Who doesn’t want to stream their favorite content on television? Dramafever is an online service application where you can watch unlimited movies and shows, but it would be such a bummer to know that you cannot stream this application on your television.

The reason can be plenty, we will not go into that, but in this article, we will be telling you how you can watch or get drama fever application on your Samsung Smart TV. Unfortunately, this application is not available for Samsung Smart TV, but there are ways that you can try.

Ways to Get Dramafever App on Samsung Smart TV

As mentioned above, you cannot get a DramaFever app on Samsung Smart TV because there is no direct software process available for this brand. But there are alternatives and external devices that charge Chromecast, Airplay, and other streaming devices to get the app on the TV. 

The DramaFever app can be downloaded on your Android and iOS mobile phone, so we will be using your mobile phone as a link between the application and the Samsung Smart TV. 

Below, we will show you the most popular ways to get drama fever applications on your Samsung Smart TV. The first one is a Google Chromecast, and the second one is Apple airplay.

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Use Chromecast to Get Dramafever App on Samsung Smart TV

Step 1: The first step you will have to follow is downloading the drama fever app on your Android or iOS mobile phone. 

Step 2: In the next step, you connect the Chromecast device with your Samsung television with the help of a USB cable. You can even use the wireless option. 

Step 3: When you have connected your Chromecast with your Samsung Smart TV, make sure that your mobile phone, Chromecast in Samsung Smart TV, is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Step 4: Now, open the screencasting option on your Android or iPhone and select your Chromecast name. When the Chromecast name appears on the screen, select it, and your mobile phone is connected to your Chromecast. 

Step 5: Now open the drama fever App, launch whatever movie or show you want to watch, and your content will appear on the screen. 

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Use Airplay to Get Dramafever App on Samsung Smart TV

Airplay is the second option that you can try, but for that, your Samsung Smart TV must have an Airplay feature built-in. 

Step 1: The first step is very similar to the Chromecast one in which you have to download the DramaFever app on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. 

Step 2: Launch the Airplay feature on your Samsung Smart TV and make sure that your television is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile phone or any other device that you are using. 

Step 3: Now, on your mobile phone, go to the control center and select the screen mirroring option. Select the name of your Samsung Smart TV. 

Step 4: When you select the name of a Samsung Smart TV, a link will be created between your iPhone and television via Airplay. So, now you can watch all the content of DramaFever on a Samsung Smart TV. 

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Wrap Up 

So these are the two significant ways to try to get drama fever applications on a Samsung Smart TV. Still, if you are not willing to invest money in expensive devices such as Chromecast and Airplay, you can try other streaming services such as Fire TV stick, Amazon Box TV, and more. 

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