFI connectivity.

Still, if you don’t have built-in WIFI connectivity on your smart TV, you can connect to the WIFI by the usage of different after-market devices.

In this blog post, we have deeply covered how you can connect your non-smart TV to the WIFI by using different devices.

If you are still confused, you can ask us in the comments section below. So, we can help you out in troubleshooting.

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