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PlayStation Vue is the streaming media service offered by Sony. It was created to compete with other streaming services like Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu With Live TV, and YouTube TV to help users cut their cable cords.

Vue provides several features. Like, My Shows allows viewers to save their most-loved shows on Device and to Cloud for up to 28 days. Most importantly, you won’t have to compromise the recording of multiple shows or films since they’re broadcasting simultaneously.

To facilitate the discovery of content, Explore is one of the tools available that use adaptable filters to filter your search by length, genre, and rating. If you’d like to see your top shows and films prominently displayed, The Favorite Channel places those shows in the top spot of your list of recommendations. The Timeline feature tracks your watching habits and creates personalized recommendations to view on your home screen.

How to Sign Up and Download PlayStation Vue on LG Smart TV

It’s a shame that PlayStation Vue is not yet available for native streaming on LG Smart TV. PlayStation Vue may launch a native application to LG Smart TV shortly; however, for the moment streaming is limited to Apple AirPlay (2018+ (webOS 4.0+) models).

You can register to PlayStation Vue and use it on other devices such as Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, iPhone/iPad Android, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, and VIZIO Smart TV.

Apple AirPlay

  1. Register to PlayStation Vue.
  2. Download the PlayStation Vue iPhone and iPad application.
  3. Once you have installed the program, sign in to the account with your PlayStation Vue credentials.
  4. Check that your Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network your iPad or iPhone.
  5. Start playing the content on PlayStation Vue. Open the PlayStation Vue app and select the AirPlay icon.
  6. Select LG Smart TV, and it will be displayed the content on your Smart TV.

Does Vue have any local and premium channels?

Sony claims it offers a wide range of local stations, including local weather and sports channels. But, depending on the location you live in, you may be missing certain stations you love. Sling TV has added Local Now by the Weather Channel to its base packages that include local news, sports, and traffic updates, in addition to the weather.

Vue provides several premium channels with a separate cost to PlayStation Plus subscribers. For example, Showtime ($8.99), Epix Hits ($2.99), Machinima ($1.99), and Fox Soccer Plus ($12.99) are all available. It also has an $11.49 premium package that is comprised consisting of Showtime along with Epix Hits. Non-members can add $2 to the price.

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Will I still watch commercials?

Like Sling TV, you’ll have to endure commercials while watching Vue since you’re viewing live TV. However, you will fast forward when you DVRed the show. Any blackout rule binds the Vue the traditional channels will be bound by.

Which devices can be supported?

You can access Vue with Amazon Fire, Android, the Apple TV, Chromecast, the PlayStation 3, and PS4 and iOS devices (the iPhone and iPad). It’s not compatible with the Nintendo Switch (which Hulu With Live TV is available on), Xbox consoles (which are compatible with YouTube TV and Hulu). YouTube TV is also available on smart TVs made by LG and Samsung as well as Sling TV also supports select Samsung Smart TVs.

Do I have to set up more than one Vue account?

Sony offers a more inclusive approach that allows as many as five accounts in a single Vue account. Each will have recommendations, settings, and Favorite Channels like Netflix accounts. However, there aren’t any child-friendly choices for profiles.

Can I run multiple streams?

One Vue account is capable of supporting one PS4 or PS3 stream simultaneously. The same isn’t true in the case of two players on the identical PlayStation system in the same household. The mobile aspect is the ability to support up to five streams simultaneously.

In the past, PS Vue limited its amount of concurrent streams based on the method you signed up for the service. Those who signed up using mobile devices only get three streams. However, these users now get five streams. The majority of competitors limit you two (DirecTV Now, Hulu With Live TV) or 3 (YouTube TV) concurrent streams, and Sling provides one stream when you subscribe to the Orange package, three streams in the Blue bundle (both for $25 per month) and four streams with its monthly fee of $40. Orange and Blue bundle.

Does Vue you have parental control?

Vue isn’t yet offering parental controls. However, Sony has been directing users to the Explore feature to help to ensure that content is rated G or PG for children in the family.

You can also look up ratings on the program’s details. However, it gets repetitive after some time. Sling TV was kind enough to add parental controls into an accessible menu for every version.

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What is the PS Vue DVR?

PS Vue, My Shows list, lets you save shows to your list of favorites for up to 28 days following the time they air. However, PS Vue notes that “Due to streaming rights, however, select channels and programs cannot be recorded to the DVR.” Hulu Live TV Live TV and YouTube TV both have less restrictive DVR options, with the content being stored up to 90 days in the former. DirecTV is currently preparing to release its DVR, which is in beta. Sling TV makes you pay $5 for the DVR.

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