Top 5 Best 55-Inch TVs Under $1000 (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

Here to purchase a new TV without over-spending? Have you already decided on the type of TV you want for your home or office? This article is entirely based on providing you with the best options under an affordable $1000, so if you’re among people on a low budget – this platform is for you! Getting a new gadget for under 1000 bucks means you’re likely to find a TV delivering the best of its performance without falling in premium costs.

Now the real struggle starts here! We have multiple 2021 TV options that most buyers have a misconception about not carrying good quality. But that is not so!

The market of electronics is flooded with excellent 55-inch TVs under 1000, which is an ideal combo of cost and characteristics. We did a survey to grab the top best brands who’ve lately launched some flawlessly economical 55-inch TVs.

While all these new sets have significant features, a few differences are pushing us to present you with each TV individually. For example, a game lover would definitely prefer a TV with HDMI 2.1 port, and that’d be different from a TV only limited to displaying a 4K quality picture.

Continue reading the article below to get to the best 55-inch option under 1000 dollars.

List of Five Best 55 Inch TVs Under 1000

We have filtered these top five 55-inch TVs, offering you the most satisfying features.

  1. TCL 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV
  2. Sony X80K Series 4K LED Smart Google TV
  3. Samsung Class QLED Q70A Series 4K Smart TV
  4. Samsung Class QLED Q80A Series 4K Smart TV
  5. Hisense Class R6 Series 4K UHD Roku Smart TV

1. TCL 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV – 55 inch HDR TV under $1000

TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K tv under 1000 usd


  • Brand: TCL
  • Model Name: 55S535
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi | USB | HDMI
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount


Fetch the Endless Entertainment with 55-Inch TCL

Here to get the best of channels and movies on a big screen? TCL Roku Smart TV stands as the ideal option for streaming thousands of live channels and more than 500,000 different movies. If your only concern about buying a new TV under an affordable range is playing your favorite music, watching movies, or streaming channels – this is for you!

Get Entertained with Premium Picture Quality

The new TCL 5-Series in 55 inches has the most advanced features installed to entertain its customers with the best results. Most people prefer QLED TVs with the latest Dolby Vision, Quantum Dot Technology, HDR, etc., and we proudly announce all of them in this TCL model. It lets you get entertained by enhancing screen performance, improving brightness, and setting color range.

Prepare Yourself to Play on Big Screen

All gamers wondering about purchasing a new TV should look no further than this 55-inch TCL device with the exclusive auto game mode. Get this gadget if you’re previously disturbed with experiencing lagging issues while playing heavy games on the screen! It automatically picks the game being played and applies actions to bring smooth results. Besides, the auto game mode also enhances picture clarity.

Convenient Voice Control

With Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant launched, people are now more dependent on these features that ultimately bring ease. TCL kept this point in mind and pre-installed the Alexa compatibility feature in its 55-inch Roku TV to attract customers. So, easily control all functions of your new TV using your voice. You can also easily access the feature through the Roku Mobile app.

Pros & Cons


The big TV comes with a solid interface, having premium 4K picture quality. Besides, it has the best HDR and Dolby Vision features to improve brightness and contrast. And overall affordable gadget!


Some users don’t like to minimum-buttoned remote.

2. Sony X80K Series 4K LED Smart Google TV – Best 55 inch 4K TV under $1000

Sony 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV under 1000


  • Brand: Sony
  • Model Name: KD-55X80K
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Ethernet | HDMI | Bluetooth | USB
  • Controller Type: Voice Control


A Sleek-Designed Smart TV

A customer always looks for an eye-enchanting design while making a purchase! You’d have all essential features installed in your new TV, but it is worthless if it’s not attractive. We know Sony has a reputable name, and balancing that, it launched this flush surface, sleek-looking 55-inch Smart TV. Once you see it, there is no escape! The overall bezel interface at just 1000 dollars would never be a regret.

Find the Best Entertainment at Sony

This X80K is an intelligent Google TV with hundreds and thousands of live channels and more than 700k top movies. Don’t settle for less when you can get complete entertainment on this big screen. The pre-designed Google system will set and organize your subscriptions within the TV to let you watch your favorite content on several pre-installed apps. Get all-in-one qualities on a single platform.

An Ideal-Fit for PS5

You’d be glad to know about the compatibility of this 55-inch Sony TV with your PS5. Being a game freak, what could be a better announcement than this, particularly when your budget is limited to $1000. The game mode automatically starts detecting the game being played and manages its performance to display lag-free results.

Enjoy the Sharp & Dazzling Picture Quality

Besides being an ideal pick for gamers, regular users fond of watching their favorite shows can also purchase this economical TV. This large-sized device has supreme HDR and Dolby Vision features, enhancing picture details and providing a dazzling view. Now watch everything you want in a perfect blend of brightness and darks!

Pros & Cons


One can easily set up the new TV through mobile phones. Besides being an excellent 4K TV, it is also game-friendly and economical. Alexa compatibility is another plus!


It requires an additional soundbar to enjoy good quality and loud sound.

3. Samsung Class QLED Q70A Series 4K Smart TV – 55 inch QLED TV under $1000

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class QLED TV under 1000 USD


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model Name: QLED Q70 Series
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | HDMI
  • Contrast: Dual LED
  • Gaming: 4K @ 120 Hz


Enjoy the Exclusive Quantum Dot Technology

A very advanced technology used nowadays in most TVs is this Quantum Dot Technology. Samsung Q70 Series is among those cost-effective models presenting a set of beautiful colors, so your family can enjoy streaming their favorite channels every day. If you want the best source of relaxation blended with the high-quality features, this Q70 series is a great option!

Get the Best Dual LED Backlighting

There comes this dual LED backlighting with other significant features giving a cinematic view. The life-like LED backlighting brings colors to your life through quick optimization. Setting up this 55-inch TV in your living area means you’re actually welcoming the best device for just under 1000 dollars.

A Quick Alexa Compatibility

Do not look for more options if you desire to buy a TV with a quick Alexa compatibility. Samsung allows an easy connection with Google Assistant and Alexa, so its users can enjoy using the platform. Once connected, get your hands off the remote, and give commands with your voice. You can play your favorite music, ask to turn on movies or even check weather conditions with Alexa.

Good Value of Money

No company can beat Samsung when it comes to a blend of price and performance. Getting all the outstanding features, including a 4K processor, mirror feature, a quick tap option, etc., for just under $1000 is no less than a blessing for Samsung lovers. So, what is the wait about?

Pros & Cons


The Quantum features, including the Dot and HDR features, are worth having in the TV. The overall 4K picture quality never distorts. Further, Alexa compatibility is another attractive benefit besides the economical price.


The TV is a bit heavier than what is stated by the company.

4. Samsung Class QLED Q80A Series 4K Smart TV – 55 inch TV for gaming under $1000

SAMSUNG 55-Inch TV under 1000 dollars


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model Name: QLED Q80 Series
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi | Bluetooth
  • Contrast: Direct Full Array Backlight
  • Gaming: 4K @ 120 Hz


Enjoy the Fascinating Quantum Dot Technology

The new Quantum Dot Technology is all immersed in beautiful colors and boosted clarity when installed in the Samsung QLED Q80 series. Enjoy watching your most-liked program on the big screen in a million vibrant shades, that too under a cost-effective price. I think none would want to miss this opportunity!

Get Entertained with the Gaming Feature

A game lover would understand the real struggle behind finding a TV compatible with advanced gaming modes. With that said, Samsung ensures to let its users enjoy at their utmost! It has launched the Q80 series with an exceptional Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ to make the TV more user-friendly. The ultra-fast gaming mode allows quick access to different video games and runs at a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Installation of Active Voice Amplifier

Another interesting feature is this active voice amplifier installed to grab customers. Most of the time, background noises disturb your aura of watching on-screen content. This feature is basically designed to reduce or eliminate such extra noises so the user can enjoy a more peaceful experience.

Wide Viewing Angles from any Side

getting yourself seated far away from the TV or from aside from a TV is not an issue now with the Samsung QLED TV. It makes sure to display wide viewing angles so the user can enjoy every scene, even from the side. This feature best compliments when you’re sitting in a gathering.

Pros & Cons


The interface is pretty user-friendly besides having the best 4K picture quality. Moreover, the active amplifier enhances the sound quality. It is among the most cost-effective TVs attaining all essential features.


The remote sometimes doesn’t properly connect to the TV.

5. Hisense Class R6 Series 4K UHD Roku Smart TV – Budget 55 Inch TV Under $1000

Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 TV under 1000


  • Brand: Hisense
  • Model Name: 55R6G
  • Connectivity: Ethernet | HDMI
  • Motion Rate: 120 Hz
  • Sound: DTS Studio Sound


Get the Best Streaming with the Roku Platform

With a new purchase, every user hopes to get a TV that at least has the best streaming to enjoy every day. So, this time, Hisense came up with another splendid 55-inch TV to display the most popular channels with access to over thousands of hit movies. The R6 series has a diversity for you to watch your most-liked channel, whether it relates to health, lifestyle, sports, or news.

Enjoy Impressive and Detailed Sound

To enjoy watching the channels demand an impressive and detailed sound quality, so here is another feature by Hisense. It has the unique DTS Sound Quality to create a virtual reality around you while you’re enjoying the on-screen program/movie.

Get Access to Easy Voice Control

Just like any other company providing the Alexa compatibility for under $1000, Hisense is also on the list, but with some additions. Besides getting easily connected to Alexa, it is also compatible with Hey Google and Siri for your convenience. You can choose anyone and start using your voice to find movies, launch channels, play music, etc.

Faster Gaming Options for Game Lovers

Get this ultra-fast 4K TV with some significant gaming modes for video game fanatics! You can connect your gaming consoles through HDMI and enjoy streaming different games at an extremely low-latency rate. It helps reduce the input lag and allows you to enjoy it in full bloom.

Pros & Cons


The remote is pretty intuitive to sync with different settings on the TV. The smart Roku TV has an easy setup process. Moreover, it comes with an impressive sound and picture quality.


The TV lacks adjustable legs to set it on the table.


You must have realized by the end of this article that it isn’t necessary to spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars to get a new quality TV. The purpose of presenting this article was to give you more affordable options for a medium-sized TV.

With that said, you now have plenty of possibilities to choose the most appropriate 55-inch TV under 1000. All are among the top brands successfully offering excellent streaming content besides entertaining you with sports and games.

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