Smart TVs are making our lives smarter with all the exciting built-in features. Now, streaming our favorite TV shows and documentaries are not limited to our mobile screens; smart TVs enable us to connect our digital devices and watch our favorite content having an excellent viewing experience.

Who does not want to watch movies and play games on the massive TV screen? Well, it throws cinematic vibes, especially when sitting with friends and family. Moreover, Smart TVs provide many ways to connect the device with any other digital one, including your smartphones.

TV Connectivity Opens

Since we know that modern TVs do not bother to mess with wires and strive hard to eliminate USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and MHL cables while converting, the connectivity opens to wireless. Many advanced TVs have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features that enable us to connect our phones and share the audio and video content on the big screen.

Bluetooth connection is reliable, and no matter whether the TV has Wi-Fi, you will definitely find a Bluetooth connection. You may also want to pair your TV and mobile phone via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music on Spotify. Undoubtedly, the sound system of TV is much better than your phone.

So, if you are avoiding wires because of any reason, you can depend on the Bluetooth connection and pair both devices effortlessly.

How To Connect Phone to TV Using Bluetooth?

Irrespective of the phone model or brand you are using, as far as your phone supports Bluetooth connection, you are ready to connect it with your smart TV. Also, it will be more like a plug-and-play situation because it will connect instantly at every later time once you put all your phone’s credentials into it.

Furthermore, the process is super easy and would not take much of your time.

You only have to open the Bluetooth option on both the TV and your phone. While using your phone, find your respective TV in the available connections, and click on it.

Once you touch your device name, it will instantly start pairing, and you can see the connection on your TV screen too. Your TV will serve the purpose of a home theatre with maximum volume and allows you to control every feature from your mobile phone.

How to Connect iPhone to Apple TV Using Bluetooth

Suppose you are an iPhone user, no worries! We remember you.

You can easily connect both your Apple devices with or without wires. However, you may have limited capabilities with wireless options, but Bluetooth can enable the door of controlling and pairing both devices in no time. It also allows you to use your Apple TV as a Bluetooth speaker for your upcoming party and makes your phone the best user-friendly remote control of your TV. You can also share content like pictures, videos, documents on your big TV screen via Bluetooth.

Besides, the pairing process is no different than the Android one. It consists of a few easy steps.

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone and add Apple TV to your control center feature for quick access.
  • Tap on the Apple TV feature while the Bluetooth option is still on, and it will start searching available devices.
  • Your Apple TV name will appear on a short window on your phone screen, and you want to tap on it.
  • As soon you tap on your TV’s name, both devices will start pairing, and you are good to go.

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How to Stop Bluetooth Pairing

When you want to quit pairing both devices, turn off the Bluetooth option from your phone, and it will stop the connection. You do not have to get into any process or make changes to any of your devices; it is simple as turning off the feature.

Connect Phone to TV Without Bluetooth

There are a lot of options that allow you to pair a phone and TV without Bluetooth. First, you can opt for HDMI and MHL connections, or you can also use Wi-Fi if your TV supports it.

Moreover, modern TVs also have this Mirecast feature that allows you to mirror your phone to your TV. It means whatever you do on your phone will appear on your TV screen. You can also use apps or stream online content and share on both devices via this feature.


How do I set up Bluetooth on my TV?

Go to the settings of your TV and select the sound output option under the Sound category. Here if you find the Bluetooth speaker option, then understand that your TV supports this feature.

How do Connect my Phone to a TV without HDMI?

You can use opt for different methods according to your need for streaming. If your TV supports the Mirecast feature, you can screen mirroring both devices. Also, you can pair it up with Bluetooth and share your phone content on the big screen. Bluetooth pairing also enables controlling your TV and turning it into an Audio system to deliver the best sound listening experience.

Bottom Line

Connecting two digital devices wireless was never easy, but Bluetooth pairing will make it possible and allows you to project your phones content on the big screen. In this article, you will find a quick way to connect both devices effortlessly!

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