It’s human nature to urge for more! When a person has something good, he asks for the best; the same is the system with buying new gadgets. If you are among those obsessed with purchasing smart devices, including TVs, this article is for you. All those who quickly get fascinated by big screens can consider reading this review to know more about one of the best 55-inch TV.

There is no doubt that the market is full of advanced TVs in sizes 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and so on, but today we decided to give a review on Samsung Class Q80T 55-inch 4K TV. This time, the company came up with an excellent model having an ultra-viewing angle and multiple connectivity options that justify its price. We have added its essential specs, prominent features, and some pros and cons for your convenience.

Let’s step ahead to understand more about the product.

Samsung Q80T 55 Review


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model Name: CRT2SAMQN55Q80TA
  • Series: QLED Q80 Series
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Resolution Type: 4K UHD
  • Speaker Type: 2.2.2CH
  • Product Weight: 88.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 65.8 x 12.5 x 40.8 inches

Main Features

Enjoy Watching on a Big & Elegant Screen

Getting this big 55-inch smart TV will never disappoint you with the design. We know that Samsung is charging a hefty amount for what it is delivering but just trust the process. The new Q80T has a sleek and modern design with a thin bezel, making it an attractive addition to any room. It further has a backlit LED display that provides excellent brightness. Thus, it’s a great value for the money.

Catch the Details through Direct Full Array

Samsung has another intriguing feature installed to let the viewers enjoy the image details in perfect black and white. It has this direct full array 12X to display an outclass background light that automatically senses and manages the contrasts.

Step into another World with Quantum Dot Technology

It is impossible to compromise on picture resolution and color even after paying a big amount. So, yes, the company made sure to install such technologies that will always work to entertain you with bright colors in 4K. With the Quantum Dot Technology, this Class Q80T 55-inch TV lets you experience a dazzling range of colors, upscaled through an intelligent 4K processor. What do you want more?

Enjoy a Vivid Screen with Anti-Glare Technology

Yet again, the brand has amazed us with its fantastic anti-glare technology. The Q80T has this feature installed to allow users to watch TV in bright conditions. It is developed particularly for people with vision issues. The screen coating works by reflecting light inward instead of sending it directly toward the viewer. It makes it easier to see the screen and reduces eye strain.

Get Ready to Mirror Your Phone with Multi-View

People willing to work or play their favorite workouts while watching TV should definitely think about buying this masterpiece. The Samsung Q80T in 55 inches has this incredible multi-view feature to let you play dual videos on a single screen. Now you can play sports, play video games, or even stay up-to-date about the climate besides watching movies. Just connect your phone to the TV, and you’re good to go!

Get the Game Control with Real Game Enhancer

Are you a game lover who loves playing video games on the big screen? Yes, this 55-inch smart TV is huge enough to let you enjoy playing games. Not just that, the TV comes pre-equipped with a Real Game Enhancer feature that automatically detects and reduces blurry scenes in moving games. Besides, the AMD FreeSync technology helps eliminate the extra tearing and stuttering.

Fetch the Premium Audio with Object Tracking Sound

A customer’s priority while buying this expensive Samsung TV would always be to get the best features, including good sound quality. The Q80T has an Object Tracking Sound feature that delivers a more immersive audio experience. Its speakers are positioned at different heights, allowing sound to follow the movement of on-screen objects. It feels like the sound is coming from the screen.

Listen to the TV Without Distractions

Don’t you feel irritated when watching your favorite shows on weekends becomes difficult due to disruption from background noises? The new Q80T QLED TV has the solution for you! It arrives with an active voice amplifier feature to cut the background noises and also enhance audio, so you can enjoy hearing the dialogues clearly.

Quick Voice Assistant Feature

Samsung has induced this quick voice assistant feature in almost all of its TV models, including Q60T, TU8000, etc. Similarly, this one also has the best Alexa compatibility, so if a speech control system is your area of interest, get your hands on this TV. Once connected, you will only have to use your voice to give commands like changing channels, playing games, adjusting the volume, etc.

SmartThings Let You Control Your Home

Another interesting attribute is this SmartThings in Samsung Q80T. This feature allows you to control your other connected devices from your smartphone, including your home devices and gaming consoles. For example, once the QLED is linked, easily get an update on what’s inside your fridge, turn on room lights, and even use robotic devices right from your couch.

Samsung OneRemote for All

Another feature for the comfort of customers is this Samsung OneRemote. Know that you’ll definitely get the services you’ve paid for, as it’s the company’s promise. This sleek and slim device runs on batteries that help by automatically detecting all compatible devices to control them at the end.

• Impressive quality for bright scenes
• Wide viewing angles
• Slim and sleek layout
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Perfect for gaming
• A little costly
• Standard built-in speakers

Samsung Q80T vs. Samsung TU-8000 Series – A Quick Comparison

The Samsung TU-8000 series and Samsung Class Q80T are both high-end smart TVs with premium features. However, when comparing the price, the TU-8000 series is a budget-friendly option. It has a simpler design and fewer connectivity options compared to the Q80T class, but still obtains 4K picture quality, built-in apps, a universal guide, and voice control. On the other hand, the Q80T class has a higher peak brightness, better color accuracy, and a more advanced local dimming system. It further has a higher refresh rate than TU-8000, resulting in smoother motion handling.

Overall, the Samsung Q80T class is a better option for those looking for a high-quality viewing experience. Correspondingly, the Samsung TU-8000 series is a more budget-friendly option for those looking for basic features.


The central focus of this review article was to tell you about the impressive features of the 55-inch Samsung Q80T Smart TV. You might be confused about whether to buy this costly product or not, so make sure to always prefer your convenience. If you have got an extended budget and want a TV that delivers 4K quality, high-end sound, clear display, advanced gaming mode, and similar advanced features, we’d recommend you buy this device. Let the rest be your choice, happy shopping!

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