How to Stop Adverts Appearing on Your Samsung TV

Often people using smart TVs have come across the issue where advertisements keep on appearing on the screen. Samsung Smart TVs users have also stated this issue, and intrusive adverts can be highly annoying. 

What Are These Adverts? 

Unfortunately, earlier, Samsung Smart TVs used to show advertisements in smaller sizes related to new updates, new applications, products or shows. But with time, the size of these advertisements have become large that can be highly irritating and intrusive at times. 

There is no need to worry because removing and blocking adverts appearing on Samsung Smart TV is extremely easy. You must be aware of all the websites and remains that we will be using to remove advertisements from your Samsung Smart TV.

 Below we have mentioned detailed steps that you need to follow and get done with those annoying advertisements. Before jumping onto the steps to remove advertisements from your Samsung Smart TV, you must block certain domains. 

For the Samsung TV, you have to block the following domains to get started with removing adverts.

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Methods to Getting Rid of Adverts on Samsung TV

Method 1 – Block the Domains in Router

Advertisements on your Smart TV come by creating a contact with a few websites and websites that show the ads on your Smart TV. But if you directly block these websites on your router, your Samsung Smart TV will not show the advertisements anymore. 

Let’s look at the steps you need to follow: 

1. Login 

In the first step, you have to log in to your router. You can find the default IP address and login credentials on your router or the manual that comes with it. You can also find the login credentials on the official website of your router.

Another thing you have to do in the first step is to change the password of your router if it is still set on the default one. Changing the password will make your router more secure. 

2. Go to the Settings page

In the next step, you have to go to the settings page of the router to block the website that is leading to annoying advertisements. The settings page will be different for every router, but you can look for it under the security option. 

3. Block the Websites

The last step is when you have found the settings page on your smartphone or laptop; you have to find the block option, and then we block the websites so that the annoying advertisements don’t show up on your Samsung Smart TV from now onwards. 

To block the websites from your Samsung Smart TV, all you have to do is keep entering the URL of those websites on the block list that appears on your screen and then hit the save button. 

If you do not find the block website option on the settings page of the router, then don’t worry; we have also mentioned an alternative method that you can try to remove the adverts from the Samsung Smart TV. 

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Alternative Method: Block on DNS level. 

If there is no block website option on the router’s settings page, you can try this alternative method to block the DNS level altogether. You must know that whenever you visit a website, the domain name changes into the IP address. 

There are plenty of DNS servers that you can use on your router, and one of the best ones is OpenDNS. It is a faster server that will offer you a secure Network and help you block those unnecessary advertisements. 

Take a look at the steps. 

1. OpenDNS account

Firstly you have to create an account for OpenDNS. You can do it for free on After you have made the account, enter the credentials to log in. 

2. Setup Step

Next, you have to add your router network to OpenDNS. To add the network, you have to click on “Add Network” on the home page and click on “Add this network” on the settings page. 

When you add your network on the settings page, leave the IP address as it is. Now that the network is added, you can start blocking the websites in OpenDNS. 

3. Block the Websites

Go to the settings page, where you will see the options for web content filtering. On that page, you can enter the names of websites and domains that you want to block.

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Wrapping up

These two methods are to contrive to remove the advertisement from my Samsung Smart TV, and in these methods, all the steps you have to do are related to the router that is the source of ads. 

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