Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular gadgets in the market. We all want to experience several applications channels on a big screen with outstanding audio quality. 

Undoubtedly you must be aware that not every application or device available in the market and technological world is compatible with other devices, for example, PlayStation Vue.

 We will read about PlayStation Vue more ahead in this article, but the one thing that you must know is that it is not available on Samsung Smart TV. But you don’t have to get disheartened because we will be telling you how you can watch PlayStation Vue on Samsung Smart TV.

What is PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation is a term associated with gaming, but those days are gone when it was only related to gaming. PlayStation is a gaming console that you can use to play games, but now you can also watch your favorite shows, movies, play music, and stream live content. That’s what PlayStation Vue is all about. 

It is a streaming service started by Sony and is an excellent alternative for regular cable connections. You can watch plenty of news channels, regional sports channels, and much more. Unfortunately, if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can not stream PlayStation Vue easily. 

PlayStation Vue is a significant competitor of sling TV, Hulu, DirecTV, YouTube TV, and more. Having the streaming service on your television will help you get rid of the cable connection cords. So even if you cannot watch PlayStation Vue on your Samsung Smart TV from a straight road, you can take a high road.

Watch PlayStation Vue on Samsung Smart TV

Sony has launched a native app of PlayStation Vue for every brand, but up till now, it has launched anything compatible with Samsung Smart TV. It is disheartening news, but there are chances that the brand will launch a native application for Samsung Smart TV in the coming years. 

So as we said in the beginning that even though you cannot get the streaming services directly, there are ways that you can use to watch PlayStation Vue on your Samsung Smart TV. The methods include additional devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Screencasting, and more. 

In simple language, if we explain you will use a third-party device, it can be a laptop computer or mobile phone to watch PlayStation Vue on your Samsung Smart TV. We hope that you must be aware of the concept of screencasting which is available on both Android and IOS. 

Screencasting is a more straightforward way that you can try to watch PlayStation Vue on Samsung Smart TV. However, below, we will mention the steps of using Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast to get it done. 

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 Apple AirPlay

Apple airplay is only compatible with people who have third-party iOS devices, for example, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

  • So in the first step, all you have to do is download PlayStation Vue on your iPhone or iPad, considering whichever device you are using. 
  • When you have downloaded the application, login with the credentials, and you have to make sure that your Samsung Smart TV and your iPhone or iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. 
  • On PlayStation Vue, select the content you want to see and tap on the Airplay icon. When you tap on the airplay icon, another screen will appear on your iPhone or iPad, from where you have to select your Samsung Smart TV. 
  • Here it is done. Whatever you watch or play on your mobile phone or iPad will appear on your Samsung Smart TV. If your television is compatible with Apple Airplay, but you are still not able to see the content on the screen, then we would advise you to update the software of the television. 


The steps that we have mentioned above for Airplay go the same for the Chromecast. The only difference is that you have to download the Google Home app on your smartphone to operate your Chromecast and connect it with your Samsung Smart TV.

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Sum Up 

PlayStation Vue is a much better streaming service because you can see every show and movie on a single platform. Not having it on your Samsung Smart TV can be a little disappointing, and we hope this article cheers you up. 

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