Top 6 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $600 (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

Among buying numerous items for your new home or setting up an office, good working television is the most important! An advanced TV not only keeps you up to date with the current situations but also is the best source of entertainment.

Nowadays, most people prefer a moderate-sized TV that can easily fit in their space and look fantastic. 55-inch TVs are among the most-selling devices in the market these days, with competitive performance and affordable prices.

We thought to review the top-ranked 55-inch TV products under 600 for you. Every product with a garden-fresh performance gets loads of fame, so are these TVs a win with a plus point of affordability. Besides providing you with top-notch 4K picture quality, you’ll also encounter the most beautiful home theatre experience.

To know more about our selected items, continue reading the article below. We have gathered accurate information, i.e., specifications, prominent features, pros, and cons.

List of Six Best 55-Inch TVs Under 600

We have collected six products, out of many, that stands high on the market list and are mentioned below:

  1. LG Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV
  2. VIZIO M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV
  3. TCL Class 5-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart Google TV
  4. Insignia Class F50 Series Smart 4K UHD QLED Fire TV
  5. Hisense Class R8 Series 4K ULED Roku Smart TV
  6. Spectre U550CV-UMR 4K Ultra HD TV

Best 55-Inch TVs Under $600 Comparison Table 2023

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LG Class UQ9000 Series 4K Smart TV – 55 inch TV with the best sound under $600


  • Brand: LG
  • Model Name: Q9
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Display Technology: 4K UHD
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth | Wi-Fi | USB | Ethernet | HDMI


Comes with a Perfect Fit Design

What’s best than getting an affordable 55-inch TV that perfectly matches your space? With the LG new Q9 smart TV, you’ll get the most aesthetic interface that further functions to decorate your room. The slim and sleek design is sufficient to satisfy your needs.

Impressive 4K Upscaling

Another fantastic LG feature is how it turns the standard content to 4K quality through upscaling. Don’t worry about the picture quality when watching your favorite shows on LG Q9. It will always give you a mesmerizing experience through sharper details and bright screens.

Enjoy Your Time with AI Brightness Control

Besides being perfect at upscaling, the 55-inch TV can also be set anywhere at any time! Don’t worry about your room lighting, as the AI Brightness Control will help the display go bright even in the dark. So, whether morning or night, bright light or dim, Q9 is the rescue.

Feel it with AI Sound Pro

Moreover, with the AI Sound Pro system pre-installed, the active processor effortlessly merges the audio to give an impressive quality. It automatically gathers 2-channel audio and mixes it with 5.1.2. channel sound for a loud sound.

Pros & Cons


The remote has awesome functioning. Besides, LG Q9 comes with the best picture and sound quality.


The Wi-Fi sometimes disconnects automatically.

VIZIO M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV – Best Budget 55 Inch TV Under $600

VIZIO 55-Inch tv under 600 dollars


  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Model Name: M55Q7-J01
  • Gaming Technology: ProGaming Engine
  • Connectivity: USB | Ethernet | HDMI
  • HDMI Ports: 4 x HDMI 2.1 with eARC


Enjoy 4K All Day

Just spend 600 bucks and get entertained with the most amazing 4K picture quality, all day, every day! You can easily stream your favorite content without worrying about a distorted screen. After you’ve accurately installed the new TV, it is set to display a 4K smart screen.

Best for Gaming & Movies

People fond of watching movies on Saturday nights or kids who are game freaks should definitely get this amazing 55-inch VIZIO TV. It’s an epic value for gaming and movies due to multiple features installed. The AMD FreeSync, Premium Gaming, and Fast Processing together upscale your experience.

Arrives in a Sleek Design

One of the essential features to grab customers is providing a pleasing display. VIZIO M55Q7-J01 is specially designed with a sleek and slim structure to look beautiful when placed. It has a thin-frame design with a black satin base that shines when the lights are turned off.

Upscale Your Experience with HDR

Bring joy to your life with the new VIZIO 55-inch TV, ready to chic up your experience. It has a sensible Dolby Vision HDR to let you enjoy watching your favorite programs. The M-Series support features like HDR10 and HDR10+ to improve colors, brightness, and contrast ratio.

Pros & Cons


The company provides free shipping besides offering the most affordable price. Moreover, it has an outclass picture quality. The HDMI ports and VRR are a big win!


First-time installation might require resetting the system.

TCL Class 5-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart Google TV – Best Gaming 55 Inch TV Under $600

TCL 55 inch tv under 600 USD


  • Brand: TCL
  • Model Name: 55S546
  • Color: Black
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi | USB | Ethernet | HDMI


Get More than a Billion Shades with QLED

TCL 5-Series has its renowned name for delivering the best colors and shades. All thanks to the latest Quantum Dot Technology to improve picture quality. Once you’re attached to TCL services, get ready to enjoy the best brightness and great cinematic experience every day!

Enjoy the Content through Dolby Vision

Get a lifelike experience with the new TCL 55-inch TV. It supports high dynamic range formats to elevate your watching experience. All high dynamic ranges fall in Dolby Vision to boost the brightness and contrast levels at the display.

Get Entertained with Auto Game Mode

Whoever wishes to play quick video games should ponder upon getting this affordable TCL TV for under 600. It has an exclusively variable refresh rate to deliver the smoothest gaming experience. Moreover, the auto-game mode automatically finds issues and rectifies them while you’re busy playing.

Convenient Hands-Free Voice Control

Another attractive TV feature is the convenient home control through the hands-free voice control feature. Take your entertainment to another level by commanding your TV with just your voice. With this magic feature, you can play movies, turn on music, adjust volume, find channels, and much more.

Pros & Cons


The intelligent menu attracts most customers besides the best 4K picture quality. The packaging is pretty attractive too. Furthermore, you’ll be delighted with its fast-gaming performance.


The refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz only.

Insignia Class F50 Series Smart 4K UHD QLED – 55 inch HDR TV under $600

INSIGNIA 55-inch tv under 600 dollars


  • Brand: Insignia
  • Smart Platform: Fire TV Built-in
  • HDMI Ports: 4 total (1 year)
  • Audio Support: DTS Virtual
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi or Ethernet


Enjoy the Most Entertaining Shows with Fire TV

The smart Insignia TV lets you enjoy millions of entertaining shows and movies on its large screen. It not only delivers thousands of joyful channels but also lets you access numerous apps, including Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, etc. So, if you’re already subscribed to the paid apps, get ready to enjoy watching them in full bloom!

Enjoy Peak Brightness with Dolby Vision

The unique Dolby Vision collaboration with HDR10 and HDR10+ makes your experience the best possible. Feast your eyes on an incredible brightness at a sufficient contrast ratio. This entertainment would be something you’d never had before.

Get an Impressive Sound Quality

What would be more significant than getting a premium picture quality in the best three-dimensional sound at under $600? Yes, Insignia lets you experience that through the fantastic DTS Virtual-X feature. The TV is your speaker to present an impressive sound here.

Connect Yourself to Alexa

Connect the TV with Alexa and get ready to search for your favorites! The microphone button on the set lets you contact Alexa, so you can give commands and enjoy; along with this, whether you want to change channels or play any movie, the Alexa with doing it for you!

Pros & Cons


The remote is very snappy and quickly responds. Moreover, it arrives with a crisp & clear 4K picture quality. Users are obsessed with numerous apps and VPN access.


The stand is difficult to adjust.

Hisense Class R8 Series 4K ULED- Best 55 Inch Roku Smart TV Under $600

Hisense 55-Inch tv under 600 usd


  • Brand: Hisense
  • Model Name: 55R8F
  • Motion Rate: 240
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Mounting Type: TV Stand, Wall Mount


An Intuitively Smart Roku TV

Another selected company is Hisense, which is one of the best brands. The designers and engineers powered the TV with exclusive technologies to ultimately display the magnificent Roku TV. It has an ideal mix of brightness, contrast, picture detailing, and broader colors.

Enjoy Natural Colors with Wide Color Gamut

You’ll observe the screen being naturally displayed in a million pretty shades. All credit goes to the impressive, comprehensive color gamut feature that gives access to beautiful natural colors, presenting a lifelike screen.

A Brilliantly Beaming TV

The peak brightness up to 700 nits is very attractive, about 55-inch R8F. It brilliantly beams the screen such that even the darker scenes look bright. The additional support of 4K quality content upscales the watching experience.

Get Delighted with Smooth Motion

Now is the time to enjoy playing your favorite video games without fearing losing the big screen. With the fast 240 motion rate, users can easily play games and watch movies regardless of lagging problems.

Pros & Cons


The TV arrives with an exceptionally great video and sound quality. The price is utterly unique. Moreover, the installation process is also straightforward and convenient.


The remote and TV screen sometimes miss synchronization.

Spectre U550CV-UMR 4K Ultra HD TV – 55 inch TV with the best features under $600

Sceptre 55 inch tv under 600


  • Brand: Spectre
  • Color: Black
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Connectivity: MHL | USB | HDMI


A Pleasant 4K LED

Spectre has been another well-known company in the market for over two decades. It is a beautiful black LED TV of 55 inches that delivers the best brightness and sharper contrasts. Enjoy whatever you watch on your screen, and please your eyes with the 4K quality!

Enjoy the Smooth Screen Flow

The 55-inch TV under 600 exceptionally presents the best features, including this MEMC 120 (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation). It is uniquely designed to allow smooth processing from channel to channel to boost your entertainment time.

MHL Connectivity Option

Until now, you must have encountered traditional connectivity options, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc., but this one also offers MHL. It is expediently compatible with all smartphones and tablets, so you can connect them to your TV and watch its content on the big screen.

Clear the Clutter with VESA Wall Mount

The great VESA wall mount option lets you easily set and install your new 55-inch Spectre TV. This way, you can eliminate all extra cables attached and clear the clutter to make your room look pleasing. Besides, it is another way to decorate the corner.

Pros & Cons


It is one great option for the price.


Speaker adjustment is necessary for good audio. Moreover, it gives a smooth picture quality.


Our central focus was delivering the most profitable TV products under 600. In an era full of expensive items, it’s pretty challenging to find and grab a suitable device under budget.

There are, without a doubt, multiple TV sets of different sizes and variable prices, but in the end, it’s again your preferences! We tried our best to present you with the top-ranked 55-inch TVs under 600. Now it’s up to your liking to choose anyone.

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