With the advancement in technology, TVs are getting Smart, just like smartphones.

As smart TVs are getting more and more popular, a lot of people are shifting towards Smart TVs.

But most of us really don’t know whether we have a smart TV or a non-smart TV.

Therefore, in this guide, we will show you how to differentiate between a smart TV and a non-smart TV.

Difference between Smart TV Vs Normal TV

Browsing the Internet

One of the main differences between a smart TV and a normal TV is that you can browse the internet on your smart TV.

Nonsmart TVs do not offer this functionality.

In fact, most smart TVs come with multiple browsers and often come with the flexibility to load more from the store.

Hence, you can browse the internet, scroll your social media feeds, and enjoy videos using your internet browser, right on the big screen.

Installing Additional Applications

Normal TVs merely have any application, let alone the flexibility of installing new applications from the app store.

On the other hand, smart TVs are loaded with a whole range of applications ranging from Netflix to games.

Moreover, you can also use the application store to install new apps, widgets, and games.

There are millions of apps available on the Android Play Store that you can install, and enhance your productivity.

Mirroring Your Mobile Devices

Another cool thing about smart TVs is the flexibility to mirror your mobile, and laptop devices directly to the big screen.

You can replicate your whole screen to your Smart TV. And with the invention of technologies like the Miracast, and the Apple Airplay 2, casting your screen is easy like 123.

All you have to do is to connect your mobile device and your smart TV to the same network and press a single button.

You simply cannot mirror your laptop or mobile screen on the smart TV without using a third-party device like the ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, or Google Chromecast.

Accessing Content Streaming Services

On the normal traditional TVs, you are bound to watch content on your cable TV, or you have to buy content for your Blu-ray player.

Technology is evolving, and now on smart TVs, you can stream content using content streaming apps like Netflix, ROKU, and Amazon Prime.

You simply have to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy unlimited content on Netflix and other similar apps.

Also, you can stream free content from Youtube, as most of the smart TVs come with Youtube built-in.

If your smart TV does not have a built-in Youtube application, you can always download it from the application store, or browse Youtube directly through the browser.

To enjoy streaming services on your non-smart TV, you have to purchase a streaming stick separately, that does not offer a native streaming experience.

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Voice Assistants

Last not least, smart TVs come with the integration of Voice Assistants like Alexa, which allow you to control the TV without even using your hands.

You can ask Alexa to play your favorite season, bring in your favorite tunes, or show your car a posh view on the big screen.

There is an infinite number of things that you can do with voice assistants.

Non-smart TVs lack this functionality. There are no voice assistants. You have to control everything manually in the same old-school way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can we Connect our Non-Smart TV to WIFI?

The short answer is “NO”. You cannot connect your non-smart TV to WIFI normally. However, you can use devices like Chromecast, ROKU, etc to connect to the internet.

  • Are Smart TVs Worth it?

Absolutely Yes! Smart TVs offer a bunch of premium features that make it worth every penny that you spend extra on a smart TV.

  • What’s the Main Difference Between a Smart and Non-Smart TV?

The main difference between a smart TV and a non-smart TV is its internet connectivity. A smart TV allows you to connect to the internet, has dedicated apps for streaming content from networks like Netflix and Youtube. These features are not available on non-smart TVs.

  • Can We Use Netflix and Youtube on Normal TV?

Well, by default Netflix and Youtube are not present on normal TVs. However, you can use third-party devices like the ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, etc to stream Netflix as well as Youtube content.


A lot of people get confused while choosing a new TV whether they should get a smart TV or a non-smart TV.

This detailed guide has put together all the differences between a smart TV and a non-smart TV.

So, you can buy the perfect TV for your needs.

If you still have any questions, ask us in the comments section below.

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