How to Connect Phone to TV without WiFi

Having an Internet connection on your smart TV becomes necessary because no one wants to stream movies and TV shows on their mini mobile screens. Almost all the modern Smart TV comes with a reliable Internet connection, whether wired or wireless, and pairing the phone to TV is no more a dream.

How to connect phone to TV without WiFi

Since WiFi connection is the easiest and quick way to connect a phone to a TV, it could sometimes not work for any reason. Fortunately, there are other fast ways you can opt to connect the phone to TV and continue with your pastime.

Connect Phone to TV using Google Chromecast

Chromecast is a tiny digital device by Google that is supposed to use for internet connection. It works more like a mini USB flash drive that you can easily insert into an HDMI input. Whether TV offers wireless connectivity or not, all the TV must have USB and HDMI port inputs at their back, so this option could be a thoughtful alternate to access the internet on TV.

However, using a Chromecast needs a wireless internet connection. You can also use other ways to make use of it. Here’s how you can source an internet connection for your Chromecast device.

  • First, you need to connect the USB to the Chromecast device and turn it on until the blinking lights get stable.
  • Plug the first end of the device into the power source, whereas another end should go to the HDMI input of your TV.
  • Take your mobile phone and enable the hotspot connection. You might need to get another digital device because we need to download the dedicated app for Chromecast.
  • Once you get down with this process, add your email address and other credentials to the app and start searching for nearby devices until you find your Chromecast one.
  • Once you click to connect to your device name, a code will appear on both screens for verification.
  • After this, select your phone hotspot connection and start streaming your favorite app.
  • Make sure your phone has enough data available because you are streaming online content, and it may require more than usual internet data.

Connect the phone to TV Using Mirecast

Suppose you don’t have a Chromecast device and any other adapter at this moment, but you really want to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. No worries, I can introduce another reliable way to connect a phone to the TV.

Yes, you can share content from your phone to a large size TV through a Mirecast feature. It refers to the screen mirroring technique, enabling you to share live phone activity with your TV. Moreover, all the Android and Apple smart devices support this feature so that you can take benefit from it.

The process of connecting this way does not complex. Here are a few easy steps you can follow and start streaming anything from your phone to TV.

  • Turn on both your devices.
  • Enable the Bluetooth option on your phone.
  • If you use an iPhone, swipe up the control center and tap on the Screen mirror icon. However, if you are an Android user, go to connections, find the Mirecast option, and click on it.
  • Once you tap on this feature, a small window appears on your screen where you will find available nearby connections. Find your TV from the list, and select.
  • The next step will ask about some verification, and then the screen mirroring will start.
  • Now, whatever you do on your phone will share on your TV screen.
  • To stop running this feature, you can turn off the Bluetooth or disconnect the Mirroring option from your phone.


How to connect a TV to the Internet without WiFi?

You can purchase any internet streaming device, or you can simply use your phone. Chromecast device, Ethernet cables, and Laptop via HDMI port can enable chances of connecting your TV to the internet.

How can I connect my phone to a TV without WiFi?

Here are few easy peasy ways you can adopt to connect both devices.

  • Mirecast screen mirroring
  • Chromecast device
  • Ethernet cable
  • HDMI adaptor with USB Type-C port.
  • Micro USB to the adapter
  • How can I use my Phone data on my TV?

If your TV supports a wireless internet connection, you can go to settings and find your phone in the available connection list. Make sure your phone has enough internet data, and the hotspot option is turn on.

Bottom Line

Sometimes any built-in feature stops responding in any digital device, but it does not mean that you can not entirely use your TV and enjoy its presence. Always explore the alternative ways to make something happen and never stop trying. In this article, you can find some easy ways to use if your built-in TV WiFi stops working. I hope you find this helpful and make use of it.

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