How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV without HDMI

Longing for a relaxing large screen gaming time in your TV lounge? Have you got a Nintendo Switch? Have you got your grandma’s remnant TV without HDMI? Don’t know how to connect your best-liked two-on-one Nintendo switch to your TV without HDMI? If Yes for all! That’s appropriate!  Don’t sweat it! For the moment,  we are the Genie of your life. Still didn’t get it? Let’s demystify it.

Long story short, connecting your Nintendo switch to  TV is a piece of cake.  Let’s get straight to all the different ways to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV without HDMI.

How to connect Nintendo switch to TV without HDMI?

Route#01: HDMI to DVI

Have you got a DVI TV? Good news! You can easily connect the HDMI Nintendo switch to your TV.

Steps to follow:

1- Insert an HDMI to DVI cable in the docking device.

2- Plug in the other end in the DVI of your TV.

Dock the switch, and here you go! You’ll see a video display on your TV.

You’re not done here! Since DVI is a video bridge, it doesn’t let sound signals pass through it. For sound, you need a USB sound card along with speakers, or you can go for the alternative of using an audio jack to connect headphones. The choice is all yours!

Route # 02 : HDMI to AV composite

Your analog TV requires a bridge to convert high-definition Nintendo switch digital signals into analog signals. For this, the most frequently used bridge is the AV converter, the best high-quality analog signal route.

Steps to follow:

1- A convertor to convert Nintendo HDMI input into AV output is required.

2- Since the converter needs to be powered, plug in a USB port from the docking device to the converter.

3- Insert all three blue -red-white AV cables of your TV in the converter and plug in the HDMI cable in the HDMI input.

4-Dock the switch. As soon as you see a video display on your TV screen, grab your remote, go to the menu bar, change settings and choose AV.

Don’t expect high video quality since it’s a route from 1080p to 720p. Obviously, it’s not the best, yet not bad, though.

The icing on the cake is it supports both audio and video signals.

Route # 03: HDMI to Scart

We are not done here, and we have more ways for you to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV without HDMI. An old European connection, Scart knows precisely how to convert 1080p HDMI signals into standard signals.

Steps to follow:

1- An adaptor is a primary necessity.

You need an adapter with an HDMI input and the scart output.

2- It consumes only 5 volts so, this adaptor doesn’t have any real need to be powered

3- Insert a USB port in the dock and the other terminal in the HDMI input of the adapter.

4- Scart cable from your TV, plug it in the adapter.

5- Dock in the switch, go to the display menu, and change it into Scart.

Route#04: HDMI to VGA

The HDMI to VGA route is a little tangled. VGA is the best video signal transmitter ( which made it sound obvious that you need to find a separate sound source since the sound it offers is shallow).

Steps to follow:

1- You need a 3.5mm cable.

2- At the back of your TV, you have an audio cable in and VGA in; plugin there this lead and VGA.

3- An adapter with an HDMI input and VGA output along with a line out is a must.

4- Plug in the other end of lead and VGA in the VGA output and line out and Plug HDMI cable in the dock and dock the switch.

5- change the settings into VGA

Video display with fine quality sound will be the end result.


Does Nintendo support all types of DVI?

Make sure not to use DVI-ANALOG since HDMI is digital. It won’t support DVI-A unless you use DVI-Digital or DVI-Integrated ends.

For HDMI to AV, is it necessary to use an AV adapter?

Yes! Because without an AV adapter, it is not possible to convert high-quality 1080p digital signals into 720p analog signals. This bridge has to be there.

What If I don’t use HDMI to Scart converter?

It won’t work if you use a simple cable because Scart transmits analog signals, and HDMI transmits digital signals; a cable can’t convert digital signals to analog. For sure, a converter is necessary.


Connecting a Nintendo switch to a TV without HDMI is not a hard nut to crack, and among all the diverse paths, the HDMI to DVI is uncomplicated. This article summarizes all your questions about how you can connect Nintendo switch to TV if there is no HDMI presence for any reason

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