How to Connect iPhone to LG smart TV without WiFi

You know it can be a little problematic when your phone brand manufactures phones with different settings that are not compatible with regular devices. Yes, you have understood us right. We are talking about the Apple company and their products like iPhones, iPads, watches, and many others. Sometimes, it gets annoying when you cannot connect to other devices and can only connect to your type. But what if you really need to connect your iPhone to your smart TV to share files, pictures, or videos with your friends, family, or colleagues.

We can understand you and also your problem so we came up with a solution to clear out this problem from your life that can make your day annoying and terrible just because you could not share some important data to your TV via iPhone so everyone could have seen it easily. We will bring you different methods that will tell you how to connect iPhone to LG smart TV without Wi-Fi. You can use one of these methods that suit you and is comfortable for you to follow.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect iPhone to LG smart TV without WiFi?

We are going to present to you four different methods that do not involve Wi-Fi or any network to connect your iPhone to LG smart TV. All of these methods are very simple, easy, and convenient and you also do not have to consider buying heavy-duty or expensive devices for connection. You can easily complete these methods in 10 to 15 minutes and it does not require much attention.

Method # 1: Using an application

The first method that we will be using to connect your iPhone to LG smart TV without Wi-Fi is to use a screen mirroring application for iPhone that is available on the app store for free download. You need to download the “TV assist” application from the app store. When it is downloaded, open it to move forward.

The application will ask for permission to access different things on your iPhone. Give access to the application so we can move to the next step. Next, you will see different devices that are available to cast your screen. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi then your device can create its own network through a hotspot to connect your phone. Click on the name of your TV and your iPhone will be connected to your LG smart TV.

Method # 2: Using an Apple’s VGA adapter

The next method we will be discussing in this article is using a VGA adapter that Apple manufactures for their audience so they can connect to different devices and TVs. You can easily find this adapter on the internet. You just have to make sure that it is compatible with the model of iPhone you are using and the price range if you are on a budget.

For the first step of the process, you need to take the HDMI cable that came with your LG smart TV and attach it to your TV from one side and to the adapter from the other side. Next, take the second part of the adapter and connect it to your iPhone’s port and your phone is all set to cast your screen or show contents of your iPhone on the TV.

Method # 3: Using a laptop to connect

The third method includes a laptop that will act as a bridge between your iPhone and your LG smart TV. This is an indirect method of casting your screen in case you do not have any adapter or are unable to connect through an application as we discussed in the first method. You need to take your data cable that comes with the iPhone for charging and connect it to your iPhone’s port. Now, take the other part and plug it into your laptop.

The first half of the method is done. For the second half of the method, you need to take a cable that comes with your TV. Attach one side of the cable to the TV and the other side to your laptop. Your phone is now connected to your TV via laptop and you can now see the contents of your iPhone on your LG smart TV.

Method # 4: Using a data cable

The last step is using a data cable to directly link your iPhone to your LG smart TV. Just take the data cable that is available and compatible with your iPhone. Attach the micro-USB port to your iPhone and then attach the other side with the TV. You may find the port at the back of the TV or the sides. If your TV does not support the type of data cable then you can convert it by using a suitable converting adapter.

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We hope that we were able to solve your connecting issue that came forward because the iPhone is not compatible with other devices or does not include a regular Bluetooth that can be connected to any devices. We tried our best and are very glad that all this effort was worth your time and you must have chosen a method till now that suits you and serves you the best of all. We advise you to be careful and take safety measures as TV involves electricity.

As we conclude our article “How to connect iPhone to LG smart TV without Wi-Fi, we prepared a summary for you so you can remember these methods when you need to apply them. We discussed four methods that include a laptop, a VGA adapter, a data cable, and a downloadable application that you can easily find as we mentioned above.

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