We all are aware of the Hulu application. Hulu application is a streaming platform where you can watch plenty of shows, movies, cartoons, news, sports, and much more. This application is available for Android and IOS, and you can even get it on your Samsung Smart TV

The one thing that people want to do after a specific time while using applications like Hulu is to switch the profiles. If you want to switch profiles on your Samsung Smart TV and have no idea how to do that, you have landed on the right article.

Change Hulu Profiles on Samsung Smart TV

Changing Hulu profiles is wise if you don’t want to know what the other person is watching and don’t want the other person to see what you are watching. So below, we have mentioned the simple steps you need to follow to change your Hulu profiles on your Samsung Smart TV. 

Steps that you need to follow: 

Step 1: Open the Application

The first step is straightforward and obvious; that is, you have to switch on your Samsung Smart TV, browse the application page, and open Hulu application on your Samsung Smart TV. 

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Step 2: Account Section

In the next step, you have to go to the account section to change the profiles. Now when you open the whole application, two things can happen depending on what your status is. 

First, if you do not have a Hulu profile and want to have one, then the first page that opens will be the home page, where you will see several shows and movies. 

The second thing that can happen is that you already have multiple profiles created on your Hulu application, in which case you will have to select your profile to go to the account section. Clear, we hope. 

Step 3: Make the Changes 

When you go to the account section, you will see the multiple Hulu profiles from where you can manage them. You can either delete a profile at the new one, change the name, and even enter a privacy lock if you want. 

If you do not have a Hulu profile and wish to create one, you will have to follow the extremely simple creation steps. You will find the Plus sign on the profile page. You have to type on that, enter your name, select an image you want and then create. 

You can do all the customization that you want to and manage who looks at profiles on your Samsung Smart TV on an Android phone or any other device that you want to by following these simple steps.

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Sum Up

You have to follow these three simple steps, and you can change your Hulu profiles on your Samsung Smart TV. Go ahead, change the name of your profile or select some funky image and have fun watching the Hulu content. 

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