An HDMI ARC cable is the most productive piece of mind used for multiple purposes, and you don’t have to use various wires in your Samsung Smart TV.

This cord can transmit sound from the TV to the speakers, and it renders outstanding sound quality to the users. What if it stops working? 

HDMI ARC Cable and Samsung Smart TV

Using HDMI Arc cable with Samsung Smart TV can be a great decision because there is no hassle of wires, and you get better quality of the signals and sound. But every cable has its lifetime, and there might be a chance that the HDMI Arc cable will stop working for specific reasons. 

Below in this article, we will share the steps and possible methods that you can try if your Samsung Smart TV HDMI Arc cable is not working. We will also discuss the potential issues and solutions with the HDMI Arc cable on your Samsung Smart TV. 

HDMI ARC Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

If you are not aware, you must know that HDMI Arc is a connectivity port on your Samsung Smart TV that you use to connect the external sound system and the audio that comes out from the speaker is of higher quality and the transportation of the sound and signal happens seamlessly. 

If the HDMI Arc on your Samsung Smart TV stops working, troubleshooting is the first and most prominent solution. 

How to do it? 

  • In the troubleshooting, you have to remove all the external devices connected with your Samsung Smart TV and switch off the television for a while. 
  • After a few minutes, switch the Samsung Smart TV back on, and if after unplugging all the external devices, the HDMI Arc starts working, then there is a possibility that the problem was due to the external device. 
  • To check which one was the primary issue, you can start planning the devices one by one to see which one is incompatible with HDMI Arc. 

What To Do With HDMI ARC No Sound Issue? 

As we discussed earlier, the app HDMI Arc cord reduces the number of wires used in the device and renders the outstanding quality of sound. However, a lot of people have stated no sound issue with the HDMI Arc cable. Let’s take a look at the possible solution that can fix this. 


If you are hearing no sound coming out when you have connected a device with HDMI Arc on your Samsung Smart TV, then the most probable reason for this issue might be a bad connection. 

To fix this problem, check if you have connected the HDMI Arc cable properly on your Samsung Smart TV and the external sound device that you are using. You can unplug the wire from both ends and plug them in again. We hope the sound comes back again. 

If the sound still does not come from the HDMI arc, you can try changing the cable, and if that also does not work, then most probably, there is some problem with the port. 

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Alternative Methods to Fix HDMI ARC Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

Change the Audio Format

In most cases, replugging of the devices might not work in a troubleshooting way. So one of the alternative methods you can try to fix the HDMI Arc issue on your Samsung Smart TV is by changing the audio format. 

Samsung Smart Tv works on a particular audio format, and if your HDMI Arc is not working, you should check the audio format from the manual to make sure that you are in the correct audio format. The audio format depends on the Samsung model. You can contact customer service for the same. 


Another possible reason HDMI Arc is not working on your Samsung Smart TV might be the software. If you haven’t updated your Samsung TV software recently, it would be best to do it now. 

To see if you have any software updates, go to the official website of the Samsung TV and check if there is any update available. In Samsung Smart TV, every file or setting will get rebooted, and the possible issue will get fixed.

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Sum Up 

HDMI Arc can stop working from time to time. Therefore, it is important to keep maintaining it. After every 5 to 6 months, replace the HDMI Arc cable and other than that, we have mentioned all the possible solutions that you can try if your HDMI Arc stops working on a Samsung Smart TV. 

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