The Samsung 98″ QM98T caters specifically to commercial settings, offering a massive 98-inch display ideal for capturing attention in large spaces like conference rooms, lobbies, classrooms, and retail environments. This LCD display prioritizes reliable performance, clear visuals, and 24/7 operation, making it a workhorse solution for continuous content display. Let’s delve into the key features of the QM98T to see if it delivers the functionality and performance demanded by commercial users.

Samsung QM98T LCD Review
  • High 4K resolution
  • Vibrant colors and contrast
  • Comprehensive smart features
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Enhanced gaming capabilities
  • Heavy and requires sturdy mounting
  • High power consumption

Sound Quality

The QM98T features built-in speakers, but the sound quality might not be sufficient for large venues. For impactful sound in conference rooms, classrooms, or retail spaces, pairing the QM98T with a separate sound system or external speakers is highly recommended.


The Samsung QM98T boasts features specifically designed for commercial applications. It supports 24/7 operation, ensuring continuous content display without requiring shutdowns. This makes it ideal for environments where displays need to be operational for extended periods.

The QM98T also features MagicINFO S6, a content management software that allows for easy scheduling, creation, and playback of digital signage content. This user-friendly software simplifies content creation and management for businesses.

Additionally, the QM98T offers a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB, allowing for connection to various sources like computers, media players, and digital signage devices.


The Samsung QM98T prioritizes a sleek and professional design that blends seamlessly into commercial environments. The slim bezels minimize distractions and keep the focus on the content. The build quality feels sturdy, and the display is designed for continuous operation in commercial settings.


The Samsung QM98T offers a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking a large and reliable display for commercial applications. The massive 98-inch screen size ensures high visibility in large venues, while the clear picture quality, 24/7 operation, and built-in content management software make it a versatile solution.

Here’s a quick breakdown for users with specific needs:

  • Ideal for: Conference rooms, lobbies, classrooms, retail stores, and other commercial settings requiring a large and reliable display for content delivery
  • Consider alternatives if: You prioritize absolute top-tier picture quality or require a display specifically designed for high-end home entertainment use


The Samsung QM98T emerges as a compelling option for businesses seeking a large and reliable display solution for commercial use. Its massive 98-inch screen size captures attention, while the clear picture quality, 24/7 operation, and built-in content management software cater to the specific needs of commercial environments. However, users prioritizing absolute top-tier picture quality or a display specifically designed for home entertainment might want to explore alternative options. Consider your specific needs, venue size, and content display requirements to make the best decision for your commercial display needs.

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