It is wise to set a price before entering the market of electronics and purchasing a new TV. If you are an interested buyer, you must have decided on a budget that couldn’t be crossed anyway. We pick the best products for review and make sure all of them are suitable for your needs. Today, our primary focus will be this excellent Samsung TV in 55 inches. This Class QLED Q60T Series is the latest 2020 model under $1000.

Samsung has gained immense popularity and trust that anyone hearing about the company must, at least once, consider buying its products. This Q60T is among the premium TVs that you can easily install without breaking the bank. Although you might encounter numerous other options, this combination of the low cost and best characteristics of the Q60T series is all you need. The review below comprises all the necessary specifications, the TV’s essential features, and the prominent pros and cons.

So, keep reading to know more about this large-sized Samsung TV.

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  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model Name: QLED 4K Q60 Series
  • Screen Size: 55-inch
  • Resolution Type: 4K
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Product Weight: 36.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 48.4 x 27.8 inches

Dual LED Feature

This new Samsung TV is a specially-designed QLED television with a 4K screen that arrives with dual LED technology. The company’s tech team decided to provide deeper blacks and better contrasts than the previous Samsung TVs, so installed this new technology. It uses two different types of screens to enhance the viewing results. Hence, the customers can get entertained by adjusting the color tone and watching on the screen at their convenience.

Quantum Dot Technology

The Samsung Q60T has one after the other fantastic, yet advanced features and one such is the Quantum Dot Technology. The brand, while keeping in view its reputation, ensures to produce of a quality that displays life-like brightness and sharp colors. Quantum technology works through nanocrystals to filter the light produced by TV, resulting in a variety of pretty colors than a traditional TV. So, now you can watch anything and everything you want on this big screen, with enhanced colors and contrasts.

Ultra-HD 4K Quality Screen

Like the other Samsung TVs, this one also comes equipped with the best 4K image quality. The ultra-HD screen with 4K resolution means it is four times better than the normal HD. You can enjoy watching your favorite programs, playing movies, getting entertained with video games, and whatnot on this big-sized TV. Q60T ensures to provide you with the best possible viewing experience.

Quantum HDR – High Dynamic Range

Besides the 4K image and the quantum dot technology, the company has amazed us with the latest HDR feature. This Q60T easily supports High Dynamic Range content to enhance the brightness and contrast of the displayed screen. This feature helps you enjoy a more realistic view, whether it is for movies, video games, or live streaming channels. So, enjoy a mesmerizing view for just under 1000 bucks.

Multiple Voice Assistants

People who want to spend their weekends sitting lazily on the couch and watching TV should consider buying this Samsung 55-inch TV. It supports multiple voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Samsungs’ Bixby, and Google Assistant. You can connect to anyone and simply use your voice to give TV different commands. It can help you change channels, adjust volume, search for online content, or even keeps you up-to-date on the weather condition.

OneRemote Accessibility

The Samsung Class QLED Q60T Series TV comes with the latest OneRemote, which can control all your connected devices. By connected devices, we mean any external device, such as high-quality soundbars, Blu-ray player, ethernet box, or gaming console. The OneRemote is pretty convenient to use. This feature makes it easy for you to switch between different devices without having to juggle different remotes.

Real Game Enhancer

The “real game enhancer” is another feature equipped in the television besides the 120-motion rate and 60 Hz refresh rate. All these characteristics together optimize your gaming experience by intelligently reducing the input lag and enhancing the color contrasts and brightness. So, all those game fanatics looking to buy a new TV to play video games should consider this a good choice.

Impressive Ambient Mode

Additionally, the Samsung Class Q60T has an ambient mode to allow you to view trendy photos, your favorite artwork, or even new headlines on the TV when not in use. This mode can seamlessly turn your TV into a beautiful art that blends in with your home décor. Furthermore, this impressive option lets you display a clock or even a calendar on the screen when not watching anything. What’s better than buying a TV providing multiple other uses?

Multi-View Feature

Besides other excellent features arrive this multi-view technology. Samsung had it in many other models, including this Q60T, allowing you to watch two different sources at a time. For instance, you can play your favorite movie on one half of the screen and use the rest to browse anything from the Internet or check sports updates. Isn’t it a great way to multitask and stay connected while watching TV?

Smart Connectivity

The TV arrives with a smart Tizen operating system that allows several efficient connectivities with the Samsung Q60T. You can easily connect the device to the Internet and get access to thousands of live-streaming contents. Similarly, this built-in Wi-Fi feature can help you play your favorite movies from apps like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Other than that, it also contains the options of HDMI, ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity for endless entertainment.

Boundless Design

Above all, the latest Samsung TV features a sleek and modern design that promises to complement any living space. The TV is crafted with an effortless minimalistic design to reduce distractions and display a maximized viewing area. Furthermore, Samsung provides a stand with the TV to offer a unique style, adding to the aesthetics of the TV.

• Crisp and clear images
• Good value of money
• Lots of built-in apps
• Advanced operating system
• Impressive upscaling
• Intuitive and sleek design
• Limited viewing angles
• Mediocre sound quality

Samsung 55-inch Class Q60T VS Samsung 75-inch Class Q80T – A Quick Comparison

As the name says, Class Q60T and Q80T fall in the same category by Samsung, but the difference lies in one being more premium in features than the other. Let’s check out some prominent differences between the two, so you can have more options in different display sizes. The Q60T is a good choice for those wanting a high-quality TV without stepping out of an economical price zone. It features Quantum HDR, a 4K processor, and UHD 4K resolution to provide an incredible viewing experience. Its slim and sleek design is something that none can ignore.

On the contrary, Samsung Class Q80T in 7 inches is a premium option for those who want the best of the best. It arrives with Object Tracking Sound+ technology and a Direct Full Array 12X to display an immersive experience.

It is a bit more pricey than the Q60T, but the features like Quantum Processor 4K, high-quality HDR, and easy voice control together with the above features make it worth the money. Overall, both TVs offer impressive picture quality and advanced features. The Q60T is more affordable for those low on a budget, while the Q80T is the ultimate choice for those wanting the most advanced technology and features.

Final Verdict

We hope to clear all the facts and features concerning this excellent Class Q60T by Samsung. In the end, it all depends on what qualities you want in your new TV. We, on our behalf, picked this TV and reviewed it for all those who wish to get premium quality in a reasonable range. Now, let the rest be your preference. Wish you good luck with shopping!

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