Most Samsung Smart TV users have stated that they cannot wholly close applications on their television.Usually, to keep the speed intact and offer convenience to the users, Samsung TV keeps on running the application in the background. Due to this feature any applications get stuck in a loop, and you fail to close them on Samsung Smart TV. 

Close the Apps on Samsung Smart TV 

However, you must know that this application issue only happens in a few of them. In most of the applications that run on a Samsung Smart TV, you can hit the exit button on your remote control, which will lead you to the main menu. 

But on the other hand, a few stubborn applications don’t close completely when you hit the exit button and keep on running in the background; when the applications run in the background, they take up the battery and can be bad for the lifetime of your device. 

The most prominent example of such an application is Netflix and most of the streaming websites. But before you get disheartened, let us tell you that Samsung has a way for you to reset hard the Samsung TV that will close all the applications running on it. 

Steps to Close Apps on Samsung Smart TV

The steps that we will mention below to close applications on your Samsung Smart TV are well trusted and stated by the Samsung support service. In these steps, you will be doing the hard reset of the applications, leading to the complete closing of them.

But before that, you must be aware of which application is not closed correctly. A sign that can help you know if a particular application is running in the background is the spinning circle on the application. 

For example, if you see a spinning circle on Amazon Prime or Netflix, then that means these applications are running in the background, and you will have to perform a hard reset to close them properly. 

Follow the steps to do the same: 

  • The first step for all you have to do is to pick up your remote control of the Samsung Smart TV and point it at the screen. 
  • Next, you have to press the power button on the remote control for more than 10 seconds or until the TV power goes down.
  • When the TV powers down, you have to wait for a minute or so before you switch the Samsung TV back on. 
  • When you switch the television back on, you will see the application running in the background before booting up from the start. This will indicate that you have completed the hard reset of the application, and now it is completely closed. 
  • Open when you don’t close the applications simultaneously, they keep crashing every time you open them. It can also be problematic for the other applications running on Samsung Smart TVs. 

If, after doing the hard reset of an application, It still keeps crashing, then it would be better for you to delete it and reinstall it. 

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How to Delete and Reinstall the App on Samsung Smart TV? 

1. Click on the home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote control. 

2. Now, use the cursor to go to the application you want to delete from your television. When you reach that application, press the down button on your remote control.

3. Take the cursor to the remove option and hit the enter button. 

4. To reinstall the application go to the Play Store on your Samsung Smart TV. Enter the name of the application that you want to install and hit the install button.

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Sum Up

To keep up with the health of the Samsung Smart TV, you must close all the applications that run in the background, and we hope that the steps that we have mentioned in this article will help you do the same. 

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