Peacock is an online streaming service that offers a variety of TV shows and movies for people worldwide to watch at a reasonable subscription rate. You get to see the shows from different languages, for different age groups and different genres. 

Peacock and Samsung Smart TV 

Earlier, the peacock application was available for a limited number of smart TVs, but now in the list of compatible devices, the Samsung name has also been added. It is excellent news for the users of Samsung Smart TV. 

Even though you know you can get a peacock app on your Samsung Smart TV, it is only limited to the models from 2017. On the Samsung Smart TV models created in 2017 or later, you can download peacock directly. 

But in the older version of Samsung Smart TV, you will have to take the help of the secondary streaming devices that we will discuss later in this article. 

Steps to Download Peacock on Samsung Smart TV

Downloading peacock on Samsung Smart TV is a very straightforward process, and you can conveniently install and uninstall the application from your Samsung Smart TV. 

Peacock is available on the Samsung app store, and below, we have mentioned the steps you need to follow to download the application. 

  • In the first step, you have to press the home button on the remote control of a Samsung Smart TV. 
  • On the homepage, you have to select “Applications”.
  • Another face will appear on your Samsung Smart TV, and on the search icon, you have to search “Peacock”. 
  • Once the application appears on your screen, all you have to do is to click on the install button and wait for a few seconds for the application to get downloaded on your Samsung Smart TV. 
  • When you have downloaded the peacock application on your Samsung Smart TV, you can launch the application, sign up and select any subscription plan That seems convenient for you.  

Peacock & Subscription

If you are not willing to get a subscription to the peacock application, you must know that the application is indeed available for free, but it has limited content in the free mode. You only have access to future channels and shows. 

To enjoy every content on peacock, you will have to select a subscription plan. Fortunately, the subscription plan of this application is quite reasonable. 

While watching shows, you will get interrupted by advertisements, and to get rid of them, you will have to upgrade to a premium plus subscription. 

How to Get Peacock on Older Models of Samsung Smart TV? 

If your Samsung Smart TV is an older model and does not fulfill the criteria of downloading peacock, then you don’t have to get it heartened because you can use a secondary streaming device to stream the content of peacock on your Samsung Smart TV. 

These secondary streaming devices are Amazon Fire Stick and Roku devices. Devices are compatible with the peacock application. 

All you have to do is download the peacock on these devices and then connect either of the devices with your Samsung Smart TV and enjoy a peacock on your television. 

Other than using secondary streaming devices, there are a few alternative methods that you can try to stream the content of the peacock application on your Samsung Smart TV. It might not be a direct way to get a peacock application on your smart TV, but it indeed works. 



Airplay is a casting device used with iOS devices that you can use to create a bridge between your iPhone or Mac and your Samsung Smart TV. Once you have connected Airplay with both devices, whatever you will play on your smartphone will appear on your Samsung Smart TV. 


Chromecast is another casting device that you can connect with your Samsung Smart TV and smartphone and then stream the content from the peacock application on your television.

 To access Chromecast and create a connection between your smartphone and Samsung Smart TV, you have to download the Google Home application from Play Store or App Store

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Sum Up 

This article discusses not only how you can download peacock on your Samsung smart TV with everything that you need to know about the application and its aspects. We hope you found it informative and helpful. 

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