You’ve noticed that the LG TV is slow, and applications are taking an extended time for them to close or open. It is possible to restart your TV to resolve the issue most of the time. The process of restarting the LG TV can be beneficial when WebOS has problems with an application or specific features.

However, restarting an app on LG TV is not as straightforward as you think.

So resetting an app on LG TV with the remote is not possible, even though that’s the most logical action to take. There’s another way to reboot your TV to refresh the apps and operating system.

There are a few different ways to restart an LG TV from scratch.

How To Restart LG TV Web OS

The LG TV Web OS will not restart in some cases, even when you do a complete power cycle. Web OS can sometimes run into bugs or issues that make it lag and stutter. If you’re experiencing those issues, rebooting Web OS is a good idea, especially if it’s frozen. It’s straightforward.

Hold down the volume down button and power key for 12 seconds to restart the operating system on an LG TV. You should see an LG logo boot sequence on display. If the TV started with no logos, you might need to hold down the buttons for longer.

How To Restart An LG TV With A Remote

  1. Press Settings on your remote
  2. Navigate to General.
  3. Select User Agreements.
  4. Uncheck Agreement to Privacy Policy.
  5. The LG TV will be asking you to turn off your device.
  6. It will complete a restart. Wait a couple of minutes
  7. Please recheck the Privacy Policy.
  8. Continue using your LG TV.

Unfortunately, LG TVs don’t include a reboot or restart option within the menus. But, you can restart the system using this method using your remote from the comfort of your sofa. This procedure will also restart your operating system.

Here’s the truth:

If your remote appears to be experiencing problems, or the restart did not enhance the performance of your TV, the next step is to perform the power cycle. It’s simple.

Disable Quick Start+

Another method to restart the LG TV is to disable QuickStart. A few TVs come with this feature, but it’s worth checking the settings. If the feature is turned off, the TV will run the entire start-up process from scratch each time it is activated.

You might have noticed it will take longer for your TV to begin after having QuickStart turned off. However, it can help with performance issues, and you can turn it back later.

How to disable QuickStart on an LG TV:

  1. Tab on the Settings button on your remote
  2. Navigate to General
  3. And click on QuickStart + and disable it

Update Firmware

If a firmware update is available for an LG TV, it will install the update automatically, and then your TV will perform a fresh reboot.

To see if firmware updates are available:

  1. Hit activate the Settings button of your remote to check for firmware updates.
  2. Select All Settings and select General.
  3. Scroll down until there is an option labeled About This TV.
  4. Click the button to check for updates. If the update is in the pipeline, it’ll download (internet connection is required) and install it with a reboot. It is always a good idea to look for firmware updates to fix problems.

How To Restart An LG TV Without A Remote

If the options above fail to resolve the problem with your LG TV, the next option is to attempt the power cycle. Be assured, and it’s not as complicated as the name suggests.

A power cycle does not just reboot the TV but also draws out all excess electricity. This could fix various problems, like problems with black screens, for instance—LG black screen issue.

How do you turn off the power on the power of an LG television:

  1. Please remove it from its main outlets.
  2. Press the power button that is physically located in the remote for 60 minutes.
  3. Connect it again, and switch the device on.

Most of the time, the power cycle and restart will resolve problems with performance on the LG TV. However, this method is no longer effective when a TV gets older, and the components get old. It’s not helpful to continuously turn off the power of an old television.

How Do You Know When LG TV Booted Normally?

There should be the WebOS logo and animation sequence when you start your LG TV the very first time. If you do not see any logos, your TV is most likely woken out of standby.

In that situation, you’ll need to choose one of the methods above to start WebOS from beginning from scratch. In most cases, it is the case that your LG TV will always go through the entire boot process when connected to the power outlet.

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The simplest method to get an LG TV to restart is to unplug the power cable and then hold the power switch for thirty minutes. A forced shutdown such as this will reset all the system applications on your TV and will stop the TV from running as it did before.

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