Netflix UI-800-3 LG Smart TV is one of the most common problems in the past few years in the streaming industry as far as the giant streaming platform “Netflix” is concerned. If users can not solve this problem, they become very upset, making them feel very tired and bored when using a smart TV. 

You may have encountered such a problem. The truth is Netflix is aware of this and has also tried to provide their own troubleshooting steps for the Netflix UI-800-3 for LG Smart TV via their help center.

It’s no longer news that users of LG smart TV who are streaming Netflix on the said device are facing this issue. However, the solution has come because, in this post, we are going to show you how to fix Netflix UI-800-3 on LG Smart TV.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

To fix the Netflix UI-800-3 error on LG smart TV, you need to follow the following steps.

1. Refresh your app – The first thing you should do when this occurs is to refresh your app. Chances are, you are trying to access contents that are not licensed to your country of subscription, and therefore the server triggered the error code.

2. Restart your device – If after refreshing your Netflix app and it didn’t solve the problem, there might be an error with your device. Simply troubleshoot it further by restarting it.

3. Clear Netflix Data caches – Netflix as a web app also store cookies and cashes on your device. To get a clean slate version, try to clear and delete all caches on the device. This would drastically resolve the error code.

4. Restart your internet device – Sometimes, this error is triggered by an internet DNS conflict with the app server network. A simple restarting of your internet can get it back to normal again, which takes not up to 2 minutes to complete.

5. Contact Netflix Support – At some points, if all the above troubleshooting refused to work, which is rare, then you should contact Netflix support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Code UI-800-3 100018 Mean on Netflix?

This error code informs you that your device has some crashed information stored that needs to be refreshed. More specifically, it means that you are trying to access Netflix contents that are not available to your subscribed content location.

Also, an example of such errors is corrupted cashed documents on your streaming device. You can get rid of this in a few clicks of the button or by taking a few action steps.

How do you refresh Netflix on TV?

To refresh Netflix, simply log out of the app, close the app, and restart it again. It should be refreshed. At some point, you might also need to restart your Smart TV to keep Netflix refreshed in order to clear out all the error messages on the app.

How Do You Fix Netflix That Has Encountered An Error?

When your Netflix says it has encountered an error, it usually displays the error code. A simple Google search would point you to the best fixes. However, this error is usually caused by crashing the network, accessing content not made available to your location, or generally needs you to restart Netflix to keep it refreshed.

What Causes Netflix Error UI-800-3?

Netflix UI-800-3 On LG smart TV has been detected to have been caused by your streaming devices. This includes the TV and your internet connection.

The Netflix error code UI-800-3 is also a generic internet error message, and it appears when the Netflix servers are having trouble loading your video. 

This typically happens when you’re trying to watch content on Netflix from a location outside of the country where you have access to your account and therefore would need to refresh your viewing to get it resolved.

Many people have been complaining about the error code appearing unexpectedly, which leads them to believe that something has gone wrong with their account. If you are experiencing this problem as well, do not panic! There are some simple steps you can take to resolve the issue though.

Why does my Netflix say error code UI-800-3?

This error pops up on your smart TV when your streaming device crashes. Netflix error code UI-800-3 is one of the most common problems Netflix users encounter. 

This error can be caused by a variety of things, and there are multiple ways to fix it. There is nothing to worry about as your account is not at risk, but it does interrupt your watching experience.


Hopefully, the steps above will help you make a decision about how to fix Netflix UI-800-3 on your LG Smart TV. While some steps are a little bit tricky, and there’s always a chance of something going wrong, these instructions will give many users the tools they need to fix this problem. Let us know if this help you in the comment section.

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