How to connect phone to TV without HDMI cord

We are often seen laughing looking at the phone on a fun video or a comic thing and might want to share the laugh with friends and family but do not want to give our phone because of personal space and one’s privacy. You might want your phone in your hand to control everything when you want someone to see anything on your phone. This can also be a great option to show something to a bigger audience on a suitable screen instead of a small phone screen.

Here is a solution to all this problem as we tell you how to connect phone to TV without HDMI cord. You can connect your phone to the TV so everyone can see your screen on the TV as well as you can control what you want them to see and want by keeping the phone in your hand. If you are worrying that it might be a complicated thing to do then you do not worry because we are going to present to you some of the very easy and simple methods.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect phone to TV without HDMI cord?

You might be thinking that this process looks difficult or you might need luxury cables or cords like HDMI then we are glad to say that we have cleared your concerns because we have multiple methods that you can choose from according to your comfort. Also, you do not need an HDMI cord as we came with other cable options for you. Let’s begin with our first method.

Method # 1: Using a USB adapter

The first method that we are going to discuss is connecting the phone with the TV using a USB adapter. You will easily find a USB adapter from any nearby store or retailer. There are different types of USB adapters available in the market by multiple brands and companies.

You need to carefully find a USB adapter that is compatible with your phone, TV and is also a budget product so you do not have to spend extra money. The first step is that you need to take a USB type-C adapter or any other adapter type that is compatible with your phone.

Attach one side of the adapter to your phone that you want to connect and attach the second part of an adapter with a cable that can be plugged into a TV. Most of the TV companies and brands provide you with different cables. You can see a compatible cable that can be attached to the adapter. All is done and your phone is completely set to show the screen on the TV.

Method # 2: Using a VGA adapter

Do not worry if there is no cable compatible with your TV that can be plugged in a USB adapter because the next method we described in detail is to connect the phone with the TV via a VGA adapter. This method is for all the TVs whether they are old or new because the VGA port is available in all TVs for display output.

You just have to find a VGA adapter that can convert one side of the VGA cable into a micro-USB port that will be compatible with your phone. You need to make sure you buy the adapter according to the port available on your phone because every company has a different style. Many VGA adapters come with two ports in one so you can have more variety to connect.

For this method, you need to take the VGA adapter that comes with a suitable port for your phone. Attach the VGA adapter with your mobile and connect the other side of the adapter with the VGA cable that comes with your TV. If you have lost the cable your computer might also have one that will be compatible with the adapter and TV. You need to connect the cable to the port of your TV and your TV will start showing your phone.

Method # 3: Casting your device

The last method is casting your device or screen mirroring to connect your phone with the TV. This method does not require any cables, cords, ports, or adapter. You will only need a Wi-Fi connection that is available in almost every home nowadays. This method is only for smart TVs that can afford casting or screen mirroring. You can check this in the settings of your smart TV.

For connecting your phone and TV while casting or screen mirroring, you need to make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi or network. The first thing you need to do is turn on the casting option from your phone. You can easily find this in the settings or drop-down shortcuts menu. You will see several devices that your phone can be cast to. Select your TV and wait for it to connect. In a few seconds, it will be connected.


We are hopeful that this informational guide on how to connect phone to TV without HDMI cord proved to be beneficial for you and you may have found a method that is suitable for you to connect phone and TV. We tried to make this connecting article as simple and easy as we could so you can be comfortable and convenient while following one of the methods that we discussed above. It was a great pleasure helping you.

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