Smart TV Vs Chromecast

Smart TV and Chromecast have started to be used by people in the same sentences these days. But there is still some confusion related to the two products. 

Many people confuse one with the other and are not well informed about the functions and the way these two products work. To help you with the confusion, we have created a good comparison guide between smart TV and Chromecast. 

What is a Smart TV & a Chromecast? 

Smart TV is an upgrade from the standard televisions, and you can have access to plenty of online applications that you can use for your entertainment purposes.

 These online applications are already built on the television, and you can also download new ones from an App Store. 

On the other hand, a Chromecast is a streaming or casting device that you use to stream the content from a different device to your television.

 For example, if you wish to watch a particular movie on a large screen but you don’t have a smart TV, then you can use a Chromecast to cast the content of your smartphone, laptop, or tablet on your television. 

We hope the actual meaning of both the devices and what they do is clear to you now. The one significant similarity that both of them have is the use of the internet. You cannot use the smart TV or a Chromecast without an Internet connection. 

Comparison Between Smart TV and Chromecast 


When we compare the two devices under the category of availability of applications, then we must say that indeed Smart TVs have the upper hand because they have a variety of applications already inbuilt in them. 

But there are chances that your smart TV does not support a particular application, or you cannot download it because you have a standard television, and in that case, Chromecast comes into use. 

Chromecast allows you to cast most online streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Hotstar, and more. But still, we will have to give an advantage to the smart TV because you don’t have to go through a hassle while accessing the applications. 

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In terms of portability, Chromecast wins the comparison. Now you cannot carry a smart TV in your bag when you go on vacation, right? But you can certainly take a Chromecast and binge-watch your favorite shows while you are chilling in a hotel room with your friends and family. 


You can access smart TV and its functions with the help of remote control, but that is not seeing the Chromecast. Chromecast does not come with remote control.

To access its features and navigate the device, you will have to use the external device that you are using to stream the content on the television. It can be inconvenient and tiring at times. 

Price comparison 

The price is one of the most critical deciding factors whenever people compare two products. In comparison, between Smart TV and Chromecast, a smart TV is more expensive than Chromecast.

The average starting price of a Chromecast is from 4000 to 5000, whereas a good quality smart TV Comes around 12-14K. And if you want to have a better smart TV, you will have to spend more money. 

Final Say 

Both Smart TV and Chromecast have their benefits and disadvantages. A smart TV is a convenient option as it has numerous applications built in it, but it is an expensive purchase. 

On the other hand, a Chromecast is a cheaper product. Still, you will have to go through a hassle to create a connection, and you must have a separate device like a smartphone tablet or laptop that you can use to stream the content to the television via Chromecast. 

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