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Owning a smart TV makes you fascinated by the exciting features and apps. The experience is top-notch, offering luxurious entertainment. Compared to the TVs you might have had before now, you get access to the internet stream or cast, download content streaming apps, browse online, and perform many tasks. The user experience is beyond ordinary, and the various content types and genres available means you might never actually switch it off!

But It can easily get annoying when you use an LG TV with a different Operating System(OS) that might not support all kinds of Apps. I am quite sure that is why You need Kodi.

Why You Need Kodi On LG Smart TV

Kodi is open-source software and effectively handles media library management like the Xbox Media Center (XBMC). Kodi operates directly with your preexisting media, with no external streaming. It just enables your smart TV to access a wider range of file types and make it compatible with many devices. Kodi is supported across multiple OS from Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux to Raspberry Pi devices. 

There are a few ways you could get Kodi installed on your LG Smart TV, and We will look into them below;

Download Kodi via Google Play

For most Smart TV models that use the Android operating system, The TV is immediately ready to be installed in Kodi. After that, you can alter the options on the TV following your personal preferences. However, because LG employs WebOS for its operating system, It means that you won’t be able to download Kodi in LG smart TV models via directly downloaded version.

To get around it, connect or both an Android box or Android stick with the LG Smart TV, Go to the Google Play Store and transfer the Kodi download to your TV. You can also utilize Roku Player or Chromecast. Let’s look at the options further.

Download Kodi on LG Smart TV models with Roku Player

You can also decide to use the Roku Player to stream Kodi to your LG Smart TV. The process is fast and simple, and the steps are listed below.

1. Install Kodi on a smartphone or laptop 

2. After that, connect your device to Roku via the internet. It is as easy as going into Roku and then opening the player’s settings, then selecting System Search at Screen Mirroring, and selecting this option.

3. Then, you can Install the mirroring feature to connect the Roku application to your phone or computer and access the Kodi contents on the LG Smart TV.

Downloading Kodi on LG Smart TV models using Chromecast

An Android smartphone is needed for this feature to work. Get your android phone and follow these steps to get started:

1. Ensure your smart TV and smartphone are connected to the same wireless connection.

2. Download and Install Kodi onto your Android smartphone.

3. After installing Kodi, install Chromecast onto the device from Google Play Store.

4. Then, you can pair Google Chromecast with your LG smart TV. You can accomplish this by opening your Google Home App and selecting Cast Screen/Audio; this will allow that casting procedure to start and allow you to begin using Kodi on the LG smart TV.

Installing Kodi on LG Smart TV with a Raspberry Pi

Another option to consider is installing Kodi on the LG Smart TV using Rasberry Pi; Which is compatible with each LG Smart TV model on the market. 

1. It comes with an internal SD card with a FAT32 format. Connect it to your computer and format it. 

2. Once you’ve formatted it, Download the Kodi application and transfer it to the card.

4. Choose the right tool to write the OPEN LEC that is an OS onto your memory card.

5. You can then connect the Raspberry Pi card to the LG Smart TV.

6. Switch over to Kodi and make this switch by using the input selection route on the TV and then selecting the correct option. With this Raspberry Pi card, you’ll then be able to start using Kodi immediately using the LG TV.

Reasons to have Kodi on an LG Smart TV model

There is a lot of satisfaction you can derive from Installing Kodi on your LG Smart TV like

  • An exciting and interactive, convenient interface
  • The ease and pleasure of switching between your applications quickly and flawlessly.
  • Smooth Streaming, High Definition quality pictures, and content
  • Exclusive, fresh content across all entertainment genres.
  • And probably Bypassing geographical restrictions with a VPN.

It also allows you to install a couple of add-ons or plugins and gain the best of experiences. There are so many of them, but you can easily navigate all of the options on the Kodi app.

Accessing Kodi add-ons on your LG Smart TV

Once You have your Kodi running, You can install Add-on using the following steps;

1. Click on the Kodi home screen.

2. Go to the settings menu and click on the system.

3. Select the add-ons tab.

4. Check to find the Unknown Sources option and turn on the apps.

Now you can pick the add-ons you prefer to install based on the things that appeal to you. Install them and start enjoying your content as often as you’d like. There’s a wide selection of add-ons you can pick from, and every one comes with distinct special features and focuses.

Kodi on LG Smart TV Upgrader

Don’t get left behind. New Versions usually come with new features, which can be pretty exciting.

If you’re using Kodi on your LG Smart TV via an Android device, it is possible to upgrade it by updating the version installed on the Android device.

However, if you are casting or mirroring Kodi on a Smart TV with Roku the device, you’ll need to upgrade the Kodi version for both devices to allow casting/mirroring.

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The use of Kodi with Smart TVs gives you a completely different experience. Many people hesitate to utilize Kodi on their TVs due to the complexity of installation but have no idea what they are missing out. Smart TVs are frequently highly praised for the multimedia experience they provide. The interactive interface and endless possibilities are the reason the reasons why people love Smart TVs.

Utilizing Kodi on a Smart TV is somewhat complex compared to an android-based Smart TV because it is WebOS based. But Kodi always has a way to entertain you, and those who are geeks know. We’ve provided an in-depth review of Kodi in the LG Smart TV installation and other areas, and we hope you’ll enjoy the viewing experience that you get thanks to Kodi.

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