How to Connect WII To TV With HDMI

Nintendo is a big name behind the launches of home consoles, integrated all the modern technology to promote mass gaming. Many home gaming console models are available in the market with little or no difference in features, and WII is one.

Moreover, it features a motion-sensitive control system familiar with Wii remote, containing an axis motion sensor to command direct movement on the TV. Wii integrates wireless Bluetooth technology that excludes the wire mess and allows playing or controlling games for a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Connectivity Options

If you are a professional gamer, it is a must-have gaming console to boost your gaming experience. Also, it offers a quick connection with your TV over an HDMI input. Almost all the new or modern TVs come with an HDMI and USB port to connect other digital devices. Besides, the market is full of adapters that you can opt for to connect your Wii and TV and start playing video games.

Moreover, a gaming console would have various AV options that may confuse you, but HDMI cable is the easiest and most reliable option we have tested so far.

How to Connect WII To TV With HDMI?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Wii home console does not have a built-in HDMI input, but it does not necessarily mean that you can not do it anyhow. Many adapters are available in the market for the same purpose, and you can get its help.

An HDMI cable and an adapter should be readily available on any nearby computer store. Adapters make the whole use super-friendly, so follow these few easy steps to connect your Wii to TV.

  • Turn off your Wii gaming console.
  • Insert the HDMI adapter at the back of your Wii.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to that adapter and the other end to your TV.
  • Locate the HDMI input in your TV beforehand to ensure connecting the correct cable at the right input.
  • Turn on your Wii console, choose the HDMI input selection on your TV.
  • Both devices are now connected!

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Connect Wii to TV with AV Cables

You can also use other ways to connect both devices. Apart from the HDMI cable, there is an AV cable option that every modern TV now has. Here is a method you can follow and make use of those AV cable inputs.

  • Locate the three input set at the back of your TV. Their colors might be red, yellow, and white.
  • Now, insert the colorful AV cables on matching inputs.
  • The other side of the AV cable is a connector that should right fix at the Wii backside.
  • Turn on your TV and while using a remote control, click on the input selection button.
  • In the different options available, select the AV to pair your Wii console.
  • And boom! Both devices will start pairing.

Required Resources

  • HDMI cable
  • AV cables
  • Remote control
  • Adapter


Can I connect Wii to a Smart TV?

Yes, you can pair your Wii to a regular or Smart TV using HDMI or AV cables. The process is quite similar by using the dedicated remote control of your TV.

Is the Wii console is an HDMI compatible?

Unfortunately, Wii does not have an HDMI input. But, if the HDMI is your priority, you can connect both devices using an adapter.

Why my Wii console does not show up on the TV?

Ensure you have inserted the suitable cable at the correct input. All the modern TVs or Smart TVs come up with labeled inputs to save your time locating each of them.

Bottom Line

The easy and old way to connect any digital device to your TV is an HDMI. All the new or old TVs and other digital devices must have this built-in input. However, in case of the absence of HDMI input, you can use the adapter and continue with your pairing thing. So, with the easy and budget-friendly pairing, investing in a Wii home console is a good idea.

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