Vizio Smart TV Sound Cuts Out

Vizio smart TV has become extremely popular in the electronics world, and it is a universal truth that no smart TV brand comes without flaws. Similarly with your Smart TV also has an issue of sound cut out.

People have complained that the sound cuts out from their Vizio Smart TV every fifteen or twenty minutes, and sometimes they don’t hear anything at all.

Not to worry because we are here to give you a few suggestions that you can try and fix this sound cut-out problem in your Vizio Smart TV.

Ways That You Can Try to Fix Vizio Smart TV Sound Cut Out Issue

Unplug the Smart TV

Often this issue occurs when there is a voltage or Power problem, so to start with this minor reason that might be behind the sound cut-out issue, unplug your smart television from its power outlet and let the TV cool down.

Once the television is perfectly cool down, you can plug the power cord again into the outlet and restart the tv. If the problem occurred due to the power issue or voltage, it must be solved by now.

Check for Damaged Cables

The second thing you can try to fix the audio cut-out issue in Vizio smart TV is to check the damaged cables and replace them. Cables that come with television are often not of great quality and have a specific lifetime.

Check the audio cable and others of the television and fix them. If you are using an HDMI cable, then the best thing is to swap it with a new one. This way, you will be able to figure out if the problem was because of the cable or not.

Check the Cable Box

Another reason and the solution that you can try to fix the Vizio smart TV sound cut out the problem is by checking the signal of the cable box or any other connection that you use. It can be anything like Tata sky, Airtel TV, etc.

To see if the problem is in the feed signal, you can try playing something with the help of the Wi-Fi, and if the issue still exists, then there might be a setting default in your Smart TV.

Reset the Audio Settings

Next, you can change the audio settings of your Vizio Smart TV. Go to the audio settings in your television with the help of the remote control, where you will see the option of reset.

If you are not well versed in changing the settings, it is better that you bring it back to the default one. By hitting the reset button, the sound cut out issue will get fixed.

Reset the Vizio Smart TV

The last thing you can do if none of those mentioned above works is to reset the entire Vizio Smart TV. It sounds scary, but if there is any software issue leading to the sound cut-out problem, it will get fixed after a factory reset.

Go to “Reset & Admin” in the menu option and click on the factory reset option. This option will only work for software problems, and if your Vizio Smart TV has a hardware problem, it will not get fixed with this method.

Sum Up

Sound cutting out issues can be highly frustrating, especially when you are enjoying a movie. This problem can be because of several reasons, and you possibly can not know the reason instantly.

All the methods that we have mentioned above will help you figure out the reason for the Vizio Smart TV sound cut-out issue and help you fix that problem instantly.

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