Sony X800H 85 Inch TV Review




Sony X800H 85 Inch TV Review

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Overall, the Sony X800H 85 Inch is good television. In SDR, it can get vivid, and it can view 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4k content without artifacts. This TV is best for sports or video games because of its extremely low input lag and quick response time. This TV should even be used as a computer monitor, and there is no chance of lasting burn-in. The Sony X800H 85 Inch TV review will help you know every detail of this product.

Sony X800H 85 Inch TV

Display85 inches
Display TechnologyLED
Weight100.5 lbs
Dimensions74.88 x 17.5 x 46.25inch
Refresh Rate60 Hz

Main Features of Sony X800H 85 Inch TV

Glare-free binge watch

For viewing TV programs, the Sony X800H is ideal. It can get very light, and it copes well with reflections in most moderately lit spaces. 720p video from a cable box, as well as 1080p and 4k content, looks fantastic. The whole family can observe their favorite shows from any corner of the house because of its large viewing angles. In addition, the built-in speakers do an excellent job of producing dialogue.

The semi-gloss finish does a good job of diffusing minimal quantities of light but fails with overt light, so it’s safest to keep it away from bright lights.

Excellent as Computer Monitor

As a screen display, the Sony X800H is excellent. If you need to share the computer with others, the input lag is remarkably short, and the viewing angles are excellent. It has the correct 4:4:4 chroma, which is critical for reading text. It doesn’t tolerate reflections well in very bright spaces, but there’s no chance of irreversible burn-in or temporary image preservation with this TV.

Beast for gaming

In HDR, the Sony X800H performs admirably. The input lag is incredibly short, and the response time is fast enough to make motion seem somewhat visible. It has a broad color gamut, but it can’t contain rich shades of color due to its low colour volume. Because of its low contrast ratio and just fair black uniformity, the X800H isn’t recommended for HDR gaming in low light. The native refresh rate comes out to be 60 Hz perfectly for the price of this television.

AI Support

Using your voice, smart stream camera feeds. Ask Alexa to play music, open video applications, increase the sound, and more with an Alexa-enabled smartphone. Integrate your iPhone and Siri computers with your Sony TV to handle your smart home and download content with ease.

Excellent Viewing Angles

Is your old TV having issues with viewing angles? If you look at the screen from a particular angle, it seems dark in some places. But, this is not the issue with the Sony X800H television. The product has excellent viewing angles, as do most IPS panels. And when seen from the left, the picture remains correct. It is an excellent TV for a large space.

  • Excellent brightness
  • Amazing Viewing angles
  • Decent response time
  • Minimal input lag
  • No VRR support
  • No local dimming

If you’re looking for a high-end multi-tasking television for gaming or other job purposes, this Sony X800H review will come in handy. This review will lay out all of the features for you, making it fairly simple to decide whether or not to purchase this monitor.

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