Anime has gained a lot of popularity these days. There are plenty of streaming services where you can watch Anime but not every streaming service is affordable or available everywhere. Crunchyroll is a streaming service that is a life savior for anime lovers. 

On Crunchyroll, you can watch Anime at reasonable prices. This streaming service is compatible with IOS, Android televisions, Xbox Roku televisions, PlayStations, Apple TV, and more. 

If you have an LG smart TV and want to install Crunchyroll on it, this article will share the steps you can follow. 

How to Get Crunchyroll on LG Smart TV? 

Crunchyroll is compatible with so many devices; there are still certain smart TVs that do not support this streaming service, and LG smart TV is one of them.

 Even though you cannot directly install or get this streaming service on your smart TV, there are alternatives that you can try. 

Casting Method From Smartphone

The casting method is one of the most popular and convenient ways through which you can watch Anime, Manga, and Crunchyroll original web series on your LG smart TV. 

In this casting method, we will be using smartphones, and you must make sure that both your LG smart TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Get Crunchyroll on Your Smartphone 

Since the casting will have happened from the smartphone, it must contain the streaming app. So, in the first step, all you have to do is go to your App Store or Play Store, depending on your smartphone, whether it is iOS App Store or Android Play Store

Search Crunchyroll on the search tab and then click on download or install. After a few seconds, this app will be downloaded to your smartphone automatically. When you have downloaded the application, open it and log in with credentials. 

Step 2: Select the Show 

When you have completed the setup of the Crunchyroll in your smartphone, you have to select the Anime show Manga or any other web series that you want to watch and cast on your LG smart TV. 

Step 3: Cast the Crunchyroll 

When you have selected the Anime show, you will see a cast icon on the interface. Tap on the icon, after which you will see the list of devices to which you can cast the content of your smartphone. You have to make sure that your LG smart TV is connected to Wi-Fi and the casting option is enabled in it. 

Step 4: Select Your Smart TV 

In the last step, you have to select the name of your LG smart TV on your smartphone, after which the Crunchyroll will be cast on your LG smart TV. For the casting method, you can also use Chromecast. 

Can You Get Crunchyroll in an Old Version of LG Smart TV? 

The casting option is not compatible with an older version of LG smart TV, but you can indeed use FireStick, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox, PlayStation to get Crunchyroll on your LG smart TV. 

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Wrapping it Up 

Crunchyroll is an effective streaming service that you can use with plenty of smart TVs even if the application is incompatible. 

Like we showed you how you could get Crunchyroll on LG smart TV whether the watch is new or old, you can get the application on other smart TVs. We hope this article was informative and helpful for you.

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