Yamaha receiver is a great option to turn your simple smart TV into a home theater because it is considered to be an incredible sound system that is capable of providing you an amazing and wonderful experience with your family and friends. But the question that arises here is how to connect Samsung smart TV to Yamaha receiver.

You might also be wondering about this as you are looking for a solution. Well, we are here to help you and guide you through this journey of connecting Samsung smart TV to Yamaha receiver. To help you in this matter, we researched this problem in depth, gathered all the information, and now present it to you in a simple and easy way after doing all the processing on it so you can get authentic information and not have any complications and problems while understanding and following the method to connect.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect Samsung smart TV to Yamaha receiver?

It might seem difficult to you when looking at the method of connecting a Samsung smart TV to a Yamaha receiver but it is not as difficult as it looks. Once you start following the method you will see how easy and convenient it is. You just have to be attentive during the learning process and applying procedures to connect.


  • This procedure will only take 10 to 20 minutes of your time if you carefully follow every step with us. You do not need any extra tools or cable to complete the method but you have to consider some factors before beginning with the process.
  • Consider the HDMI port and cable on your Samsung smart TV for compatibility with the Yamaha receiver
  • HDMI cable of Samsung smart TV needs to be of 1.4 version or higher to work with your Yamaha receiver

Let’s start from the very beginning.

Step # 1: Setting up your Samsung smart TV

The first step of the procedure is to set up your Samsung smart TV. You need to turn your TV on, if you are turning it on for the first time then you might need to set up an account to proceed further. They can ask for your name, email, password to create your account. You also need to add other information that appears on the screen. After you have made an account, we are all set to move further. Now, you need to adjust the display settings so you can have a feel of theater. You need to change the display settings under the settings tab. Change the display to maximum resolution and good quality colors.

Step # 2: Activating Anynet+

The next step of this procedure is to activate Anynet+ that is important to connect your TV and Yamaha receiver so you can use your TV remote with other devices to adjust sound settings. To activate Anynet+, you need to go to the settings of your smart TV and then locate general settings under the settings tab.

Next, you will need to open the external device manager in which you will see a menu display. In the menu display, you will see the option to activate Anynet+. You need to use the remote to check the settings of Anynet+. If it is working, you are all set to move to the next step of this process.

Step # 3: Connecting TV and Yamaha receiver

The third step of the procedure is to attach cables to connect the TV and Yamaha receiver. For this step, you need to turn off both the devices by removing plugs from the socket because it involves electric current and you have to be cautious. Then you need to find the port of HDMI. It is usually placed at the back of the smart TV or you may find it on the sides.

Now, take the HDMI cable and connect one side of the cable into the port of the Samsung smart TV. Take the other side of the cable and attach it to the Yamaha receiver. You need to adjust the placement of the TV and receiver so the cable can easily reach both devices. Do not stack electronics on the receiver because they can get damaged from the heat.

Step # 4: Adjusting settings

Your smart TV and Yamaha receiver are now connected to each other. If your smart TV and Yamaha receiver are not connected then you might need to change the HDMI cable. You can easily find an HDMI cable from any nearby store.

You need to adjust some settings so you can enjoy your series and movies with great quality and amazing sound or audio system. Adjusting the settings is not a necessary part of the procedure but you can adjust the settings according to yourself.

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We hope that “how to connect Samsung smart TV to Yamaha receiver” was a great help for you in solving your issues and connecting your devices. As you have read the whole article, understand it completely, now the only part left is that you have to follow all the steps to connect your smart TV and Yamaha receiver to make your customized home theater to enjoy and have a quality time with your family, friends, or everyone you love or admire.

Let us summarize all the important things that you need to remember so you can recall them every time there is a need to connect your Samsung smart TV to the Yamaha receiver. You need to consider the HDMI cable and its type so the smart TV and Yamaha receiver can be compatible with each other. The second thing you need to keep in mind is to activate Anynet+ carefully to avoid any kind of trouble. Lastly, enjoy your day with your home theater.

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