Vizio Smart TV Apps Not Working

Smart TVs are superior to regular TVs in so many ways, but the topmost benefit is that you get several applications already installed on the TV, and you can install more on your own. 

These applications help you swim the content, be in touch with internet happenings, and more that allows you to keep your phone aside and enjoy the visuals on a large screen. 

However, many people who have been using Vizio smart TV have often come across the issue where their apps don’t work. If your Vizio smart TV applications are also not working, check out how we have mentioned below to fix that issue. 

Fix Vizio Smart Tv Apps Not Working Issue

Stable Internet Connection 

The apps might not be working for several reasons, one of them being the unstable internet connection. Applications built in Vizio smart TV only work with the help of Wi-Fi or the internet.

 To see if your applications are not working because of your internet connection, go to the “Network option” on your menu and then select the “Network test” option. In the testing, you will see the speed of downloading your internet connection. 

If the speed is slow or you cannot figure out if it is enough for the applications to work, we would suggest you try another internet connection so that you can be sure if the problem is because of the internet connection or not.

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Power Cycle Vizio Smart TV

When the smart TV heats up too much, it often starts to have certain glitches that can be fixed by power cycling the device. Since you’re not sure if the issue is because of the internet connection, it would be better if you power cycle your router and modem. 

In this, all you have to do is to unplug all the devices from the main power outlet and then wait for 30 to 60 seconds for your Smart TV modem and router to cool down properly. Once they have cooled down, connect all the devices with the power outlet again and restart them. 

Application Update 

Often you must have seen that when you have an outdated version of your application or operating system, the device does not work correctly, or the application repeatedly asks you to update it. So another method that you can try to fix the Vizio smart TV apps is to update them. 

On your Vizio smart TV, press the menu button and then go to the applications, from where you can select the application you want to update. Go to the application and then press the yellow button, which will start updating the application if it is outdated. 

Reinstalling the Application

The last method that we have on this list to fix the issue is installing the application that is not working. Reinstalling the application might fix the bug that may have entered the application hence solving the problem ultimately. 

Go to the menu option and then to settings. From there, select the application manager and then select the application you want to reinstall. Select the yellow button on your Vizio Smart TV remote and select the delete option. Go to the TV Apps Store on your Vizio Smart TV and search the apps to install again.

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Wrapping it Up 

Sometimes Vizio Smart TV applications don’t work for several reasons, and you might not be able to figure out the exact reason behind it. Still, there are plenty of solutions that we have mentioned above that can help you fix this minor bug.

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