How to Factory Reset Samsung Smart TV

For some reason, if you want to reset your Samsung smart TV, then this guide covers everything you need.

Before looking at the steps, you should know that there are two ways to reset a Samsung smart TV.

Factory reset– Wipe out all apps, accounts, push back to the default (Without Pin).

Soft Reset– It will only revert to default settings (Pin required 0000).

The point to note here in these two methods is apparent. However, seldom when resetting a smart TV. A pin code can bring up trouble if you do not remember. Therefore, go with factory reset if your smart TV does not identify the default PIN code 0000.

Now scroll down to look at both methods

How to factory reset a Samsung Smart TV (without PIN)

Step.1 Switch off Smart TV

Pick your TV remote and press the Power button off. Do not unplug the power wire. Means make sure your Samsung smart TV is on.

Afterward, you have switched off your Smart TV, press some specific keys on your remote control to open the Master Settings from where you can reset your Samsung Smart TV.

Try pressing one of these keys with the same sequence. Make sure you do not leave much time gap. Speedy-press each button and always press the power button at last.

  • Info ≣ Menu Mute Power
  • Info Settings Mute Power
  • Mute 1 8 2 Power
  • Display/Info ≣ Menu Mute Power
  • Display/Info P.STD Mute Power
  • P.STD Help Sleep Power
  • P.STD ≣ Menu Sleep Power
  • Sleep P.STD Mute Power

There is no guarantee which one on the lists will work for you. Therefore, do not give up after trying one or two times. Try to get through all of them until you do not see the “Master control panel.”

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Step.3 Choose Factory reset

Using navigation keys on your TV remote, point over the option Factory reset. And press the Enter button. The TV will shut down for a while and switch on itself.

Step.4 Setup everything again.

Once the TV turned on. Set up things from the start. Everything included apps and accounts, will be no more. Thus, you will have to install them again.

How to reset a Samsung Smart TV with a PIN

Switch on your Samsung Smart TV first. Press the source button on your Remote. It will show up some options at the downside. The settings option will be there and hit the enter button to get into the setting’s page.

Step.2 Go to general setting

From the setting’s page, move the pointer down to get into the general option>reset. In general, it does not uninstall apps you have downloaded. However, there is still a chance you lose them.

When you click on the reset option, you will be asked to enter the pin code. By default, the Pin is 0000. If this does not work, then try 1111. However, the Pin should work fine for you if you have not changed it yourself.

Step.3 reset Samsung smart HUB (Optional)

In some cases, you will have to reset your Samsung HUB account before resetting your Samsung Smart TV. This step comes into existence only if you face problems while resetting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reset option grayed out?

If on your Smart TV, the reset option has marked grey. You are unable to press it and reset your TV settings. It is due to there might be an app running in the background. Such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. Close all the programs by pressing the exit button on your Remote. Now head back to the reset option; this time, you will be able to use this. Press enter and add PIN code.

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