Have you bought a brand-new Hisense smart TV for yourself but not having fun as you thought because there are no applications pre-installed on the TV? A smart TV without any applications or programs is just a simple TV like the old ones that you only use to watch regular channels of news, cartoons, and dramas. Your smart TV is just a waste of money if you do not want to or do not know how to install some fun or helpful applications on TV.

If you are concerned about the issue that you do not know how to install google apps on Hisense Smart TV then you do not have to feel low any longer because we are always here to cheer you up with our informational guide. We are going to introduce you to this guide that tells how you can install google apps on your brand-new Hisense smart TV and have an enjoyable experience. The guide is very easy and described in steps so it can be convenient for you to follow.

How to install google apps on Hisense smart TV?

Most of the brands and companies manufacture different types, styles, and models of TV that come with their own settings and working. In this guide, we are considering the settings and working of Hisense smart TV.


This method is very simple and you do not need any extra device or gadget to install apps on your TV. You just need to have a high-speed internet connection and the remote that must have come with your TV. This method will only take 15 minutes or depends on the speed of your internet. You do not have to put any extra effort and can do the whole process lying on your couch and barely need to move your arm.

Step # 1:

The first step of the process is that you need to turn on your Hisense smart TV by pressing the button on the TV or located on the remote.

You might need to set your account if your TV is completely new and you are turning it on for the first time.

They can ask you to enter information like name, country, region, or time zone to create an account. If you have already set up your account on the TV then you do not need to set it again and you can just move to the next step after turning your TV on from the power button.

Step # 2:

The next step that we have to perform is to look for the app store. You can easily find the app store on the home screen by navigating the screen through the TV remote but if you cannot find the app store on the home you can also search it in the search bar that is presented on top of the screen of your TV.

Some TVs also let you control your TV by voice search. You just have to press the voice button on the TV remote and have to speak “app store”. It will open the app store for you.

Step # 3:

After finding the app store, click on it to open the store. Once you click the app store and it is opened, you can search for or see recommended apps to download.

You can use cursor control keys located on your remote to move and look for apps or you can search a specific name in the search bar and it will show you all the apps related to your searched word. You can also do a voice search for the app as you did to find the app store in step # 3.

Step # 4:

The second last step is to install the application. After you have selected an app for yourself from the app store, you have to open it. You can also see other details of the application like updates, features, size, etc. you will see an install button on the homepage of the application.

You need to click the install button to start downloading the application. Once your system has started to download the app, you can go back and look for other applications or games. You can also add the app to your wish list to download it later or when needed.

Step # 5:

The last step of the process is here. When your application is downloaded, your TV will show you a dialog box to notify you that you can now open the application. You just simply have to locate the app as you located the app store in the first step, open it, set up, and enjoy.


As you reached the end of the article “How to install google apps on Hisense smart TV”, we can assume that you must have read the complete details. We are glad that we could help you with your difficult and complicated problem.

We recommend you to follow each step with us so things do not mess up or you do not have to face any trouble while downloading applications later. Also, we suggest you use high-quality Wi-Fi so you do not have to wait much for apps to get downloaded.

Let us summarize all the things so it can be easy for you to remember and recall things every time you need to download an application on your Hisense smart TV. We divided the process into five steps and tried our best to explain them briefly so you do not miss out on anything.

You just need to find the app store on your home or smart TV and open it. Then you need to browse your desired application and press install to download. Wait for some time your app can be downloaded.

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