Samsung Smart TV allows you to download external apps and stream their content, and a lot of people have complained that they have downloaded HBO max on their Samsung Smart TV, but unfortunately, it’s not working, and they have no idea how to fix it. 

This article is here to deal with that problem and tell you some of the possible solutions that you can try and fix if HBO Max is not working on your Samsung Smart TV. All the solution is that you will mention our highly straightforward, so all you have to do is spare 2-3 minutes and fix a problem. 

Solutions to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Samsung Smart TV Issue 

Solution 1: Power Through Your Samsung Smart TV

The first most basic solution that we will tell you is to power through your Samsung Smart TV. Many applications sometimes don’t work because of inevitable glitches in your device, which can also happen on mobile phones and laptops. So, the first thing that you should be doing is to power cycle your device. 

To power through your device, all you have to do is switch off your Samsung Smart TV and remove all the cables attached, whether it is to the main outlet or the router. You have to remove all the wires and then wait for a minute or two before plugging them back in. After you have waited for a while, plug all the lines, switch on the Internet, and relaunch HBO Max. 

Solution 2: Hard Reboot 

Sometimes this power cycling does not work, but you don’t have to get disappointed because there are plenty of other solutions that you can try, and another one that we are going to discuss is the hard reboot that you will do on your Samsung Smart TV. 

In the hard reboot, also known as cold boot, you have to unplug the cable of the Samsung Smart TV from the main outlet for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. You can also use your remote control for this process, and on that, you have to press and hold the on and off button until the Samsung Smart TV turns off. 

Solution 3: Reinstall HBO Max App

The following solution is to reinstall the HBO Max application on your Samsung Smart TV. If you are still not able to use the HBO Max app, then there is a possibility that the issue might be in the interface of the application itself, and to fix that, you can try reinstalling it. 

To reinstall the application, you have to go to the apps page and look for the HBO Max application. Next, you have to delete it and then go to the Play Store or App Store. Search for HBO Max by clicking the search icon and installing the application on your Samsung Smart TV. 

Solution 4: Update HBO Max App

If you do not want to reinstall the application, you can update it because if the application’s interface is glitching, then there might be new software that can help you get rid of the problem. 

To update the HBO Max application on your Samsung Smart TV, go to the HBO Max app. Select the updates option and look if there is any update available for your HBO Max application. If the update is available, then click on it. If there is not, then reinstall the application. 

Solution 5: Software Update of Samsung Smart TV

Another solution that can fix the HBO Max not working on your Samsung Smart TV is to update your Samsung Smart TV software or firmware. To update the software of your Samsung Smart TV, go to the settings then the support option. Click on the software update and then wait until it gets done. 

Solution 6: Remove a Few Apps

If your HBO Max application is not working on your Samsung Smart TV, it can be because of storage issues, and to fix that; you can remove other unnecessary applications that you do not require. It will help you get rid of the space on your television, and you might be able to use HBO Max.

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Is HBO Max sound not working on Samsung Smart TV?

HBO Max sound not working on Samsung Smart TV remains a common issue due to software issues. There are two methods to resolve this issue. The first method is a soft reset or power cycle. The second method is to update the HBO Max app on the Samsung TV.

Is HBO Max not updating on Samsung Smart TV?

The best way is to clear the cache files, as when they become larger, they corrupt and affect the app’s performance.

The first step is to visit settings and then click the support tab. After that, click the self-diagnosis tab and select TV device manager. After that, select the clean now button under clear running apps and memory boost.

The next step will be to select ‘Show app list”, select ‘View details’ under HBO Max, and select “Clear Cache”. The next step will be to update the app.

HBO Max buffering issues on Samsung Smart TV?

When the user faces HBO Max buffering on Samsung Smart TV, it results in stuttering and significant lag in movies or videos. Some reasons behind this issue include slow internet and outdated drivers. Other reasons are outdated and modded apps. The user should resolve these issues to fix the problem.

Is HBO Max stuck on the loading screen?

There are many reasons why HBO Max sticks on the loading screen. Some solutions to this issue include checking the server status of HBO Max, restarting the device, reinstalling the app, and updating the app.

The solutions also include turning off VPN and using a fast internet connection.

HBO Max won’t play on TV?

If HBO Max does not play on Samsung TV, the first step is to ensure that it has a home internet connection.

The next step is to reset the power. Users also should check that internet has good speed and connection. Also, check whether the TV model is compatible with the HBO Max app.

Can’t get HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

HBO Max is very popular with viewers. According to experts, some reasons why the viewer cannot get HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV include the absence of internet, outdated apps, and server issues. Also, the user should check all the connections and drivers related to devices before starting the TV and downloading the app.

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Wrap Up 

These are the top 6 solutions you can try if HBO Max is not working on your Samsung Smart TV. All the solutions are pretty straightforward, and as far as we believe that reinstalling the application and updating the software will help you fix the problem quickly. 

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