How to Turn on Bluetooth on Hisense Smart TV




How to Turn on Bluetooth on Hisense Smart TV

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Smart TV is an incredible innovation of the modern world. It makes the entertainment double because we can now stream online content and enjoy watching shows and documentaries on the big screen with family. Besides, the best thing these modern TVs could ever come with is getting rid of those tangled wires for connectivity.

Moreover, Bluetooth in Hisense Smart TV is super easy to connect. It allows connecting any compatible device, including external Bluetooth speakers, Laptops, Video devices, gaming consoles, etc. However, you must be wondering if the Hisense Smart TV Bluetooth connection is complex. No, it is relatively easy. But, if you are a beginner, I will write down a step-by-step process so you wouldn’t have to waste time figuring out this most accessible technique.

Smart TV offers a wireless connection to save you from all the cable mess and dependency of other digital devices for content streaming. Along with others, Hisense Smart TV is an excellent fit for all the average families. Hisense provides exceptional display performance with reliable wireless connectivity at affordable prices.

How to Turn On Bluetooth on Hisense Smart TV

If you own a Hisense Smart TV (any latest model), you will be able to connect Bluetooth the following way.

  • Turn on your Hisense Smart TV and grab the remote control. However, if the remote control is not working for any reason, you can opt for a voice control option and command your requirements in the entire process.
  • If using the remote control, press the Menu button and go to the setting options.
  • Get to the Bluetooth following the Network option.
  • Once you open the Bluetooth, a list will appear on your screen with all the available devices.
  • Ensure to enable your other device’s Bluetooth connection that you want to connect with your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Find and select that device from the list, and then press Ok.
  • Both devices are now pairing and syncing signals, and you can continue streaming your content.

That is how you can pair other digital devices to your Hisense Smart TV via Bluetooth. Fortunately, it does not have any version limitations so that you can connect any available digital device and have fun.

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Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to share your phone’s or tablet content, including pictures, videos, songs, presentations, and other stuff like that. The best thing is, you do not have to go through this process for connecting the same device. If one of your devices pairs with your Hisense Smart TV, it will save its credentials and connect automatically when both devices are nearby with the connection open.


How to Turn off Bluetooth on Hisense Smart TV?

Simply turn off the Bluetooth option from your paired digital device, and it will stop pairing.

How do I convert my non-Bluetooth TV to a Bluetooth compatible?

You can use a combination of an old TV transmitter and non-Bluetooth speakers/device receiver to experience a Bluetooth connection on your Digital devices.

How do I know my Hisense TV supports Bluetooth connection?

Go to the setting options of your TV using a remote control and jump to the system information. Here you will get to find all the specs and available connectivity options of your device. Also, you can check on the user manual that comes with your Hisense Smart TV.


Connecting Hisense Smart TV to any other digital device, including Video, audio, and gaming consoles, has never been easy until Bluetooth compatibility arrives. It is the best, safe, and cheap method to pair two or more devices simultaneously.

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